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[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2022-05-02, 13:12:31 »

As for the clipping material for clean grass edge surfaces... ugh, I don't think this is a great scenario either. When using Corona scatter my previous best option was to use a shelled version of the scatter surface to act as a distance object for the opacity of the grass. This new suggested workflow isn't much of an improvement - I still have to use a separate object. If I edit the scatter surface this breaks the shelled version of it (I know, I know, it can be a referenced instance, but this isn't always clean/possible).

Is there a better workflow I'm unaware of for clean grass edges?

Unfortunately I am not aware of any. We should do something about it. We already have this logged but thank you. :-)

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2022-02-14, 12:53:20 »
Anyway, thanks for your feature ideas. We are taking notes and will of course consider them for future versions.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2022-02-14, 12:51:58 »
Please add a Global Scale for the objects
Hi, what do you mean by global scale? You can scale your original model object and if you turn on Preserve model scale option it gets reflected in your scatter.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter Playground!
« on: 2022-02-14, 10:27:21 »
This one seems like an inherited defect from CoronaScatter. Trackview names are empty for ChaosScatter.

Good Luck

Edit: Sorry, this should rather go to
Hi Frood, done, thanks, this will be resolved in next Scatter daily.
UPDATE: released.

No different algorithms - what the UVWRandomizer allows you to do is apply randomness based on object, instance, polygons, etc. so the same randomization algorithm is involved, just it is triggered to calculate a new random number when you are on a new polygon (that's the new randomization mode). That would not apply to Scatter though.

BTW in what way is the randomization in Scatter "not random enough", that part confuses me - an example of what you get vs what you would have wanted (some sample image from another source, whether that be photo or otherwise) would be handy to know what you mean.

Hi Tom.

Ok. It's not easy to explain, and I hope you don't think I'm crazy for showing this. But, attached I'm sending 3 images done with corona scatter and 3 done with Forest Pack (also a PDF file for comparing, and the Max file).
I changed only the random seed between each option.

In the Corona images there are several groups of 3, while in the forest pack images I found only one.
What I'm trying to say is that I noticed clusters in Corona scatter.
Also it seems to me that Corona doesn't use all colors as many times evenly (in this example few white ones), while Forest pack does. But this may be just my impression.

Edit: The same would go for MultiMap I think.
Hi lupaz,

thanks for your example. The thing is that in our Scatter we are using (or at least trying to use) uniform random distribution during instance generation. :-) In your example you have 8 cube types and 195 instances of them. If I have computed the math correctly for your case (using Markov chains) there is only about 6% probability that there will be NO triplet of same cube types in a row. In other words there is about 94% probability that 3 or more same cube types in a row will appear. Obviously, more instances you create, the latter probability gets increased (195 is already two-degrees larger than 3 and 8).

So from this point of view it is rather Forest Pack that does not behave 'randomly'. It clearly uses some non-uniform distribution. Or you were extremely lucky and hit those 6%, hehe. :-) Anyway, ATM it does not seem to me that our Scatter behaves differently than designed = uniformly. But I get your point and maybe we could offer some other distribution type(s) that might serve certain user scenarios better. I am taking a note for the future. ;-) Thanks.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter Playground!
« on: 2022-01-31, 19:08:35 »
Hi guys!

Any plan to add an Edge Mode for creating clean edges like in Forest Pack pro?
This is super necessary when scattering grass.
Hi, it is on our list.

UVW randomizer and multimap can now use multiple randomization methods at the same time, instead of selecting just a single one. Note: The randomization seed has changed so scenes may render differently than in previous versions

This is great.
Any chance it can be added to scatter? I always felt that the randomization algorithm in Corona Scatter was not random enough.

Disclaimer: I'm not using Corona 8 yet.
Hi, please, what exactly would you like to add?

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter Playground!
« on: 2021-12-09, 14:39:17 »
Thanks ... yeah, clusters are still needed, we know :-)

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2021-12-07, 20:19:09 »
It seems that everything stated works fine, except
  • Limit scattering only inside camera field of view (frustum culling)
I cant find this option, and unfortunately I did not wait for the function of normal orientation of objects scattered along the spline, as in the forest pack which I wrote about several years ago

Stay tuned. Frustum culling (Camera clipping) is WIP and will be added before Corona 8 release.

There is Follow Spline spinner available for 1D spline scattering, do you mean that? Anyway, ideas there are recorded in our internal tracker (thank you). The thing is that ATM we are not focusing on 1D features as other missing features compared to other scatters are more needed.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Chaos Scatter feedback
« on: 2021-12-07, 17:42:04 »
Hi, from the latest Corona Renderer 8 Daily Builds Changelog:
  • Corona Scatter has been deprecated in favor of more advanced and standalone Chaos Scatter. Chaos Scatter is automatically installed alongside Corona. You can find it in Chaos -> ChaosScatter after installing.
  • If possible, Corona Scatter button has been removed from the toolbar because Chaos Scatter now has its own toolbar.
  • Legacy Corona Scatter scenes get automatically converted on scene open, the randomization may change in this case, if you need to maintain the same scattering we advise to open and render the scene in Corona v7.
Download Link:

Please, what do you think? :-) The changes announced recently in our blog post now apply.
  • Slope limiting (no trees growing out of cliffs!)
  • Include/exclude via splines (closed or open)
  • Surface color map (patterns on rugs, etc.)
  • Better viewport display
  • Limit scattering only inside camera field of view (frustum culling)
  • and more

Hi, you can check out the new Chaos Scatter that has been just added to the latest Corona 8 daily build.

Hi, you can check out the new Chaos Scatter that has been just added to the latest Corona 8 daily build.

Hi, you can check out the new Chaos Scatter that has been just added to the latest Corona 8 daily build. It should be able to do that now - there is new Surface Color map under Chaos section in SME for that.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Improved Corona Scatter
« on: 2021-12-07, 17:05:06 »
Hi again, you can check out the new Chaos Scatter that has been just added to the latest Corona 8 daily build.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Improved Corona Scatter
« on: 2021-09-30, 14:54:49 »
Hi guys, we would like to address some of the ideas you have mentioned right in v8, so there will be some progress w.r.t. Corona Scatter soon.

Stay tuned. :-) I would love to hear your feedback on it after it gets out. As for the 'Scatter Pro' initiative - it has not died - this is it.

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