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Right, it's just happened again and I am yet to interrupt it (see attached).

I am attempting to create a minidump file:

"How to generate minidump files?
Download and run this tiny application to obtain the minidump file:

Process Explorer

When the error message appears, or during the freeze, run the Process Explorer, find "CINEMA 4D.exe" process, select it, and go to Process > Create Dump > Create Minidump... then save the file in a desired location and upload it to us."

However, the above only applies to PC users and we use MacOS....

Any ideas?


It's not scene specific, we have had it happen on a number of projects.  However, it does tend to be the 'heavier' ones so is unlikely on a relatively simple scenario.  It is also seems to be limited to small render regions the viewport, say, 5% of the image.  A larger region doesn't seem to attract the same crash.

This doesn't happen in the VFB using Corona's region render.  It only happens in the viewport when doing a quick test using Cinema's render region marquee.

When it freezes, it has only been when computing the secondary GI.   The timer will still run but the region will never render.  When we then click anywhere in the viewport or try 'esc' we get the spinning wheel and then have to force quit.

Next time it happens we will do our best to get a crash report.

Hi guys,

We have noticed that, when rendering a small region in the viewport, corona has a tendency to stall when computing the secondary GI.  It hangs indefinitely and any attempt to stop it causes C4D to freeze (spinning wheel of doom).  This means we have to force quit so no crash report....

This has only happened with the latest commercial V5 release / C4D R21 / MacOS on multiple machines.


Gallery / Re: Chair and Fabric
« on: 2019-09-19, 16:24:22 »
oof... the colour and tone on that image are beautiful.  Love all the little 'hairs' on the blanket too... nice!!

Gallery / Re: FREE exercise scene in 3ds max and Corona
« on: 2019-09-19, 16:22:44 »

So I am finally getting around to downloading your scene that your kindly posted and I'm going to give it a go myself when I get a few spare minutes between the chaos at work.  It's a great one to have a play with as there is a nice range of materials and intricate details to experiment on.

I saw your ballerina loft and that piece of work was fantastic.  I loved all the effort put in to create the smallest of details such as the shoes and the paint on the jar... It's a perfectionist's feast!  🤓

I'll send you the result of my efforts when I get an image done and it would be fun to do a challenge in the future as I rarely get the chance any more.  It's all work work work.... 🙄

Gallery / Re: Insvire company office
« on: 2019-08-15, 10:56:43 »
Wow...Fantastic set of images.  They set a wonderful mood and have a playfulness that really compliments the hard palette of materials.  The attention to detail in the modelling and the texture work is really lovely.  I'm not convinced by the extremely wide angle shots in the bathrooms, specifically the shot looking straight at the toilet in the 'bad boys' room.  It's just too far removed from what would be achievable with a real camera and could have been more convincing if you had pulled back through the doorway and tightened the lens to crop the view on the bathroom...?

You must be really pleased with the set though.  Nice work, especially if the deadline was tight!

Gallery / Re: FREE exercise scene in 3ds max and Corona
« on: 2019-08-14, 16:57:59 »

I found this post via a recently-revived threat regarding forum politics and saw your post about your free scene not getting much attention/response. 

First I think you have done a nice job of recreating the original photo and this must have served as a great exercise in focussing on detail, lighting and texture work.  Given that the forum has a mixed user base, I would suggest providing an export option that can be used across a range of modelling packages (.obj, .FBX).  I use C4D and noticed there is only a Max file available.  This could broaden your audience and give others the opportunity to replicate the exercise you undertook, using your model as the starting point.

If you're open to feedback, there are a couple of aspects that, if tweaked, could bring you closer to the photo.  You seem to have done a great job on the modelling and the lighting is nice, however a few of the shaders could do with some attention just to bring them in line with the rest of the image. 

The white crockery seems over-bright... What is your diffuse white value?  There is almost no ambient occlusion between the plates for example.  It's appears as though the shader is allowing too much bounce light in these areas.  I would suggest setting your whites to 70%.

Your chrome material (tap) and metallic shader (buckets top-right) also appear to have a bright diffuse.  i normally suggest these be set to black (or close enough) and let the reflections to all the work.  Set the IOR to about 5-10 and you'll see a real depth in your reflections.   i also think the glossiness map on the buckets could be knocked back a bit to offer more subtlety in the reflections here. The buckets on the left are a lot more successful in my opinion

lastly, the glass shader appears to lack depth.  Try incorporating some very subtle volumetrics and maybe chuck in the new caustics solver... takes a wee bit longer but really pings glass to life. 

Anyway, that is my two-pennies worth and hope some of that helps, even just a bit. 

let me know if you decide to export an OBJ file, I'd love to have a play with this scene.  It's the perfect subject for a 'monthly render challenge'.  I used to run a twitter challenge with an untextured scene to see what people came back with for a bit of fun and practice.  Would be nice to do something like that again... it's been a while.


Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: CORONA SCATTER
« on: 2019-08-14, 12:48:43 »
Gr100 - Are you serious ? If you want to work in the 3d industry you'll have to invest a lot of money in software and computers...It doesn't matter what package you use. Do you think that max\maya users pays less than us on computers and softwares ? If you want to spend as little as possible - go with blender

Money is not a problem my friend, we need softwares that work... Corona scatter ain’t the only problem with Corona.

