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Hi guys,

I create this 2 parts video tutorial on how to create pillows using garment maker and cloth modifier inside 3ds Max. No extra plugins needed.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hi guys,

In this video I try to explain one of the most important concept in Computer Graphic; The meaning of bits value in image formats. This concept goes a long the way whether you are a 3d artist, 2d painters, web designer etc as long you use digital images in your work this concept is important for you to know.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

Widhi Muttaqien

Hi guys,

I want to share my latest YouTube video tutorials. It's a 6 part videos covering modeling using real product reference using 3ds Max then rendering it in Corona. In the Corona part I cover how to setup basic studio lights, create Corona material of leather and black painted metal. I hope this videos in beneficial to you guys.

here is the link:

Widhi Muttaqien

Hi guys,

Before, I posted in this forum about my Udemy course. the course is about 3ds max and Corona renderer for complete beginners. You can find it in this link:

Thanks to this forum all of my 200 free coupon codes of my Udemy course are all used up in just 1 day. Wow! This will help a lot to establish a credibility for my course. Also the nice people at Corona gave me a lot of feedback to perfecting the course. So thank you so much.

For this month (Shaban month in Islamic calendar)  although I can not give you a free coupon code anymore, I will provide a very big discount of 90% to my Udemy course.

The coupon code is: "shabanDiscount " (without the quote symbols, with uppercase "D")

You can also use this link directly to redeem the coupon:

Its only available until 20th of June and for 400 people only. So use it while its available. Also if you find my course helpful, give it a good ratings and review as this will help me a lot.


Widhi Muttaqien


My course about 3ds Max and Corona renderer for complete beginner just went alive.
This is the step to access it for FREE! Limited only to 200 students, so use it fast while its available!

1. Go to
2. Create an account if you dont have one.
3. Then go to this link:
4. Click on "redeem coupon" button and use this code: "first200students" (without the quote signs)
5. Please give a good rating or comment if you think is good. If you think is not good please tell me first about it and I will try to fix the problem for you.
6. Happy learning!

My Udemy course finally finished. Its now being reviewed by the udemy staff. It usually takes 1-2 days for it to be alive.

Actually my next project is making udemy online courses of house visualization then massive scale area visualization. All in corona. - in sha allah -

Almost forget, here are the video quality sample:

This is the image of the final project:

I know its not the best rendering in the world :).
I try to be as simple as it get so beginners can follow them with no problems.

Thank you for the replies guys. Since a lot of email asking me what the course is covering. I will try to explain the curriculum briefly in here.

SECTION 1: introduction
- introduction

SECTION 2 : the UI
- Viewport navigation

SECTION 3 : creating modifying objects
- create & modify
- selections
- transformation
- pivot point
- transformation setting
- modifier
- duplication

SECTION 4 : scene management
- surface normal and backface culling
- basic scene management
- layer management

SECTION 5 : precision modeling
- unit & measurement
- snapping
- align

SECTION 6 : common problems
- common student problems

SECTION 7 : polygon based modeling
- primitive vs editable
- intro to editable poly modeling
- sub-object selection
- edge modeling techniques
- cut & slice
- border modeling techniques
- polygon modeling techniques

SECTION 8 : exercise projects 1-4
- project 1 : round table coffee
- project 2 : dining table
- project 3 : console table
- project 4 : closet

SECTION 9 : spline based modeling
- intro to splines
- spline vertex types
- spline modification
- spline boolean operation
- cross-insert and weld

SECTION 10 : spline based modifiers
- extrude modifier
- lathe modifier
- bevel profile modifier

SECTION 11 : exercise projects 5-7
- project 5 : mechanical pencil
- project 6 : hammer
- project 7 : accent chair

SECTION 12 : THE FINAL PROJECT modeling phase
- intro to the final project
- modeling the room base
- tips on object color
- modeling the window
- modeling the door
- modeling the curtain, photo frame and down light
- modeling the TV and cabinets
- modeling the sofa
- modeling the coffee table and the carpet
- modeling the floor lamp
- importing external assets

SECTION 13 : Material
- intro to material
- material management
- multi/sub-object material
- texture and UVW mapping
- procedural maps

- intro to corona
- corona materials
- corona lights
- corona sun and sky
- rendering and render elements

SECTION 15 : THE FINAL PROJECT material and lighting phase
- applying corona based materials
- applying corona reflective materials
- setting corona sun and sky
- applying special materials
- applying complex UV mapping

SECTION 16 : rendering and postpro
- setup rendering and render elements
- post processing in photoshop

SECTION 17 : conclusion
- final words

Hi guys,

I'm not trying to sell anything, in fact I want to give you guys access for free! :)
(Sorry if this post is violating any rules in the forum, please let me know!)

I'm making an online course about 3ds max and corona for beginners. It will be hosted at Udemy, already 52 video lessons finished out of 68 total. I'm planning to give the first 200 students free access to boost up the credibility. I know most of you already used corona for quite some time (longer then me :) mostly)  that is also the reason I'm giving free access is to have feedback from corona expert users on my course. I think the course will also help to promote corona as a new rendering engine.

Wait for the free coupon code in this thread and please give inputs or feedback on what should I put in the course.


[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: Hair and fur trick.
« on: 2015-05-06, 03:12:27 »
is there a way to get good result without converting it to mesh?

Hi cecofuli, I only have a PC with 8 GB RAM. will this be enough? I use that PC with VRAY for massive scale area project before. Would love to try this kind of project with corona.

Gallery / Re: Low height city block
« on: 2015-04-01, 11:01:11 »
Hi fobus, your works are amazing. How much RAM do you use to be able to render the large aerial scene?
I only have 8 GB of RAM will it suffice to render on that scale?

Wow those images are amazing. Thank you for sharing guys

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