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[Max] General Discussion / ComplexFresnel
« on: 2020-02-17, 12:02:41 »
So I've been delving more in-depth about the ComplexFresnel usage, as seen most Metals in CMPP2 use it.
R wavelength - 0.650 µm
G wavelength - 0.510 µm
B wavelength - 0.475 µm
Platinum wavelength - 0.002 - 0.121

How do you calculate n and k values for RGB wavelengths when they exceed Platinum's wavelength range ?

So i tried using CoronaTonemapControl to turn off tonemapping of a background in VFB but it still is affected by it.

I tried restarting the render after making changes to Tonemap precedural map but nothing seems to work...

Am i missing something ? or maybe it doesnt work with direct visibility override ?

So I've done a quick render with a poll water material having caustics enabled. Everything went good.
Then after client asked to replace people with a more summer attire, i rendered scene and noticed that caustics cause disgusting firefly stains
What is happening? There are no other light sources in scene. I've tried resetting corona settings, converted scene, nothing seems to work.
Any idea what is the problem?

So i just updated to Corona 4, tried to render some exterior and i got this beyond insanity fireflies/speckles all over clinker and windows. Like i had them before but not such severe...
Any ideas what's causing it ?

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