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We just released the first part of our corridor interior modelling series where you will learn how to set up the scene which will include modelling the walls and the windows of our scene.

Watch our series here:

We will be releasing the following parts very soon.

You can join our newsletter to get email notification whenever we release more learning content like this:

Happy "dezigning" ;)

~ Erizon

We just released the final video of our 4 part interior modelling series where you will learn how to model a vintage, rustic looking interior scene from scratch. We provided all the ModelDezign 3D models used in the scene free to download for everyone to follow along including the egg chair, radiator, table, light and more. We also showed how to model a few objects like the skirting board, floorboard, door, etc. We would love to hear some feedback to know if you enjoyed the series and what you would like to see next.

You can watch the final part here:

Or you can watch our entire series from start to finish here:

You can access the free 3D models used in this series here:

Thanks for reading,
Erizon from ModelDezign


We just uploaded the final episode of our 4 part series where we go through our process of creating an interior render. Throughout our entire series we teach many important skills including 3D modelling, texturing and lighting. We also show how you can utilise the really powerful features that Corona offers like the light-mix and material library. This series can be useful for all designers in particular beginners, so if you are a beginner yourself I hope you find the information helpful! If you know a beginner that is looking for free 3Ds Max learning resources consider sending them the link.

The 3Ds Max bedroom design series:

Thank you for reading,
best regards.

Hello fellow designers! We just released an in-depth video explaining the best render settings for Corona in 3Ds Max, as well the lighting setup we use to create a photo realistic studio look.

Best regards,
Erizon from ModelDezign.

Off-Topic / A Great Free Resource For New 3D Modellers!
« on: 2019-03-02, 21:12:13 »
This is for anyone fairly new to modelling in 3Ds Max and someone who would benefit from learning the basics. We post very helpful videos regularly on our Youtube channel and also have text versions on our blog page. We teach everything from how to use the edit poly modifier all the way to modelling objects like tables and picture frames.

If you are interested click the links bellow and happy learning :)

Youtube channel:
Blog page:

Thank you for reading,
Best regards.

Hardware / How Much RAM Do I Need 16GB or 32GB?
« on: 2019-02-05, 22:36:46 »
I am in he process of planning out a rig for 3Ds MAX and Corona and I am struggling to find reasonably priced RAM to go along with my motherboard. From some researching I heard that the ASRock B450M Pro4 as a good choice to go with, but through searching the QVC lists I havent been able to find a good 32GB (16x2) RAM package. I can either chnge my motherboard to another that is compatible with AMD 2700x or I can go with 16GB (8x2) RAM but I am afraid that it wont be enough.

I modell medium to large sized architectural houses ect, do you think its best to go with 32GB? If so do you know a good motherboard CPU combo to go with because I am struggling and would love some help.

Thank you for taking your time to read this thread and all replies are greatly appreciated :)

Here is my list so far if you would like to critique it :P

Hello I have been using Corona for some time now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. So thank you to the developers for making it so intuitive and user friendly! I have started a YouTube channel where I create helpful 3Ds Max tutorials and I have recently made a video about why I think Corona is the best (Beginner Friendly) renderer for 3Ds Max.

I would greatly appreciate it, if you could check the video out and let me know what you think and also provide some constructive criticism so I can make better video to help more people. Also feel free to use this video however you like to help spread the word about Corona :)


Hardware / 3D Rendering/Modelling PC Build Help Needed
« on: 2018-12-24, 17:56:30 »
I am fairly new to PC building, I have made one before but just followed somebody else's list of parts. My previous build was gaming oriented but now I need a PC strictly for 3D modelling and rendering.

From some research I believe that rendering is heavily CPU based especially with the Corona Renderer and on the other hand, real time rendering is GPU based and modelling large dense scenes with materials requires a lot of RAM.

I mostly need fast "non-realtime" renders so I want most (75%) of my budget of $1000 to go towards my CPU and RAM. And I dont think I need a GPU I think I can get away with just using integrated graphics from my CPU.

Also should I get an extra SSD to put my OS and main files or is not worth it in terms of performance speed once in the software (3Ds Max)?

I genuinely appreciate you taking your time to read this, and helping me with superior knowledge :P

If you have any NewEgg affiliate codes I will gladly use them - its the least I can do :)

Again thank you so much and I am looking forward to your response!

PS. I don’t need any peripherals or OS, and it would be ideal if any of your suggestions where on NewEgg.

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