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[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona AO and Light Material
« on: 2018-04-12, 16:26:49 »

I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it works "as designed", so I'd rather report it. I've just noticed that AO doesn't work correctly when used in CoronaLightMtl, as long as Emit Light or Occlude other Lights options are disabled .... bug or feature ? :P
3dsmax2018.4, Corona v1.7.4

Thank you.

Hello :)

Regular bug I'm facing: IPR seems to be stuck as long as Material/Map Navigator is open (Compact Mat Editor). It will continue updating/refining the scene correctly ONLY after the Material/Map Navigator has been closed. Please check this video capture:



I'm facing a weird thing with a very simple scene I'm starting to work on. Nothing fancy here, just the beginning of the project, walls and windows modeling ... but IPR is most of time not working ! IPR keeps on running, nothing appears, VFB full black. Sometimes I get something, but very looooooooooong to appear and/or to refresh.

Next step is to merge the modeled stuff in a new scene ...

Scene made on 3dsmax 2018.4, Corona v1.7.3.

Thank you.

[Max] I need help! / DR & stats
« on: 2018-03-21, 16:49:37 »

Is there particular reason why DR tab stats woudn't be updated ? our nodes are actually rendering, but the DR stats keep on showing Updates:0 Passes:0 ... it's the first time I see that ! any idea, please ?



[Max] General Discussion / Corona maxscript stuff
« on: 2018-03-20, 16:15:27 »
Hello :)

Is there any plan to develop the wiki dedicated to Corona maxscript parameters I mean, it would be great to have everything here: lights, camera, proxies ... or do I miss something ? I know everyone can use showProperties function to display the mxs parameters when needed, but still. I can help if needed ;)

Thank you.

[Max] Feature Requests / DR - expanding rendernodes list
« on: 2018-03-15, 09:00:03 »

So far, rendernodes list is limited to 6 machines ... not very convenient when you have to deal with more. Would it please be possible to make the list expandable ?

Thank you,


[Max] Bug Reporting / Complex Fresnel plugin crashing
« on: 2018-03-14, 14:40:08 »

Did anyone manage to use Complex Fresnel in 3dsmax 2018.3, using Corona v1.7.3 ? no matter what I do, I get 3dsmax crashing any time I try to add Complex Fresnel to my material ... with latest Complex Fresnel version (1.0.7, 3dsmax 2018 compatible apparently ...).

Thank you.

[Max] Bug Reporting / CMasking RE & Layered Material
« on: 2018-03-12, 10:38:40 »

Just discovered what I take for a very annoying bug ... it seems there's no way to output a Material ID from a layered material using CMasking render element :( only the Base mtl is output, and not correctly, since the layer materials' masks aren't respected !
Any chance to fix that for v2, please ? very very annoying ...

Apologize if it has already been reported - I've quickly searched and didn't find any report about that.

Thank you,



Got many times the error :
***WARNING*** CORONA ERROR: Sampling mask compression failed: Region is not strictly inside the bitmap. Region: 0 1044 2820 1218, bitmap size: 2500 1304
***WARNING*** CORONA ERROR: DR error: Accumulating EXR from slave 'ITG48' failed with error: Invalid image size: expected: 0 0 2500 1304, got: 0 0 2820 2258. Please send this file to our support: C:/Users/itg3d/AppData/Local/CoronaRenderer/dr-exr-fail.exr

We work on 3dsmax 2018.4, Corona v1.7.3. We submitted jobs to only one BB Server, that calls the other machines' Corona Renderer DRServers.
Please find here the log files and the dr-exr-fail.exr:

Thanks a lot,


Jobs / FRANCE only - poste de responsable 3d
« on: 2018-02-13, 08:40:27 »
Hello tout le monde :)

Notre agence Intangibles Assets Design cherche actuellement un nouveau responsable en charge de l'équipe 3d, avec au minimum 5 ans d'expérience, pour un CDI (statut cadre).

Une bonne connaissance de 3dsmax, VRay et/ou Corona est requise, ainsi que de Photoshop (After Effects serait un plus). Des notions de retail design seraient appréciées.

 La mission :

- Modélisation 3D des projets

- Matériaux et éclairage

- Production des images et post-production sur Photoshop

- Modification et mise à jour des scènes et images 3D déjà réalisées

- Réalisation d’animations 3D (Montage / motion design seraient un plus)

- Supervision de l'équipe permanente + gestion prestataires externes si besoin

 Le (la) candidat(e) devra :

- être rigoureux

- être autonome

- faire preuve d'initiative

- savoir s'adapter au workflow mis en place et le developper

- avoir un esprit d'équipe


Rémunération: à négocier selon profil.

Prise de poste: ASAP

Localisation: Paris (14e), metro Saint Jacques / RER Denfert Rochereau

Pour celles et ceux que cela intéresse, merci de me contacter en PM, je donnerai alors un email auquel envoyer votre candidature (CV + portfolio).

 Merci d'avance !


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona Color Picker oddities
« on: 2018-02-07, 18:00:40 »

For some time now, I'm facing weird behavior of Corona Color Picker when setting values, with Corona v1.7.2 and 3dsmax 2018.4. Please check this video capture:
Really annoying ... any idea please ?

Thank you.



I've recently noticed that Corona lights aren't compatible with the Show Dependencies feature of 3dsmax, at least on the 2018 version (I can't check with previous versions). Pretty useful feature to have a visual feedback of which lights are instanced with each other, for example. Do you think it can be solved ? really a small thing though ...

Thanks in advance,


[Max] Feature Requests / Bitmap - Show Map on Back
« on: 2018-02-07, 11:50:17 »
Hello :)

We're really missing the Show Map on Back option of the 3dsmax standard bitmap, when tiling is off ... and we've just tested to use the 3dsmax bitmap with a few objects this option would be useful to be set off, and it seems the option isn't supported by Corona ? I mean, the result is the same with Show Map on Back ON or OFF ... any chance to get it working please ? or should I switch to Feature Request, and ask this option to be implemented in Corona Bitmap instead ?

Thank you.


General CG Discussion / Radially - 3dsmax plugin
« on: 2018-01-31, 16:59:05 »

I've discovered Radially a few days ago, and really loving working with it now, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Sort of a Maya-style radial menu, very pleasant to use. The guy behind it has many plans to enhance it, so for those interested in using, I guess it's worth supporting him.
 You can find it here:
Also a little video showing it:

Hello :)

While we're very pleased with all the overrides possibilities the Corona Camera offers, we still miss something: resolution ! would it be possible to implement an Override Resolution section, like this ? it would be VERY useful ... I know one can use the 3dsmax Batch Render for this, but not very convenient, all the more that this way, proper safe frame can't be displayed when we select the camera that would require resolution override !
What do you guys think ?


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