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[Max] Bug Reporting / IPR only using 50% CPU Corona 8
« on: 2022-04-27, 10:25:35 »
Im working on project with the final Corona 8 release and my IPR maxes out at approx 50% of my Threadripper 3070X. Full render is 100% CPU and new simple test scenes are also 100%, also sometimes a fresh restart will trigger this scene in to 100% IPR usage but it will soon drop back to 50%. Tbh it feels even slower than 50% in use. There are no overrides on threads in the system options they are the default -1. I've not had this before and only noticed it in this first scene I've used with the final v8 version. Anyone else with this?

Plenty of spare RAM and its been happening since there were only a handful of mats in the scene so its not overlaidened.

[Max] Feature Requests / Saving exposure bracketing
« on: 2022-04-15, 23:12:25 »
Would it be possible to add saving exposure bracketing like a camera as passes? Sure we have the option for light mix but it could be really useful to set a standard image as we do currently then an over and under exposed image with a tone mapping setting for each to avoid too much blow out. I know we can always save in corona format and adjust with the standalone or save as 32 bit but both those options have their drawbacks.


[Max] I need help! / Slow UHD Cache
« on: 2021-07-29, 14:50:38 »
Hello, I've got a big scene that eventually renders out fine and at full speed but the UHD cache and first pass or two only seem to work on one core and there is a lot of disk paging. I'm only using 55GB RAM out of 128GB and I'm not getting the virtualised RAM message either. So it seems Corona is prematurely looking ot page to disk. Any ideas why this would happen? I'm using corona 7.

Unfortuately interactive just crashes the scene so I have to render full frame to test and the UHD is taking 7mins which is a bit of a pain.

Also worth noting about this scene is that it can build right up to 80GB RAM usage when its first opened but then after a while it will eventually drop down to 20-30GB, so if I try to render straight away I get RAM warnings but if I wait half an hour the RAM dropsdown to more normal levels. Very weird. Wondering if its the slate editor hogging a lot of resources?

Thanks for any help anyway. 

I find sometimes when my PC is under full load with a complex scene, having to click and hold the stop button to bring the drop down menu up to cancel the IR can be problematic and the UI lags with the potential of hitting stop instead. The problem with hitting stop is that it will save over a previously saved file which can be disastrous. Not sure why full render and IR share the same button set and stopping IR will trigger a save out of all the passes rather than just cancel it?

For years we have had really slow Max scene load times (45mins plus) Even on SSds and 10GB networks. These are big scenes with xrefs etc but still soul destorying when you have to restart after a crash. But we have recently descovered this autodesk script for which stops pop ups which was part of the problem. Even with silentium script installed Max still took a long time to load anything but at least you didnt have to manually click OK for popups. Load times are now about 5mins for the same scene!

Snag is I think its interfeared with the corona bitmap loader so you dont get the pop up box where you can load the bitmap. Is there any way of writing the corona bitmap loader to not be classed as a pop up like forestpack or railclone which still work with their own pop up dialogues? I know ideally it would be best for the script to ignore the corona request but I dont think autodesk would listen. Or if someone can edit this script to let corona through, even better!

Hoping this is the right section to ask. Is it possible to select one gpu for Max and another for photoshop in a dual card system? I have 2x2070's in my workstation but I'm pretty sure max and ps use the same one which eats up the vram and causes issues with working on big files in both. I originally thought if I plug one monitor in to one gpu and another monitor in to the other I could have max and ps use different gpus on different screens but pretty sure they aren't doing that.

Anything I find on Google just refers to switching between inboard gpu and discreet GPU but both mine are descrete so just want to select one for max and ps.

Thanks for any help with this.

I dont think this is possible at the moment. Any chance of being able to lock in the curves editor to the camera view like we can do with exposure? Will make it easier to manage scenes with several cameras that might need different curves settings.


[Max] I need help! / Corona script error on Max launch
« on: 2020-01-07, 12:10:34 »
I've just started getting this error when I launch Max 2020. I have tried reinstalling Corona v5 but that doesnt help. The only other installation I've made recently is GrowFX v2 beta but I cant see how that would effect the corrona loading.

Corona still appears to work but the IR doesnt update. I need to stop it then move then restart it.

Im loathed to reinstall Max again if I dont have to so wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this? I might try the latest R6 daily to see if that helps.


I've tried the new caustics on a few interior scenes so far and I cant seem to get clean caustics. The result is still what I would have imagined pre the new solver. I've attached an example below, 70 passes and the scene in general is pretty clean aside from the caustics. The main external glass is set to thin so that shouldnt confuse it. Is it designed for large internal spaces or more for small close up scenes?


Hello. Railclone 4 has just been released and a good feature is now being able to get the materials from the individual segments rather than making an uber multisub and applying it to the railclone object. But it only supports Vray and Arnold. They say they have updated their API so any other render engine can add this support. Is this a possibility?


Hi. We have a project where we need large areas of randomised tilted bricks on a curved surface - best shown in the attached test image. I've made the large randomised displacement map in omnitiles for photoshop with a single basic B/W gradient tile randomised out to fill a large area with a white grout mask. The effect is working well apart from the fact that Corona is interpreting the gradient as a curve rather than a straight line. I just cant think of a way of representing this gradient another way in photoshop so corona reads it as a straight ramp rather than curved. Is there anything I can do in corona to tell it to read it as a straight ramp? or do something different in PS?


[Max] I need help! / Camera Shift distortion extending image
« on: 2019-08-21, 12:24:09 »
Is it possible to use the corona shift feature in a way that can extend the image to the side so it can seamlessly be added to an original image? Im 3Ds Max but I have previously used C4D which had a 'film move'  option which did exactly this. When trying to use the shift feature in the corona Max modifier it shifts the image but when I try and extend the canvas out and add this new render in photoshop the perspective is different. I appreciate the perspective will be exaggerated out to the side, I just need it to meet in the right place. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

As shown in the screen grab image, the standard corona light turns black when seen through glass with refraction activated (not thin). The light has a directionality of 0.55. If it gets reduced to 0.4 the light can be seen fine. Anything with directionality over 0.5 renders black. Numbers lower than 0.5 do also dim in appearance so it would be good for directionality to have no bearing on the appearance of the visible light source.


We are having some issues that should be obvious from the attached image. Basic corona rectangular lights used but they turn black when looking at them through the glass. We use refraction in the glass material (not set to thin) as we feel it looks much more realistic and the rendering hit isnt that bad when its so thin. But there is this issue with corona lights not showing through the glass. Light emitting materials dont have this problem.

We are using Corona 4 RC3, so should probably upgrade to the latest but hopefully there is something obvious we can do to fix this?


[Max] I need help! / Phoenix FD splash support?
« on: 2019-07-11, 12:30:07 »
We are currently evaluating Phoenix FD for use with some water features. I know Corona doesnt support the foam feature but does that also extend to the splashes feature which is in a separate roll out? When we come to render we get a Corona warning saying Corona doesnt support foam but we thought that was a different thing to splashes? We havent done any special set up in corona to materialise the splashes or in phoenix so maybe we need to do something there? Corona looks like it supports other particle effects in Phoenix so I'm hoping its just a set up issue.

Using the latest Corona 4 and Phoenix FD


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