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Gallery / Re: Latest work done at Isaac VR
« on: 2017-09-05, 12:41:18 »
ISS spacestation

Gallery / Latest work done at Isaac VR
« on: 2017-09-05, 12:40:21 »
Hey guys,

I've been roaming this forum for a while now and I thought I would share some still images from a few VR products we created here at Isaac VR.
All images are rendered with corona and modified in post with Photoshop and After Effects.

Hey Melviso,

I'm also doing a lot of work with VR could you elaborate on the leads you have found?

Gallery / Re: Workspace
« on: 2017-08-07, 14:13:25 »
Stunning work, amazing lighting. Care to tell us a bit more about the lighting setup?

Gallery / Re: Night Club
« on: 2017-07-06, 12:10:18 »
Very nice and atmospheric images. How did you create the light cones/fog with your spotlights?

Gallery / Re: Jupiter
« on: 2017-07-06, 12:08:17 »
Cool work, I like the composition. Good to see some other work beside all the Archviz stuff.

Gallery / Re: Porsche Turbo S [Full CGI]
« on: 2017-06-21, 11:31:13 »
Absolutely top notch!, at first I thought the background was a photograph...

Gallery / Re: Trump tower
« on: 2017-06-07, 09:43:51 »
Nice one, how did you create the city?

A client of ours used this:

Maybe a bit expensive but it does a great job.

Just a quick update. I fixed the problem by separating the left and right eye and process them apart from each other. Then in comp I join them top bottom and it's done. To correctly add stereo separation you have to add real live trackers to your shot footage or eyeball the sh*t out of it :-), the first being the easier way. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks, I'll see if I can contact him he also lives in The Netherlands :-)

Tried it with two different scenes and it's still not working. Using left and right image for both scenes and matching it in the render (positioning the object so that it sit correct on the table) I got a huge difference in the 360 viewer. Objects on the table were correct, objects on the piano totally wrong...
I'm running out of options here.

Hey Tom,

That is exactly what I have been trying. A render with top and bottom in one image doesn't work because I can't match both top and bottom in one go. I'm trying a setup in which I split left and right (e.g. top bottom) from the original plate and process them separate. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Unfortunately that didn't solve the problem. The issue that I need to fix is that the stereo option in the camera mod duplicates the the complete hdr to the top of the stereo render. So any change made to the complete hdr (e.g. tiling or offsetting) will be copied to the top. Maybe my approach to composting cg into a 360 live action is completely wrong.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Here's a step by step workflow image of the problem I've encountered.

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