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Have any improvements been made to the initialization speed of distributed rendering over the last few years?
Maybe improvements by reading in network textures/files instead of a direct computer to computer transfer. Is there any way to make the initial wait for distributed rendering faster? Using 10GB Lan helps?


Is the interactive rendering resolution always adjusted based on the size of the frame buffer window? I would like to render at half the resolution and then zoom in but still be able to view the entire render.

Thanks but why? It makes no sense to me. So I must manually change everything before each interactive render?

Any Corona developer input on this?

I really want to use XREF proxies but render the full version. I checked the viewport but not the render option for proxies, but it still renders the proxy. is there a solution?

I use xref objects, they have an option to use a proxy in the viewport, but not during render time. But when I enable the proxy objects and only check 'use in viewport' (with 'use in rendering' off) it still renders the proxy, not the full xref object.
This happens during Interactive rendering and not during normal rendering (it works in normal rendering). How can I make corona also render the full xref object instead of the proxy when using 'start Interactive' rendering?

I want to use Xref proxies for my workflow not corona proxies. And this should just work... Is it a bug? 

@mferster Thanks!

But isn't there a way to make it material based instead of light based. I only want to add it to certain metal parts, not every rendered object.

@mferster I tried to replicate it, because the 3dsmax file does not contain the map settings, but it won't work. Do you have a 3dsmax file that does include the map settings too? Thanks!

Is there any improvement made to the rounded corner shader, so it is more usable like Tor Frick Modo techniques?  I have not tested it in Corona 2.0/3.0... I know it's possible because many other renderers do a better job than Corona with rounded corners (especially those on the far side of the object). Has this been improved?

Modo and Blender have better results than Corona, so it must be possible I think:

Is it supposed to work with the 980TI?

I used the manual NVidia install option as explained in the manual of Corona. But that did not resolve the problem for me.

Does anyone know why I can't use the Nvidia realtime denoising?

- I Installed latest NVidia drivers
- Reinstalled Corona 3 RC5 multiple times with installing Nvidia denoising checked.
- Downloaded manual denoising and reinstalled and checked Nvidia denoising.
- Tried on two separate computers both have a 980TI

I still get the error on both machines:

Failed to initialize NVIDIA AI denoiser: Unable to load required DLLs. Please make sure that the the NVIDIA AI denoiser Corona component is correctly installed.
Missing DLL: optix.51.dll

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, that would be great. Could you maybe contact the creators of Ornatrix; Ephere directly? I think they are experts on that :-) I asked the question on their forum too:

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@maru Thanks!

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