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[C4D] Feature Requests / Silent Installation
« on: 2018-08-27, 09:53:54 »

For 3DSM there seems to be a silent installation:

Can we make this work for C4D as well? I tried with the Beta 1, but it did not work yet. That would help a lot to keep all computers up to date.


[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Export as .scn
« on: 2018-08-17, 18:31:02 »
Hi Houska

Thanks a lot for sharing those insights, makes much more sense to me now, why that's not easily possible.
I posted one other feature request for a similar reason:

would it be possible to do that in the near future? that would already help a lot!


[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Export as .scn
« on: 2018-08-08, 17:29:00 »
Hi Cestmir

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I'd love to use team render. Unfortunately we are running different software solutions in our office, so we are using the render management software called Deadline to manage the different render jobs on our Renderfarm. Otherwise we would have to maintain either different (split) renderfarms or different solutions parallel on the same nodes, that also causes problems, because they have to share the resources (RAM mainly).
Deadline used to run team render jobs a few versions ago, but Maxon blocked that due to licensing reasons, so they had to remove that feature.

For now we are using command line to render the jobs, if we have enough time.
We've tried the command line option with tiles and that worked somehow, but is far away from being a rock stable solution. Also command line gives absolutely no feedback on how far the job is (see my other feature request). This works as a temporary work-around, but I'd love to have a good solution sometime in the future, that's why I asked for a .scn export, because that sounded like a possibility.

With the 3DSM files, we currently have to option to either render them as 3dsm&coronaDR jobs in deadline, or export the .scn and render them as Corona DR job without the need for 3DSM. It would be great, if we had the same option for cinema.


[C4D] Feature Requests / Export as .scn
« on: 2018-08-07, 13:58:17 »
It would be great, if it would be possible to export your corona scene as .scn.

The reason I'm asking for this is, that we are using Thinkbox Deadline for our render farm in the office, because we are using different rendering&3D softwares. (3dsm&corona, c4d&corona, rhino&maxwell)
Deadline does not support C4D Team Render anymore. The command line renderer is not ideal because it does not work for distributed rendering.

If we could export our corona scene the same way as from 3dsm, we could render that via a Corona DR job the same way we can do in 3DSM.


We're currently using the C4D Command Line Render for network rendering (in combination with Deadline Render Management Software) because unfortunately, Team Render does not work with deadline.

That's not distributed rendering, but it helps a lot, because you can easily render on our farm and continue to work on your workstation.

The only problem is, that there is no feedback on how far the job is and when it will be finished.
I was hoping that additional info could easily be added.

I've seen that for other rendering software there are additional paramters available that create logs with that info:

Maybe there already is something like that, but I haven't found it yet.
If not, it would be really great if you could add that.


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