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i have went off the "box" version subscription recently but need to rerender an older project.
i have logged into the customer zone but cant seem to find my last installer anywhere.

what is the proper procedure if i am not on the sub anymore?

General Discussion / Subscription Terms part 2
« on: 2017-03-06, 22:00:39 »
so im on my second subscription year and have recieved the proforma.
now, i have to be honest and say that the path corona has taken meant that i can use it less and less in my projects. im internally debating on whether to prolong it and its actually a matter of principle more than anything else.

my questions kind of remain:
- after im off the sub, how does one get on again? companies i know of usually have penalty system based upon the time one was off. what is the corona way of handling this?

- once im off the sub i can keep using the version im at in perpetuity right?
i can also access the download data forever aswell? no issues to be vary of?

i dont mind at all paying and supporting something even if i dont use it, but i am looking closer into the policies of each company i deal with lately. i know its stupid but i cannot help myself and i always admired the "no bullshit " attitude corona had.

on a personal note, im really disappointed to see so many (imho) ridiculous features creep in while vdb is actually not even mentioned. that bummed me out tbh but its besides the point.

Resolved feature requests / 2017.1 blended box support
« on: 2016-11-19, 14:25:32 »

so autodesk just came out with some nice features in 2017.1
the blended box map for one, but is currently not supported by corona.

could we hope for a quick fix?

i´ve just updated and having bit of trouble with the scene im working on:

my main light source is a mesh placed inside of a glass shell, sort of like a neon light.
if i use the proper light material and refractive glass, the light objects within turns black.

regular material with light emission works but that case i cannot get enough light for the surrounding.

am i doing something wrong here?

Resolved bugs / render element crashes max 2017
« on: 2016-08-26, 14:47:00 »
this happens without fail on my system:

- add some render element while corona is set as render engine
- switch to scanline
- click on "add new element".
- crash

General Discussion / Subscription Terms - bit disappointing
« on: 2016-02-04, 16:42:00 »
hi there,

so i just got an email saying my sub is nearing to an end and whether i´d like to update.
asking for clarification on the terms i recieved following info:
- upon leaving the subscription one permanently loses any way of upgrading corona at any later date.

i am trying to be objective here but this really does not seem fair to me.
infact it reminds me of autodesk policies of forcing the userbase into subscriptions.

i admired the no bullshit policies that corona team operated on so this kinda comes as a suprise.
can i ask what the rationale behind these terms is?

General Discussion / expiration date worries
« on: 2015-02-23, 16:24:22 »
hey guys,

sorry if this has been covered or if i missed an important piece of info.

i am in the right middle of a project (using corona exclusively here) and am wondering what happens after the 28.2.

bit worried i wont be able to open/render my scenes after the set date. that would mess me up proper.

if possible i would put my preorder down and wire the amount right away.
i really cannot afford any downtime.

best of luck,

Resolved feature requests / Open VDB support
« on: 2014-11-02, 12:58:43 »
dear corona team,

i was wondering if there is any possibility to have a sort of openvdb support?
currently i am able to use phoenix fd to import vdb but need to mesh it in order to use custom material.
since i am not on the dailies, cant really test it out.

long story short. pretty please? it would open max up significantly.

patiently awaiting the v1, and best of luck to you all.

General Discussion / Corona purchasing options
« on: 2014-10-15, 19:22:42 »
very happy to hear corona is finally available as a purchase and as with each step it is great to see the team interact with the community in finding the best possible licensing scenario.
i would just like to ask if the team might include wire transfer as a way of purchase.

thanks and good luck with the release!

Resolved bugs / Render region issua
« on: 2014-09-13, 13:46:22 »
this is a very small issue, and probably irrelevant to most.

working alot for print with very large images, as a workaround i often use the render region option.
that way was able to make changes and render out selectively and that way saved time.

example: i would render out the full image, and then say do iterations of just a certain object colour via render region, each time saving it out.
in corona however the saved image seems to recall only the last region marked. (in the buffer the render is still showing the information from the full image render)

i hope i explained it clearly.
my issue comes from working around slow render engines, and with corona i hardly ever need it since it´s so fast.
so it´s my abusive relationship issue with other renders thats at fault here:)

i still wanted to mention it.


General Discussion / to the dev team
« on: 2014-09-12, 23:44:04 »
i have been trying out corona as a 3d generalist for a bit now on diverse projects and been testing it under different scenarios.
i am new to this forum and finally had some time between projects to post my impressions with the risk of sounding massively kiss ass:

it is just incomprehensible to me how such a small team can produce such extraordinary work.
even in alpha, it is the most stable, usable, best performing render i have used.

all the other aspects, such as the direct communication with the community and the speed of the development/fixes is unprecedented.
as a result of it i have become somewhat of a corona evangelist and my 3d friends are a bit fed up with it probably.

not to go on, i really cannot wait to support the team with my wallet.

thank you for your incredible work.

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