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Gallery / Re: white┬┤s first interior tests
« on: 2012-11-13, 20:28:43 »
Second one looks like a modern church. :)

Gallery / Re: A simple room scene
« on: 2012-11-12, 17:44:06 »
I don't understand your problem with displacement but it's probably already been fixed and will be available in new release:,228

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: exterior
« on: 2012-11-12, 13:22:11 »
Search these forums for some answers, most problems have already been solved. It is possible to make realistic glass or plastic material.

It would be good to make some official tutorials database or at least a FAQ.

Gallery / Re: A simple room scene
« on: 2012-11-12, 12:27:48 »
You need to set every bitmap's "blur" parameter in material editor to 0,01 and textures will look ok. I'm not sure about displacement but it's probably because of that, should work fine. I'm also waiting for a new release as it already has lots of improvements.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Core usage
« on: 2012-11-10, 22:22:14 »

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Core usage
« on: 2012-11-10, 21:40:34 »
Ok, I have completely ZERO KNOWLEDGE about processor cores, RAM and utilizing them but it seems like there's something strange going on during "parsing scene" pass.

cores.jpg and cores2.jpg show what's happening during "parsing scene" after hitting F9 in a scene with lots of polys

ok.jpg shows what's happening during path tracing in the same scene with this heavy geometry hidden

If I'm mumbling something without sense, just delete this thread. :)

Gallery / Re: Corona watches
« on: 2012-11-10, 17:20:30 »
In this case I think it's best to use very thin (not single faced) geometry with 1-sided glass material.

In my opinion: leather is too shiny and too bumpy and metal is too smooth and too reflective.

You're right, I will change that (for leather),  but for metal, what do you mean ?
For me, it looks like cheap chinese aluminium. Too smooth and too bright. I would try to make it a bit rough and give it really low glossiness. But I may be wrong!

Gallery / Re: Theatre in Barcelona
« on: 2012-11-10, 17:07:07 »
Makes good impression, but if you look closer there are some ugly areas like those bitmap buildings with strange outlines or noisy areas. Congratulations anyway!

Gallery / Re: new wide angle lens caustics
« on: 2012-11-10, 11:53:09 »
Sweet! This is totally amazing! Great work!
It makes my eyes bleed when I'm trying to decide where is the ground and where is the sky. :)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Cherries falling anim test
« on: 2012-11-10, 11:49:17 »
Nice but you could have moved the camera a bit or flipped the whole bowl to introduce some more action. :)
Or you could have done it in slow motion.

Off-Topic / Re: Funny images/videos
« on: 2012-11-09, 17:18:59 »
inside jokes :D

Off-Topic / Re: Challange
« on: 2012-11-09, 16:22:15 »
Ok, now I get it. :)

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Autosave render output
« on: 2012-11-09, 16:20:09 »
If you ever forget to enable saving rendering output, you can always save from VFB.

Yes, but not all those interval shots made for comparison.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Autosave render output
« on: 2012-11-09, 16:01:22 »
I think it should be enabled because even if for some reason I want it disabled, it doesn't do any harm.
Disabling it by default could lead to not having my saves where I wanted them if I forgot to enable it.
Does it have any performance impact?

Off-Topic / Re: Challange
« on: 2012-11-09, 15:56:54 »
Ok, I'm in but I don't quite get it. Who has to make this scene? What kind of scene? Interior/exterior, character, arch vis, part of animation? Should this scene be simple or complex? What are the goals? To make the scene more attractive, funny, realistic? Could you post that original challenge thread?

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