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Bug Reporting / CVolumeGrid
« on: 2018-07-17, 12:45:42 »
I've been trying to render overlapping volume grids but the volumes clip when rendered - see attached.  Is this a bug of CVolumeGrid?

Gallery / Coffee And Poly
« on: 2018-03-05, 22:47:21 »
I started this project in the beginning of the new year to make an image a week. There's no particular subject in mind for the images but just whatever I found interesting.  This is mainly improve my skillset and learn new and different techniques/software that I perhaps haven't tried or used that extensively previously.  I've been uploading these to Instagram weekly but now that I feel like there's a decent amount of images there, I thought it would be good to upload the higher res images here since all of the images (so far) have been rendered with Corona.

I hope you like these!  If you want to follow weekly, then you can find me here: .  Otherwise, I'll update this thread every few weeks so I don't clutter the space :-).

To start things off, this is the profile picture for the Instagram account:

Week 001. Stairs and shadows.  Simple one to start things off

Week 002. Promethus and drapery

Week 003. Cenote

Week 004. Mini World

Week 005. Floating Island

Week 006. Looping squidgy balls

Week 007. Mt Nibel Reactor - a homage to my favourite game Final Fantasy VII :-D

Week 008. Photogrammetry study

Week 009. Sand Dunes

Gallery / Steinway animation
« on: 2017-01-30, 14:04:48 »
Hi guys.

Here's a short animation on a Steinway piano (Steinway Louis XV) that I modelled a few years back.  It was one of the most complex models that I've done, so I decided to revisit it, convert it to Corona and make an animation of it.  There are still a few more scenes that I would like to add to it, but I'm fairly happy with it so far!  Hope you like it!  C&C welcome.

Music: Ludivico Einaudi - Lady Labyrinth

Work in Progress/Tests / Whiskey tumbler
« on: 2013-07-04, 11:42:14 »
Just a quick test.  Wanted to see the quality of glass from Corona and I am happy with it :-). 

So here's the raw render and one with some very rushed post.

I left this running overnight - 8 hours - but still getting some noise.. Any suggestions?

PT+PT Progressive on i7 920 - 2.6-3.2GHz

Resolved bugs / Xrefs
« on: 2013-06-22, 13:24:59 »
I use Xrefs quite a lot but they don't seem to be load when rendering with Corona.  Is this a known problem?

Resolved feature requests / Incremental saving
« on: 2013-06-21, 22:19:00 »

First of all, just want to say how much I'm enjoying using Corona!

Just wondering whether it would be possible to implement some kind of incremental saving, where you could tell Corona to save the render every nth pass, so that you could leave a render running overnight and know roughly how many passes would make for a good render.



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