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Dear Corona Team,
seeing what Otoy did with Octane – provide fully integrated commercial renderer with their blender build + licencing app I (and I bet many others) don't understand why couldn't You do this as well, huh? There is a big chunk of blender community who'd love to use Corona because it's a great & fairly priced tool, but cost of 3ds or C4D is just unbearable and those are very unfortunate and only options so far.
Community developed exporter has to little people working on it, and if not integrated with live preview – people won't be interested in it.

And here we have Otoy with fully integrated commercial Octane renderer. You just need to download their blender build and use it along with licencing app – SO IT IS POSSIBLE – Dear Corona Team, why on earth you try to make so big trouble of that proving it cannot be done? :(

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