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Just bumping for interest in the macOS version.
Is there anything planned? I couldn't find specifics in the roadmap.


[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: MacOS version.
« on: 2018-11-16, 17:08:51 »
Yup, big up for this!

I don't know, how I missed this thread so far...

A very big +1 from me to develop Corona for ARCHICAD as well!
As others mentioned before, I would be curious to see how scattering could be solved.

At the moment a sufficiently working pipeline consists of Rhino+Grasshopper (via the very handy AC-GH connection addon) / ARCHICAD / C4D+Corona for rendering – it would interesting to see, if C4D could be left out of the workflow...

Ah, so the end of the rope. I was trying to unplug from the input circle... :)

I said the end of the spline (rope) especially...I'm sad. Joking. All sorted out now, thanks beanzvision for the video.

Yeah, you are right again...
The heat starts to melt my brain, textual instructions are not working anymore apparently... A beer could help, though. Let me see.

Like so...

Ah, so the end of the rope. I was trying to unplug from the input circle... :)



I already mentionned the first one, and the second one I think it's possible (if I understand correctly). At least I can tell you for sure that you can unplug the nodes with the mouse.

I'll add the third one to the list so we have a full clear list for the devs, thanks!

Yes, it slipped under my radar – you mentioned the ctrl+drag version, whereas it should possible via ctr+c/v or right click/duplicate as well.
I am trying to unplug the nodes, it is not working (I tried with all the possible combinations and clicks): how do you do it?

(Note: I'm on a Mac, so if you are using Windows, it could be a platform dependant issue.)

Thanks for the release!

Some other areas of improvement to add to the previous list
- duplicating nodes (either via cmd/ctrl+c and cmd/ctrl+v or dragging the node with a modifying key pressed – like in Grasshopper) doesn't seem possible
- removing connection between nodes directly in the editor (either via right clicking in the editor window on the input/output socket, or dragging the node out of an input when pressing a modifying key)
- alignment and distribution of nodes: when dragging multiple already existing materials into the nodal editor, it takes a lot of time to arrange nodes in a usable manner (especially when doing dozens of them at once)

Keep up the good work!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Scene Converter
« on: 2018-05-03, 00:41:03 »

Simple scene with standard c4d materials doesn't convert, at least I cannot make it happen.
Beta 2 daily + R19, macOS 10.11.6


Can we expect a new build anytime soon?:)
Maybe it slipped my attention, but the last release is 05.17. right?


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Render queue - how to setup?
« on: 2017-05-22, 23:08:15 »

yup, I also recommend the Take system, if you are having sufficient C4D version for that.

But for me it doesn't work under corona b1 (as I've seen in other posts you are using the latest builds as well), you should try it under a6.3, that is the last build I managed to get it working.

Thanks guys!

What is still worth noting, that the camera shutter speed is still having the lower limit of 1/1000 second, and the upper limit of 100 seconds.
(The F-stop for instance doesn't seem to have this limitation, it actually can be set lower to 1 as well.)

(Mantis ID: 0002383)

Hey guys,

it's been a while I was using this feature (rendering selected Takes to PV), but then it was working just fine with Corona.
The good days are gone, once the first image is finished, the following error pops, and Cinema 4D needs to be force closed:

Best regards,

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