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Gallery / Re: Pictures from Corona Land #4 - Tiny Motions
« on: 2020-02-24, 21:03:25 »
Amazing work indeed! Not only in technical aspects, but also in creative approach to animation. Theme/subject is also beautiful and unconventional. I love how you split the animation frame to subframes, not sure if this is correct description, but the way the composition of frame is made like puzzle of 2-3 pieces from different POVs...

Gallery / Re: Chicago Scyscrapper
« on: 2019-12-18, 15:42:52 »
More than impressive! I love how you captured this glass facade reflection/refraction balance and interior/exterior lighting coming through the glass...
I assume you used the rail clone for the facade model, considering amount of geometry?

Gallery / Remembering September
« on: 2019-12-18, 14:14:16 »
Small project I did recently, rooftop apartment interior. I tried to capture soft and hazy, sunny afternoon mood... with lightmix I tried to get also moonlight image.. Done wiht 3dsmax, corona, photoshop...

Gallery / Re: Library revisited
« on: 2019-06-14, 17:28:25 »
Thanks! Yes, it is noisy, but this was my first attempt to play with godrays effect and I still did not found solution to noise, that is the usual denoising did not work on the rays. I also did not get more in depth with the volume light effect and volume material in general to be able to control the noise. In this round I focused more to get more or less strong effect.
Corona version for this one was 3... I did this prior to update to 4 and I hope this new one will enable better results, but also I need to read a bit more about volume material features and how to reduce noise... Idealy this effect would be possible to render out on separate layer and denoise, make postwork to this separately, also control the amount...

Gallery / Re: For All Audiophiles
« on: 2019-06-13, 15:31:20 »
Absolutely amazing work! I love the details! Shaders perfect too! Also, thanks for the modeling tip!

Gallery / Library revisited
« on: 2019-06-13, 13:55:53 »
Some time ago I made this scene for client Mapa architects.It was my first project done with Corona. I decided to revisit it with a touch of volume light that is real joy to play with in Corona. A bit foggy, dusty, darker mood... Hope you like it...

Gallery / Re: Haus im Dol
« on: 2019-05-27, 17:20:40 »
Great work! Interiors very nice, crisp and clean, I like that it is not redundant, that is done with measure.
But by far, best image is street view! Perfect composition, perfect light, perfect way to bring out best in architecture!

Gallery / Office furniture visualization
« on: 2019-05-27, 16:01:49 »
Set of images done for Officina company from Italy (but also based in my coutry), manufacturer of office desks, cabinets, drawer units etc. Chairs are by manufacturer Antares mostly.
Ambients are, on clients request, inspired by Poliform catalogue images...
First program is called Glam, executive program, last two images show a bit different style, contemporary scaninavian type of office furniture, program is called Woody.

Gallery / Re: CL Bedroom - Milan
« on: 2019-05-27, 15:57:34 »
Lovely set of images, I love the mood, style, lighting... maybe just a bit reflection on the parquette would improve it even more...

« on: 2019-05-27, 15:55:29 »
This is wonderful, interesting, fresh, something different all together! Great job!

Gallery / Re: The Pit
« on: 2019-05-13, 22:00:57 »
Realy impressive, both as concept and also execution!

Gallery / Office furniture visualization
« on: 2019-05-13, 21:08:36 »
Simple office space renderings done for office furniture manufacturer. Purpose was to show the desks and chairs. Although quite simple, it was realy fun to do with Corona light mix

Gallery / Re: Finding myself
« on: 2019-03-29, 12:59:41 »
Amazing! No words realy... I guess it is also useful scene for eventual use in some archviz, to put some nice house somewhere and make great renderings, at least as persona project...
Great job!

Gallery / Re: Atrium
« on: 2019-03-29, 12:57:56 »
Thanks... yes some patina could add to realism for sure... Unfortunately, I had no time to further develop this... too many POVs, too many lighting posibilities and cilent went for more images instead on focusing on one or two and elaborate them further. It is the presentation of new building that is in construction phase now and for investors it is probably better to show it clean and new than a bit warned out anyway...

Ok, I attached the wave geometry uncolapsed...

Gallery / Re: Atrium
« on: 2019-03-29, 11:07:16 »
Thanks Alex! Yes, well roughly process for modeling was to make the straight vertical pieces (planar). Than cut them so there is enough segments in height to perform this waves afterwards. Than I apply shell modifier with option to select outter faces. With edit poly I than go on working only on those outter faces (youc an even hide the rest of the polygons). Now, to those I apply wave modifier and play with it a bit. Than, the ripple modifier and also play with it (values, parameters, but also the position of the center of modifier, size of the modifier, etc).
Now, important thing is to make enough segments to make smooth look. Since I did not made it on time, I had to add some loop slices and to cut everything afterwards and to apply turbosmooth modifier... So, maybe would be smart to think in advance about this, make enough segments or make loops of edges that will trighten up mesh where needed for turbosmooth...
I hope this helps... If you want I can send uncolapsed mesh...

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