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I solved this using the Corona Bitmap node, and set the UV tiling mode to Udim (do this first).  Then select your daz image file (I found renaming them Diffuse_1001.jpg, Diffuse_1002.jpg etc.) worked a treat.  It will then treat the whole area as one (from a SSS point of view) and load the corresponding map where required (so face, lips, ears is 1001, torso is 1002).

Hope this helps :)

wtf ?  it works perfectly... but I don't understand how he can correctly replace the maps?

and thank you

Beta 2 seems to have wrong direction for lights. See image.

beta2_lights_direction_error" border="0

(Beta 2 unrelated) Also since today i think i have this weird other font!? See image. :)


yes, does seem to be something up with IES - it is ignoring the rotation of the light, so the distribution is "fixed" in default 3D space

I'm really curious. I don't have that.

Actually ..I do have an issue. Daz exports models segmented with texture tags (this was an alembic export, but i do believe it's the same principle for other file types).

I applied all the textures with the exact same default values, but i can still see where they connect as pointed on the picture.

Thanks for the speedy feedback!

i have this issues with the sss volumetric layer of 'defaut' material. Impossible to textured a character with multi tags.
but with the new skin shader if you use a correct sss texture for control the amount of sss, it's correct, you don't see the 'joint' between textures.

Actually, does seem to be something up with IES - it is ignoring the rotation of the light, so the distribution is "fixed" in 3D space. I used a Corona Light, with IES, and the IES pattern always appears in the same place when I rotate the light, rather than rotating with the light itself.

yes, i just test in a other scene, all lights have a bad direction.

thank for your work ...

But what happens with ies lights, they are very dark, even with an 400 - 800 intensity . If i uncheck ies light, the lighting is good.

example :
a: before

b: new build

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Christmas morning
« on: 2018-01-10, 20:12:09 »

i just see your post, thank for this scene. Perfect for studying a realistic scene.


the crash should be fixed in the latest daily build ( Can you please confirm it?


works for me, perfect timing ... this morning i work's with many instance, crash render ... and a few hours later the update arrive ;)

New version is working well for me!

- Shawn

hdr sky also ?  old or new scene crash immediately for me if a use a hdr sky, a empty scene whith a cube and a hdr sky it's ok, but a more complex scene, impossible rendering.


with this new build I get an instant crash, if I use a SKY with an HDRI in the LightMaterial assigned to it. This crash is new.

Best regards,


same here, uninstall Corona,  folder's plugins is empty, install last update, but directly crash if a hdr is used. Forced return to previous version

I had an issue with the IR. It seemed to be stuck in a loop... Just kept flashing and not resolving.

Great work though! Corona for C4D is getting so close!

- Shawn
Are you using Hdr Corona Studio Tools : Free kit ( ) , because i also have it if i change lighting's setting ...  only with this studio tools

Not sure if im the only one who has the problem now, but the old problem of the IR not updating when rotating a Sky object with a light material & HDRI texture seems to be back since 2-3 builds back?

The actual background texture itself rotates, but the light does not update, or well something is updating, im not sure what it is, maybe just the reflection is updating? Looks odd anyways, and I have to shut down IR and open it up back again.
ive tried to also just rotate the actual texture coordinates, but same problem.
I would be curious if anyone else has this issue..

Same for me.

a: sun front cam.

b: turn 180 sky hdr, texture rotation ok, but no update of lighting and shadows

On the other hand, not refresh the material preview when the IR view is active ? wouldn't that relieve the processor ?    when the IR view is active the material preview is secondary ... for me of course, maybe not for other.


First, Thank you for the great works.

I have two bad issue with Volume.

1 : IR render, Volumetric material in a Cube. The render set black parts on Fur (or hairs, old cloths ... who have lot of plane with alpha channel)

2 : Final render, volumetric material in global volume of render setting. Fur (or hairs, old cloths ... ) are fine rendered ... but the background seems excluded of volume (hdr - Sky object). This is affect the lighting also.

Heloo friends, great job, but

1.material ubtades still  busy ven use IR.

sorry for my english

Strangely in my case when i let IR turn continually (with 20 pass max, but don't stop him) work with shaders it's more easy/fluid.

thanks for your tests and your time.

yes, i thinks also the post prod is the best way for this scene ...
But it is not the first time i have this problem, polygonal's hair (woman's dense hair for example) give sometime the same result

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