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Feature requests / Re: tyFlow instancing support
« on: 2020-04-15, 17:14:02 »
Good news...every user will benefits from that

Feature requests / Re: tyFlow instancing support
« on: 2020-04-12, 14:41:44 »
TyFlow lives from 1 year and is the new booster for max...corona users need to profit from it. MB and instances are the first pass and Tyson is surely open for any collaboration between developers. Please, make render funny again and again!

Not a dome light but a dedicated Environment lighting tool, a more clean draft render mode (like light cache+light cache) would be useful 2 cents.

Hi, is that comparision right?
I'm not shure because of the corona output looks too dark respect to original textures and playing with gamma intensity  breaks jpg tests.

I need help / Re: Corona VR - General Discussion and Help
« on: 2017-04-21, 16:20:27 »
If you are looking to use another VR app to view the renders, then you will need to check the documentation for that app on any EXIF data it may need.

Hope this helps!

Hi Tom and thank you for reply,
the bette way I tryed to share "stereo 360 vr" at moment is youtube for mobiles and GoPRO VR viewer for desktop.
Actually my goal is google cardboard...unfortunately this type of exif datas are too hard to insert for me.
Your beta app could be a good alternative but I need to cover the ios field too.
So, my research continues...

I need help / Re: Corona VR - General Discussion and Help
« on: 2017-04-21, 10:51:56 »
Hi, is corona vr render immediately readable from an android/ios cardboard or necexsites of exif data? If exif data is necessary, how to solve? Thanks.

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