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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: helplicense!!!!!
« on: 2021-09-13, 09:32:33 »
hello! so, here is what happened: for some incomprehensible reason, the date of the subscription went out of order, and the password allowing the activation was refused (although recognized on the site, normally) for several hours... then after several uninstallations and reinstallations (the stable version 7), the password was accepted, and corona was able to work again... It's still, in a (tense) work flow, very destabilizing... And for some mysterious reason, it always happens on a sunday, or a holiday!...

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: helplicense!!!!!
« on: 2021-09-12, 18:59:12 »
Thank you, Romullus!! it seems rthat, for any reason, the password was rejected by corona, but not the corona site; I ve desinstalled, re installed, change the pass for a new one, and apprently the license is actually active; Don't have time now for a try, but uit's a progress...

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: helplicense!!!!!
« on: 2021-09-12, 16:36:53 »
really don't know how to do; the pop up say "contact us"... where? here???

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: helplicense!!!!!
« on: 2021-09-12, 16:32:54 »
I ve tried to re install, but , although I can log in on the corona site, so my password is ok, I have on the pop up "corona renderer licensing: "error: invaluid email or password"...   So what happens!!!

[C4D] General Discussion / helplicense!!!!!
« on: 2021-09-12, 16:13:05 »
hello! I don't understand:  the license stopped, and in the "about" pop up, it's the 12/09 wich is given as activation date; But I have all my payments clear, since the last, the 26 of august, to the 26 of september, ├žin the suscription... I have impoirttant assignments on fire, how to reactivate corona?????
I don't like to say this, I'm not usually a grouch, but this kind of problem, if it lasts, condemns a professional use of corona!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: path-urgent, please!!!
« on: 2021-08-03, 09:51:01 »
hello! since three days, corona has disappeared from the versions of c4d, 15 and 20, that I use... I tried, after uninstalling Corona (which appears in the list, but without any "weight" in KB) to install the 7, with and without the marterial library, or the 6 stable; The installer works normally, but corona was not in c4d; I looked at your "help", but I don't know where is "microsoft dependencies"... No problem if you want to get into my computer, to see what's going on, as this is an urgent, professional problem for me;
ps: I have uninstalled the last two updates of windows, but it doesn't change anything

Translated with (free version)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: path-urgent, please!!!
« on: 2021-08-02, 22:31:53 »
well, it's really complicated;  although the installer seems to work, and ends up with a successful installation message, corona does not appear in c4d r20, or r15, the two versions i use; i tried the procedure indicated in the help, but i can't find "microsoft dependencies" anywhere; corona has been impossible to install for the past two days!!! thank you for an urgent help!!!I've tried to submit a ticket, but the catcha always doesn't work; (it's just: checked I'm not a robot);   if it is impossible to install corona after an update (probably) of windows, impossible to submit a ticket to technical help, what is possible to recover the software??????

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: path-urgent, please!!!
« on: 2021-08-01, 10:39:55 »
I've tried to use "custom" and manually just check the r20; all the install is clean, I have the finished message saying it's ok, but corona isn't inside the r20, when I open it!... what happens!!!!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: path-urgent, please!!!
« on: 2021-08-01, 10:31:52 »
oh, I forgot: the instyaller "see" only the r17, which is... u,installed on my computer!!! strange!

[C4D] General Discussion / path-urgent, please!!!
« on: 2021-08-01, 10:25:04 »
hello!! I don't understand why, but Corona desappear (version7) from my C4d versions; I just want to re install, but it seems to "see" only the r17, not the r15 and the r20 I work always; The only explanation is that I uninstall some soft I didn't want (like PCrepair) ans maybe they goes with parts (dll) necessary?? well, I don't know anyuthing about that... How to re install corona , and show it the path to all the versions of c4d ??? thank you for help!!!

[C4D] General Discussion / memory
« on: 2021-06-25, 17:45:57 »
hello!!! I often had rather heavy scenes, with tons of instances... So, the "low memory" is often on pop up; I use i9 with 64 g ram, and actually plan to buy a computer with ryzen  9 59950x; does 128 g ram  necessary? do you mainly have that amount of ram? thank you for hints!!!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: bloom in multipass
« on: 2021-06-09, 13:55:56 »
there is something I don't understand: I check the "virtual beauty" pass, and uncheck "bloom and glare"; ok; but the virtual beauty pass resulting is much more darker than  the beauty pass; not at all the same , but without the bloom-glare effect!... any solution?

[C4D] General Discussion / changing material
« on: 2021-06-07, 16:10:31 »
Hello! probably due to a computer problem, because it affects one of my machines, not the others, the "passes" are not saved... Is there a quick way to change all the materials to a single neutral gray, without reflection, to have the mask passes calculated very quickly, the beauty pass being saved and ok?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: library
« on: 2021-06-06, 20:13:24 »
Tom, the only installer is for version 6 of Corona, ; I tried to launch it, with the library of materials underneath, but in C4d I always have version 7, without library... there is no installer for 7? am I missing something?  in any case, it doesn't work... if I understand correctly, the library should appear in the "corona" palette, and not in the "content browser" of C4d, where the other material folders appear... thanks for your help!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: library
« on: 2021-06-06, 15:25:40 »
thank you!!! I'm on a PC; I try to re-install (the daily 7), but the library didn't seem to folllow (suppose it will be in "presets"... mmm, so frustrating, but I"m goofy with the install, moist of the times!

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