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I tried with all different instance mode, render in interactive rendering and normal just to see if there were any changes, but unfortunately the solution I found is use normal light non instance.

thank you all

thank you all for your replies!

I will test later to see if the problem is with instancing and will report it.

once again, thank you all

Hello all,

I was facing a problem with a render that I was doing, and I notice that a light that is an instance of a light with ies , don't show in a mirror that I have. Is there anyway to correct this?

Thank you all

shane_w , do you mean a corona material in my default start up file? if it is , no I don't have.

thanks for your help!

Thank you! send already

of course, where should I send the file?

thank you

no, i haven't change a new default scene but I have done what you have said and now when open a new scene everything is ok, thank you :)

but with older files, even resaved in this new corona version , those windows still pop up. With those there is nothing to do, right?

thank you

Yes, I always switch but after I save the file if I open again or create a new file this window always opens.

This happened also in the candidate version, the previous and now on this one.

I think I only have one version of corona, how can I check that?

thank you

Sorry I send the image again

Thank you

Hello all,

Since I updated the new corona this window always pop up when I start a new project or open an older one.

Is that normal? is there any way I can deactivate it?

thank you all

/Users/3design/Desktop/Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-20 um 07.47.10.png

Thanks Gruender,

I thought about that but such it is a substance material thought it would lose all the editable parameters that substance offers, but in fact you can still edit it.

Still a workaround, but guess its really the better way...

thanks a lot!

Hello all,

Im using substance designer materials, and if im not wrong, I need to convert them to corona materials. However, I have some corona hair materials in the scene, and I notice when I convert a scene, one the two hair materials (c4d material) is not editable, which I understand because its a c4d material, however that material is very handy.

That's why I was wondering if there is anyway to solve this better or if there is an option to convert just one material in order to don't lose my hair materials in the scene.

Thanks very much for your help

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Team Render Job failed
« on: 2019-02-05, 13:38:59 »
Thank you beanzvision

Yes, you are right, although i never got that warning i should do that and reduce the detailed trees in background.

Just one more question. in the test you have made, there is a car that is almost transparent, do you know that is happening?

I tried to ask to maxon, but i still haven't any answer.

That only happens to me when i use Team Render and my scene file is saved on the server. If i save the project with assets to my desktop and render from there with TR, works fine.

Thanks again

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Team Render Job failed
« on: 2019-02-05, 08:47:44 »
No problem at all!

thank you very much for your help guys

Thank you, it worked now

I think I now where the problem was, I was changing the color in attributes manager, in basic tab, but it was an null object, so I guess this doesn't work with groups but only with separate objects.

Thank you very much for your help!

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