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I don't really understand why there would be not a possibility to pay a developer that would make a free exporter for a commercial renderer? It would be the same as hiring a guy who works on the c4d integration except the bridge he makes for corona would be free, that's all.

I think the corona team should consider 3 things:

1. blender is getting serious traction everywhere and will become the go-to 3D tool of the future for every new user working in 3D. Even older 3d users learn it and use it on the side untill they take the step to change completely. It's just a matter of time before the marketshare of blender (even in archviz) will become too big to ignore, so why not anticipate and make a decent exporter now?

2. there is a serious need for a realistic archviz renderer inside blender, cycles is ok but not designed for archviz at today's standards. It's quality is inbetween lumion and vray in terms of renderoutput. The only serious competitor is octane for the moment.

3. until now a lot of blender users where hobbyist and weren't ready to pay for a rendersoftware, but this is changing fast, a lot of compagnies are switching or consider switching. Those will be ready to pay a fair price if the exporter is nice and they can render with the corona-quality.

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