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Copy function out of the interactive rendering vfb does not work. c4d r21, corona 5 rc, mac os mojave

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: WIP advice
« on: 2019-07-02, 15:10:56 »
Hey peeps,

would love to get some advice on improving this scene.

It's going to be an animation, the camera tracking from left to right close to ground, with the chair shifting focus from the wooden floor at the front to the chair towards the end.
(see frame A for a frame near the start and frame B for one at the end)

The overall aim is for product viz on the chair. Creating a elegant mood setting and making the viewer want to sit in that chair and read a book.
Studio environment shots of the chair will accompany this animation, including close ups, infinite environments studio shots etc so that's not the point of this as it will be covered elsewhere.

Not sure what else to do to improve the scene or if it's any good at all and should change the room layout etc.

I've tried using a HDRI for lighting but the corona sky & sun seems to light it nicer

Any advice would be great

post post post ;-)


On Mac OS I can 't get interactive rendering to work. Interactive Viewport works fine but not interactive rendering. Corona VFB pops up but nothing happens. If I then click start IR nothing happens either.


Hi installed release version of Corona 4 and Interactive Rendering still not working on mac. Interactive Viewport works but not interactive rendering.

mmh, no problems here on imac pro 10.14.5 and c4d 20.059. everything works fine with the vfb.

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