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Hardware / Looking for advice on 2990wx workstation build
« on: 2018-11-14, 22:38:05 »
Last time I posted that i was trying to build a 4k workstation with 2990wx and 128Gb for corona renders mostly.

Obviously I am for the moment beyond 4k and id like to minimize the price and optimize if possible.  But the main subject is not doing a big beginner mistake in picking parts, since I havent built a workstation for a veryyyyy long time.
If you could just have an look at my temporary build and thell me what you think that would be nice.

here is the link to the build :
Thank you


Hi, I haven't built a workstation for quite a few years now (8-9 i think) and things seem to have changed quite a lot.
I recently moved from vray to corona, and I need to build a workstation (for working with 3ds max and rendering with corona mainly),  with ~4k€ budget .
The only imperative is 128 GB RAM, (and of course a correct graphic card for working on 3ds max mainly).
I am looking for advices on parts to go in this build.

I started to look at xeons builds, but they seem really expensive. so i started to llok at I9 and amd.
Apparently threadrippers are the cpus to go for if i read the forum. So i guess a 2950/2970/2990 is what i have to go for (?)

I'm a bit lost when I browse the forum and stumble on so many things I dont know like "QVL b die samsung" "2933" "noctua" "dual\quad channel" . And I'm also totally lost about power supply, case, HDD (SSD, rpm,...).
5-6To hdd sounds enough(500Go SSD and rest normal ?, or are there certain other things to respect in that regard ?)
About the motherboard,I read a lot of asus prime, and others seem to prefer msi meg... I strictly have no idea why, so I dont think I m able to make an informed choice.
My main fear is to opt for parts not meant or ideal for working together in the same build.

Any advice would be welcome. If you know a company who could advise me on precise components, even if i have to pay a fee, I m also happy.

thank you.

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