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[Max] Daily Builds / New UVW Randomizer playground!
« on: 2020-05-28, 14:48:38 »

From the Corona Renderer 6 Daily Builds Changelog:

Added (randomized) tiling support to UvwRandomizer map:
- You can specify how many tiles to make in each (U-V) direction
- Optionally each tile can have different randomization applied

How it works:

To enable tile randomization, navigate to your UVWRandomizer texmap, and enable Randomize each tile. You can then control the number of tiles and tile blending accordingly.

Setting UV offset ranges above 1.0 and W- Rotation to different ranges (f.e. 0-360) will assist with the randomization of the texture.

Note: Either an object with correct UVW mapping is required for this to work (unwrapping or UVW map modifier), or you can use the UVW Randomizer in combination with the Corona Triplanar map to both randomize the texture and prevent seams and stretching, without the need for UVWs.

Feel free to post your results!

You can always get the newest build at the usual location: [Link]

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