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Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-10-20, 20:53:30 »
Outstanding images!

Just a specific question – where did you take that terrazzo texture from? In need of something really similar, but difficult to find a good map enough to show a detail close to the floor.

Cheers and congrats again!

That's nice to hear thank you:)

You can find it in the Quixel's Megascans library under the category of  "Concrete Smooth".

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-10-20, 20:48:39 »
how you Get this shadow smooth

We usually avoid using HDRIs with direct sun in order to abstain from sharp shadows.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-10-20, 20:41:40 »
Since the animation was done at 24fps, you could extrapolate a few more frames with AE as there are not dramatic movements, and it's all prolonged. It might happen or not, it's Russian roulette.

Thank you for the tip! We had tried it in the past slowing it down in AE but mostly to avoid render times in a previous project.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-10-20, 20:33:20 »
Beautiful, love it!

Long time waiting for something like this,
You did it! Thank you.
I think you did a really good job, but most of all you gave so much inspiration to Us!

Looks fucking awesome!

Simply amazing.

No words, each detail has more beauty than next

these are just great.

Many thanks for your positive feedback guys :) We are glad to hear that!

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-22, 11:33:14 »
You guys never disappoint, outstanding renderings!

Thank you Erald for your kind words!

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-22, 11:31:04 »

Thank you for the positive feedback!
Initially, we are doing the tone mapping in the VFB and then we use Adobe Camera Raw for slightly adjustments regarding tone mapping and color correction.

does it mean you have taken tonemapped image from vfb as 16 or 32bit tiff or exr? and edited it further in camera raw?

or did you turn off tonemapping in vfb then saved image without tonemapping and postproduced it in camera raw?


Yes exactly, as you mentioned in the first scenario! We post process the already tonemapped image from vfb.

Gallery / Re: Mystras
« on: 2019-09-09, 16:39:07 »
Finally, welcome to Corona Forum Strato:)  It was about time to share your awesome work!

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-09, 16:34:51 »
Great work as always guys!

There is so much detail in your scene lighting and materials!

Congratulations to the team!

Thank you Strato, we always take into consideration your feedback!:)

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-09, 16:33:22 »
Awesome work, how did you treat images in postproduction? or are they tonemapped directly in corona frame buffer?

I would be grateful if you could describe the process

Thank you for the positive feedback!
Initially, we are doing the tone mapping in the VFB and then we use Adobe Camera Raw for slightly adjustments regarding tone mapping and color correction.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-01, 11:21:24 »
amazing work - very beautiful!

May i ask who makes that chair?
And the HDRI, which one did you use for it from HDRIhub if you dont mind me asking?  I wouldnt mind experimenting with it

Thank you for your feedback:)

We have modeled the chair though there is one similar model at 3ds sky, It's a chair from Urban Outfitters you can find it with the name "Marte lounge chair" .

Regarding the HDRIs here are some that we used, we treat every scene separately so the lighting scenario may be similar but not the same.


Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-29, 16:20:59 »
These are such a nice set of renders! The styling and colour palete are spot on, well done :)

Excellent job well executed.

Glad to hear that, thank you guys:)

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-29, 16:17:00 »
Important stuff: Render times per keyframe? In-house farm or outside farm? Noise level and denoising settings?
Our render times were 25-40 min per frame depending on the scene and the workstation specs.
We used our office workstations (a dual xeon 2699v3 and two threadripper 1950x).
Our noise level was around 3.5 with 0,45 denoising.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-29, 16:07:39 »
3ds Max or Cinema 4D?
We used 3ds Max

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-29, 13:10:45 »
That's nice to hear, thank you for your feedback!
We have used an Hdri to light up the scene combined with some light planes.
Yes, exactly the animation was done in 24 fps.

Thanks for the reply! Would you mind posting up a link to where I can purchase the HDRI? Looks really clean/neutral without a colour cast (did you colour correct it?). I tend to shy away from HDRI's due to the colour cast issue (especially with white walls), generally sticking with Corona Sun + Sky which gives me quite a bit of control. That last render is epic - pure studio photo quality!

Re the animation I've found myself recently rendering at 30fps with fairly heavy motion blur then interpolating to 60fps in Resolve to get rid of the "juddering" that I sometimes get at 24fps on pan/zoom shots.

Well for most of the scenes we used an HDRI from "HDRI Hub" we don't color correct them we usually choose a cloudy one to avoid blue/purple overcast. In some separate scenes we used corona sun combined with an HDRI (the entry scene of animation and the bedroom-closet shot). Finally, in the living room we used an HDRI we created from a previous project called "5th floor apartment", could call it inception!

Regarding the animation part, thank you for your tip will give it a try in Resolve next time!

 We had tried in the past slowing it down in After Effects mostly to avoid render time. Although personally I prefer 30 fps in compare to 60 fps cause it feels more cinematic.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-29, 12:12:08 »
Very lovely.

Glad to hear that, thanks!

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