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Hello dear friends…

I wish to present to you the latest update of Grass Kit brings supports for five render engines (Vray 3.7, Vray 5, C4D Physical renderer, Corona, and Redshift) and Cinema 4D R23 support all in one package. This update is also much faster, and it brings some new options like slope and altitude clipping and clones collision.
Thanks a lot for all your support and I hope you will enjoy using it…

To purchase visit this link:

The pluggin doesn't work with interactive rendering.... why ?

I am sure it is working with IR, it just does not show multi instances (yet), because these are not yet supported by IR.

Hey Cinemike,
Thanks a lot for this answer... :) I hope soon we will see multi-instances in IR

hello! I've bought your grass plug in, and I'm very happy with it! now I have an inquiry, which is to render cut grass..; is it a way to have an "end" of the blades like cutted? thank you!

Hello Celmar,
yes, you can make the grass look cut on top by changing the grass profile. Please check out my YT tutorial about GK 4.5

This looks great. Is this plug-in Mac Cinema 4D r20 and Corona v5 compatible? I only see it running on Windows in your videos. Thanks.

hello there, and thanks for your interest in GK, and yes, it will work on mac too...

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: GRASS KIT V4 | CINEMA 4D R20+
« on: 2020-01-14, 22:40:04 »
Hello friends,
I'm happy to present to you a new, updated version of Grass Kit 4.5 for C4D. This update contains some very important changes and some exciting new features that will make the grass generation much easier. Here's wants new:

  • New grass generation module with dynamics support
    Native Multi-instance support enables millions of clones
    New 3D blade profiles (flat, triangle, square, circle)
    New random grass colorizer
    New camera and/or distance clipping option
    Corona, Vray, and Physical render support
    Supports Cinema 4D R20, R21, ...

This update is free for everyone who already purchased GK4, and I've already sent links with discount code for my gumroad store. If you did not receive it please contact me to send you your update.

Purchase it on this link

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: GRASS KIT V4 | CINEMA 4D R20+
« on: 2019-04-23, 11:18:23 »
Hi, do we need two threads for one product? Could the original thread be update or if no longer needed, removed?

Sorry if this was against the rules of forum. GK v4 is new version, but actually it is really very different from previous one in many ways. If moderators think it is too much they can merge it in one thread.

all the best,
Bosko L.

Hey Bossco,

Just getting into your plugin 3.1 for C4D, excellent work...thought you'd want to know there's a typo:

For example:

'Blade lenght' - Blade length
'Lenght subdivision' - Length subdivision


Hahaha yes I've realized that but it was too late... I hope I fixed that in new Grass Kit v4 that I posted in this thread...

Hello everyone...

I'm really excited to share with you this completely reworked Grass kit that works with C4D r20+ and use new Multi-instances and other powerful new tools of new Cinema 4D. Some of new features are:
  • 3 versions in one purchase (Corona, Vray and Physical render)
    New grass blades generated from geometry with much more customization
    Multi-instance clones for extremely fast navigation
    Deflector objects to adjust grass edges and overlaps
    Possibility to change material and use it with any render engine
    Container object plugin included in download
    Support for Broadcast version of C4D (along with Studio version)
...and many more optimization and updates.

you can purchase it on this link:

and you can see more on tutorial video here:

best regards and fast renders,
Bosko L.

Hello and Happy holidays to everyone...

I was quite busy so I did not have time to read this thread, and sorry for not replaying sooner...

Considering edges, and grass going over it - maybe it could be solved if we have Corona distance shader for C4D and I hope developers will include it as soon as possible (I also need that shader for another plugin I'm working on :) ). For now, way to do it would be to create another surface for grass that would be smaller for radius of grass patch. In that way all the grass that goes over the edge of new object would be actually next to the edge of old surface. I hope i explain it good :)...

Considering realism - in GK III you can always tweak materials... You can add textures or colors or variations (in variation shader) to your liking.

Hello everyone,

Here is my latest HDRI of football stadium in Saint Petersburg. This is full 32 bit 360 degrees HDRI render that you can use to light up your scenes or as background for your renders. It is one of the stadiums where FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is played.
Please note that this HDRI is 10$, but there is some free HDRI interiors on my gumroad.

Thanks, and fast renders to you all...

FIle size is 6000 x 3000 pixels, and you will receive HDR and EXR formats.

thx x2

check my last edit post about orientation scatter and wild grass
wow... thanks for noticing this... I've fixed it now. Please send me message on CGtrader and I will send you new updated version

Thank you very much i love it
great plugin.

But i have a alert message when i drag and drop GKIII Corona to the viewport
Any helps

Hello Leo3d

Please note that if you experience message about missing plugin "container object" you can download this very useful plugin from Niklas Rosenstein's site for free... Studio kit will work without it as well, but you will not see icon and it will bother you every time you start C4D.

Container object link:

Hello dear friends...
I wish to inform you about latest update on Grass Kit 3... I've added 3 new scatter objects - for your trees, bushes, rocks... or whatever you wish to randomly scatter ;)

All of the users who already bought GK3 will get this update free...

Best of luck,

Here is example on my "worst" configuration. It is HP Elitebook 8540w, i7 quad core, 12 gb ram... Pretty old laptop.
Render time was 30 min for surface of 10 x 10 meters with around 10000 clones total.

the rendering time increases?

What do you think? Seriously.

Do not misunderstand me, it looks very interesting, it is spectacular to be able to count on this.
But we know that it is at a cost of high rendering times. Not only in Corona but in any CPU engine.
That is why we are waiting for the integration of grass in the Corona

hello ozwald,
Render time is very very fast... All clones are render instances and grass in one patch is generated by C4D fur. If you wish, tomorrow I can make test render of some surface covered with grass and post results.

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