It just sounds to me like someone needs to learn to optimise their workflow...

Multi-Instances do work (for me at least).  They don't work in IR but I have been using them perfectly well in the VFB.  There's a weird querk when using render Instances with motion blur, sending cloned AWOL but otherwise it's been fine.  We are a studio of 7 artists, producing 7-10 projects per week, with hundreds of thousands of clones, massive amounts of vegetation in some scenes and we manage just fine.  I can't applaud the Corona team enough.  We had been using Vray for the past 11 years and switched to Corona during the early Beta release.  Corona has revolutionised the way and speed at which we work. 

I regularly peruse the forum and there are a lot of people bitching about seemingly small issues... this is one of them. Corona Scatter would be a lovely addition to the tool set.  But we already have MoGraph Cloner and you could use Laubwerk SurfaceSpread...  Both work brilliantly and efficiently. 

If you're having trouble with viewport lag then that comes down to your workflow and scene optimisation.  There are two simple solutions to this problem that spring to mind:

1 - you could establish your cloners (trees, grass etc) and once happy with the result, save in a separate temp file, then re-import for render. This keeps your scene light and test rendering fast.
2 - Add all your cloner groups to a layer and then simply turn off visibility and disable generators in the layer manager. This will significantly improve your viewport frame rate.

I have a wish list as long as my arm for many software applications, but things take time.  However, we are currently in a place within the industry that is exciting and things are changing fast.  Applications are becoming more synchronised and complimentary, just look at the developments in UE4, Substance, Quixel, as well as with Corona... A lot has happened in the last 2 years and i am really excited about the developments ahead. 


I'm trying to use the colour picker in the 'colour tint' function as per the explanation in the link below:

When I select the regular colour picker it auto select black and won't actually let me select any pixels.  The inverse colour picker doesn't do anything at all. 

Colour pickers elsewhere in c4d work just fine though  🧐

anyone else have this crash in Corona4?:
C4D crashes when in interactive render, changing camera with frames in a stage object. So I have 20 cameras's, each on a next frame in a stage object (for sending to renderfarm). When interactive rendering on frame 1 switches to next frame, c4d crash every time...

I'm having similar issues.  Since the latest release I have had significantly more crashes. I have noticed that if i render using IR at e.g. 2000px, then stop the render and switch to final render settings and render in the vfb at any other size, then i get a crash.  It seems that any change in the size of the output causes a crash on render start. 

I'm yet to determine if this has a link to region render or not.  But it has only been happening since the final release of V4. 

Whilst I'm here, is there any plan to refine the region render behaviour so the 'marquee' doesn't reset on each render start?  It's REALLY frustrating.  It would be handy to have a tick option to keep the region active. 


With regards to region rendering, was it a conscious decision to have the region to disappear at the start of each render?  I found it really useful previously when the region(s) remained in place between renders and would only be removed when unchecked.

I notice it changed in V3.  I regularly start/stop IR and it's frustrating to have to keep redrawing the same region. Unless I'm missing a trick here?

Hi guys,

In V4 RC2 the new 'Green-Magenta tint' in the VFB post effects only works when the camera is moved / altered once a value has been input. 

Just a heads-up

Hi guys,

I have just updated to the latest daily build and Team Render stopped behaving. 

Since we started using the V4 dailies we have seen machines drop off the Team Render list randomly.  The console on said machines display the error: "TR clients disconnects -
Frame synchronization failed: Communication Error"

It was suggested on another thread to use 'Arbitrated (experimental)' Team Render setting.  This solved the issue with the nodes dropping.  However, it created a new issue.  We then found that about 40% of the machines (all identical) wouldn't STOP rendering and their render client required restarting every time.   With each render teat it would be different machines that would 'stick'.

This is when I decided to install the latest daily. After doing so team Render (Arbitrated mode) no longer works at all.  The render clients' console says they are picking up the job and rendering passes but there is no output on the local machine's picture viewer and it displays the following:  "Team Rendering pass 0/0 on 0 nodes. 

So now I am a bit stuck and considering rolling back to V3 as Team Render was considerably more stable then.

Anyone else had similar?

NB:  All machines are MacOS 10.13.6 running C4D R20.

Baaaaaaa sorry. 

I didn't see there was a hotfix 2.  Just installed and seems to have fixed the issue. 

Thanks chaps.

One note on the HF2 installation.  We received LUT errors on all 6 machines reporting broken / missing LUTs so I used the LUT package from HF1 and that's fixed the issue.

Hi guys,

We are using Renderer 3 HF 1 and the old bloom and glare bug has reared its head again.  However, seemingly only when I render around 6k or above... The bloom and glare pass renders black and therefore the final render is black.  Other multipass layers are unaffected. 

I have also just started getting NANs is some recent work.  But that doesn't seem to have a particular pattern.  Sometimes they occur, sometimes not.

Is this a common problem and will this have been addressed in the current daily build?

I haven't tested the latest daily builds yet due to a string of deadlines. 


(R3 HF1 - C4D R19 - OSX 10.13.2 - 64GB RAM)

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