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Albedo is the overall brightness of an object. Albedo is the reflecting power of a material. In Corona, it is the sum of material’s diffuse, reflective, refractive and translucent components. Emission does not count into it.

In reality, almost no materials have near-white albedo. In Corona, using pure white albedo (for example 255-white diffuse color and diffuse level 1) results in very unrealistic and slow rendering. You should usually keep albedo of your materials under RGB180. If this makes your scene too dark, then you can increase brightness either by changing exposure controls, or by increasing intensity of lights.

This script is made to automatically adjust the albedo of materials in the scene.

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Hi, In this video, we will show you the easy way to disable DisplacementMod of all objects in 3dsMax with one click.
Download our free script here:
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This script is made to automatically add and manage all Corona Render Elements faster.


Tutorials & Guides / Corona Distance | Tips & Tricks - Part2
« on: 2019-11-19, 11:11:42 »
Quickly create traffic signal using Corona Distance.

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Corona Renderer Tips & Tricks Collection | PART 3

New trick!!!
Quickly create traffic signal using Corona Distance

Tutorials & Guides / Corona Materials Tips | Rainy Glass
« on: 2019-11-02, 01:08:31 »
Hi all,
Short video learn to create rainy glass material with Corona Renderer in 3dsMax. Enjoy!!!

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Short video learn how to use Corona Distance in 3dsMax

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Hello everyone and welcome to my topic.
Here I'll upload my tutorials about Corona Renderer.

Happy viewing and enjoy. More tutorials coming soon.


Corona Renderer Tips & Tricks Collection Part 2

01. How to use Corona Select Map and Corona Select Mtl

02. Virtual Stagging with Corona Renderer

03. How to remove the white or blue border of the final rendered image in 3dsMax with Corona Renderer

04. How to place vehicles on the road with Corona Scatter

05. How to onvert vray-corona proxies back to mesh

06. How to create palm umbrella with Corona Scatter

07. How to create Corona Toon Shader

08. Corona Renderer How to install the material library in offline mode

Corona Renderer Tips & Tricks Collection Part 1:

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Hello folks,
This is my latest tutorial about Corona Select Map/Mtl in Corona Renderer 4. Thanks for watching!!!

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5 simple steps to create Virtual Home Staging with Corona Renderer. Enjoy!!!


When you create a physical camera , press render and the image is very underexposed. However the VFB shows the exposure to be locked.

How to fix it?

1- Go to Effects and Enviroment ( or Press "8" )
2- In exposure control rollout choose "no exposure control"
Now you are free to adjust exposure from cVFB


It would be nice if you could give links in the index, like you did on YT page, so people who are interested in creating realistic pool water, could jump straight to the part they want to see.

Thanks for your advice :D

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