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Corona Standalone / Standalone works only with daily builds?
« on: 2013-12-05, 19:47:15 »
I wanted to see if I could make a quick UI for the standalone version to create some studio setups. Intended to work with .obj files coming from Marvelous designer to let the MD users also use the power of corona :) because right now it doesnt really have its own renderer so a lot of images from its creative users dont look as good as they could be imo.

But the first problem i came across is that the standalone version seems to work with daily builds and I wanted to know if it is possible to let it work with the Alpha5 build?

Work in Progress/Tests / Grass wip
« on: 2013-02-20, 18:08:50 »
Trying to create some nice grass in corona by using the corona scatter.
I got suprisingly fast to this result which is not bad looking at all i thought and being straight out of the vfb.
Lighted by only a HDRI in the corona environment slot.
HD cache for 2nd with precomp at 10 - max si @ 8 for faster preview render.

Now i need to add some fruit in the basket and maybe add some other things but have to see :)

When i was typing this i tried adding render elements but whenever i add one and try to render it comes up with an error saying: Error creating file output. It can be fixed by changing the output path but the path that it comes up with default should also exist. Also I am very lazy so changing the output on all render elements is a lot of work :P
Don't know if it is max or corona related but i have never had it before.

Gallery / Noname #1
« on: 2013-02-16, 14:36:49 »
Just testdriving the corona renderer and getting some great results so far.
There are a few features i would gladly welcome but by searching through the forum they seem to be already in the pipeline :)
Two things about this scene:
The leaves are opacity mapped and are coming out with a bit of blurred edges. I also rendered the close-up shot without dof and there it was more noticable. Could ofcourse also have to do with my mat setup but nevertheless i didnt thought it was too problematic.
Had some weird things going on with the glassmat. At some point it had a lot of weird splotches in it which i believe were to blame on pushing the gain on a colorcorrection map on a bitmap too high. Also at some point there was some noticable colorchange through the glass which i cant remember how i fixed it but thought was very odd at the time. (also don't seem to be able to reproduce it at the moment)
Anyways I am surely planning on doing some more scenes with corona in the future, great job on it so far :)

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