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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: Today at 16:10:35 »

Translucency does not look correct, see attachment

We will look into this.

It looks like there is some overlapping geometry here, it's even visible in the viewport.

The shadowcatcher should be a single object. It should not overlap with any additional background object. The color of the shadowcatcher should be the same as the color of the usual background that you would use instead of the shadowcatcher (some orange hue in your case).

So you just start rendering anything and then try entering values like 0.8 or 0.9 in the VFB? Where exactly are you entering them? In the tone mapping operator values? If not, can you please show a screenshot where you are entering them?
Also, is there any difference if you use comma or dot? 0.8 vs 0,8
And last question: what exactly happens if you try to enter those values? Does it change to 0 or 1? Or maybe you cannot type at all and nothing happens?

Learner’s Corner / Re: exterior
« on: Today at 15:45:59 »
Currently it has "fairytale" lighting. Sun is warm, grass is green, sky is blue. Maybe adding some more specific atmosphere could help? Slight desaturation and more misty, colder feeling? Or maybe an even warmer, peachy sunset?
I would definitely play with VFB tone mapping. Maybe even just enabling the ACES OT would help (if it's not enabled yet).

[Max] I need help! / Re: A reflect / shadow issue
« on: Today at 15:02:03 »
Can you explain what exactly seems wrong to you here?
To me, it just seems like an object casting a shadow from a small light source.

To compare the rendering speed of different versions of Corona on different hardware:

Set a specific time limit to get reasonable quality (e.g. 10 minutes).
Compare (visually) which image looks better (less noisy, higher quality).

The machine which produces a better-looking image within the same time is the winner.

@VIZSET as Tom explained, the ACEST OT operator in the Corona tone mapping stack is something like an advanced version of a LUT, which just makes your image look nice.

Could you please explain what exactly is your problem? You are saving an image from the Corona VFB, loading it into Davinci Resolve, and you are getting different colors?

These questions were answered in your support ticket:

You are right and I apologize, everything was clear and I hadn't paid the necessary attention. Everything seems to be ok now!

Definitely no need to apologize and I am glad everything is clear now. Thanks for confirming!

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Region improvements
« on: Today at 10:41:40 »
We have some promising results for the "render selected is rendering slower than region" issue. Watch out for the daily builds. :)

(Internal ID=597096944)

Are you using Windows 10 or 11?
Which 3ds Max version?

As a workaround, could you please change your system locale (not just language) to English US? Here is how to do it:

We will investigate if we are able to reproduce the problem.

(Internal ID=1012399973)

Hey guys, could you please provide simple reproduction steps for this problem? I know that we already have the scene, but we need an "explain like I'm five" version, for example:
1. Open the scene
2. Select object X
3. Start interactive rendering in the viewport
4. Change value Y
5. Observe that IR is not updating

Thanks in advance.

So having a user property with value "2" would select material with index number 2?

So you would like to have a single Corona Select Map with multiple maps connected to it and distribute those maps depending on the user property assigned to specific scene object?
For example an object with "brick" user property would get a brick texture, an object with "wood" property would get a wood texture, etc.

Is that right?

If so, I think you can already achieve something similar, for example, with the Object GBuffer ID.
Set different GBuffer IDs for different objects. Then assign different maps through Corona MultiMap in the Object GBuffer ID mode.

It would be more tricky with materials though.

Render the whole scene once:
- beauty will be the object standing on top of the shadowcatcher, the shadowcatcher should be set to "for compositing" and have orange color
- alpha will contain the object+shadow information from the shadowcatcher
- additionally use a masking element to get the object mask

Maybe I am missing something, but it should work.

There was an issue like this in one of Corona 9 daily builds. Are you using a daily build or the final release from

Also, what is your Windows language? Is it English US, or some other one?

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