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Thanks so much,  pokoy!

(Sorry my post got published under GALLERY,   but I found no way to move it or delete it!)

Hey guys,

I've noticed that sometimes when working with the Skin Shader Material,    the SSS color I dial in gets pushed,  in render,   into its opposite color.   As in:   blood-red turns into blue-green.    I think it has something to do with the radius value,  but I'm not sure.

What accounts for this phenomenon?

Thanks,  ras

[Max] General Discussion / What exactly is Corona Scatter?
« on: 2019-05-08, 12:28:34 »
I've seen tutorials on how to work with Corona Scatter.     Is that only a 3DS thing... because in C4D you would use Hair or MoGraph?

Thanks, ras

Hey guys,

I'm curious:   I have just started experimenting with Corona 3's Volume Shader.   Finally I was able to successfully create an image in which light passes volumetrically through mist/fog/smoke/dust.

Besides fog/mist,  what are some other very clever,  creative or amazing things you can create with the Volume Shader?   All ideas and suggestions welcome.

Thanks,    ras

Gallery / Anoche Soñé Que...
« on: 2019-05-01, 17:39:02 »
A fantasy image I created.  C4D R20 x64,  114 passes Corona 3.     This is my first successful attempt to create streaks of visible volumetric light with Corona!


Hey guys,

A question.   In CORONA 3 for C4D,   there is the option,  under the render settings,  to "stamp" your render with performance statistics,   ie.,  some text.

Is there any way to set up a render such that you can add some text to the render that is NOT necessarily Performance-related?    In my case,   I wanted to render out several test proofs,
each of which has a different Volume Shader setting.     I wanted to have each render tell me what Volume settings had been used in each one,   so I could study and learn from them later.

Thanks in advance,      ras

Thanks,  PROH... that is a big help and solves a lot of problems. 

Dande,     have you discovered that "secret" of CORONA as regards rendering extremely shiny objects,   like metals?

You'll look online to see that a particular metal has a IOR of,   say,   2.0,      so you enter "2.0" into your Material's IOR Reflection value...     Then you are disappointed to see that your metal isn't nearly  shiny enough in your render?

The trick here is:    When it comes to extremely shiny objects  (up to and including a perfect mirror reflection),  you need to enter a MUCH higher number into your Reflection IOR value!   In other words,   you're not going to see  "super-shiny" until you enter a value of at least 20.0,     and often even more...   like,  50,  60 or even 90,  if you want a full mirrored effect.

I had to learn this trick the hard way,  too.      Try a much higher number...    then get back to us here.

Best,      ras

Hey guys,

Am I correct in thinking that a Camera always needs to be positioned outside of an Object that is shaded by a Volume Shader Material...    if you want to see streaks or rays?

And if the Camera is stationed inside that Volume Object,   you won't see any streaks or rays?    ie.,  you might see a Fog quality,  but your Light sources will give you no streaks/rays inside that Volume?

So,   if you are rendering a room interior,   and want to have streaks coming through the windows,   your Camera must not be positioned inside that Volume Object,  but rather scooted to just outside of the Volume Object?

Thanks in advance,     rasputin1963

(I am working in C4D R20 x64   with the Corona 3 Renderer)

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