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Hardware / Dual CPU Render Machine
« on: 2023-08-04, 18:24:46 »
Why does it seem Dual CPU EPYC machines don't work well with Corona. Or any dual CPU system for that matter. I was looking at some render machines for animation.  Seems Dual 128 Core EPYC systems would be the way to go but even Corona Benchmark shows dual EPYC 9654 not doing much better than 1 64 core Threadripper.

Hardware / Which Monitor is best?
« on: 2023-07-01, 01:42:41 »
I've been looking at new monitor for one of he main systems.  We have a few Dell U3415W monitors, and they had good color accuracy and worked well.  I was looking at ordering either a Dell U4924DW or the Samsung Odyssey Ark.  The Ark is a VA panel though and not sure how accurate the colors will be vs the Dell.  It is nice and big and has great HDR though. The Dell might be a better option because it will probably match the other monitors in the studio better, and it's IPS.  What do you think? Is 4k still an issue? We had know issues with our 1440p Dell Screens.

The new V-Ray 6 features are incredible!  Is Corona getting these features? I've been asking for a geopattern like tool, looks like vray is getting it now.

I hope now that V8 is out and development on v9 will begin we can finally get Geopattern-like tool & Parallax Bump.  Both are features we can not live without anymore after using them with Fstorm.  Geopattern has replaced a lot of scattering and even displacement mapping objects, and Parallax bump has replaced bump and normal mapping and almost most cases all displacement mapping even in some closeups.  I hope Corona Dev's take a serious look at these two features now.

[Max] General Discussion / Corona Bitmap Mapping Missing?
« on: 2022-02-12, 17:01:28 »

I've been away from corona for a while and just came back and installed version 7.  This might be a stupid question, but Corona Bitmap seems to be missing the mapping options for Texture, Explicit, Vertex, Planar from object, Planar from World?  Was it moved? I attached a screen shot.

I've been using the Fstorm GeoPattern, and I can not live without it now.  It's insane the amount of useful situations this pattern maker can be used for.  Completely changed the way I do things.  I see it's on the list of things to do, but is this being pushed more? I feel like this is one of the most powerful features anyone could use.

General CG Discussion / Vray Quality
« on: 2021-10-30, 19:58:54 »
I just wanted to have a conversation on Vrays Quality vs say Corona or Fstorm.  Every time I see a render with Vray now I can tell it's a Vray render and looks, well like CGI.  Other renderers like Corona look way more realistic.  Now I know Vray does some amazing realistic rendering for Movies, but I'm talking Archviz.  I'm not sure if it's the GI or the Tone mapping but I recently tried Vray and it was not even close to as realistic as Corona. There translucency for leaves and such I find terribly fake compared to Corona, you also seem to loose a lot of reflection with it.  Not to mention it crashed a lot.  Another thing, I see everywhere that Vray is much faster to render especially for animations.  I have the opposite conclusion, Corona always seemed to render faster and cleaner. I'm just surprised since Chaos Group owns both, I'm sure they test scenes against each other and see the results? Just thought it would be a interesting conversation.

I use Batch Render all the time for multiple camera animations.  But I never used Export to .Bat in batch render.  Is there any benefit to it? Does it save memory or render faster, just wanted to hear peoples experience with it.

[Max] I need help! / Rendering people into an animation
« on: 2021-04-11, 00:36:22 »
I have an animation we are going to render, the client is not sure if they want people in the shot.  Is there a way to render the animation, then later render just the people for in that animation but still get there reflections and shadows on the surrounding objects? Sounds like something shadow catcher is for, but not sure how to get there exact reflections on the objects in the scene with certain reflective surfaces, or people behind refractive surfaces?

Off-Topic / 3dsmax Geforce vs Quadro Multi Viewport Speed
« on: 2021-02-09, 21:42:22 »
Hi I know there are a ton of Geforce vs Quadro threads, information, even benchmarks. This is more specific question.  Usually all the benchmarks are one viewport benchmarked with different cards.  But who works that way... Usually you are using 4 viewports at once.  So my question is for using 4 or multi viewports at once. My viewports get quite sluggish with big scenes. Of course in max reducing the 4 viewports down to 1 helps speed a lot but who works that way.  You can also move the scenes out of the way for each viewport until you need that viewport to help speed.  But I noticed a while back using a Quadro that it seemed smoother when using all 4 viewports at once.  I do not have any Quadros anymore to test. Has anyone noticed that or can confirm that?  Also with Forest pro, has anyone noticed Quadros performing better?  I know it's mostly down to drivers.  I use a 2080ti right now with Geforce drivers, not the studio ones.  Just wondering if there is a noticeable speed improvement with Quadro in these areas that I mostly work. I was going to upgrade to a RTX 3090, but you know how that story goes right now.

Here are good benchmarks, but not what I'm asking.  I'm asking if they do better with multi-viewports, muti-tasks at once.

[Max] I need help! / Labels On Glass Issues
« on: 2021-01-27, 07:43:21 »

I have a vehicle I am rendering that has labels that need to go onto it's windows.  I did this by using CoronaLayeredMTL. Base layer is glass, other layers are labels that pair up with UVW Map modifier with different Map Channels.  I noticed it doesn't work if I use CoronaBitmap node with the b&w alpha channels for the masks.  If I use 3dsmax bitmap it works just fine.  But I also notice it darkens the panes of glass that have labels on them. I couldn't figure out why only the glass panes with labels were now darker.  Then I finally found that if you have "Thin (no refraction)" on like I always had it darkens the glass with labels. Turn "Thin (no refraction)" off and the panes with labels now render exactly like the ones without.  Of course now my renders take way longer with "Thin (no refraction)" off.  What is going on here? is this a bug?

[Max] I need help! / UHD Cache vs 4K Cache
« on: 2020-12-08, 16:42:20 »
I usually always use UHD Cache for all renders in corona, but this new animation I am rendering which is a clubhouse with exteriors and interiors seem to be so slow.  The exteriors render fast so far, the interiors take a long time to calculate the UHD Cache.  Never had it take this long before. I even merged the scene into a new one thinking maybe their was an issue with the scene. I changed to 4K Cache and it calculates GI way faster.  I guess I can stick to 4K Cache, but is there any known issues with rendering an animation with it?  I'm just worried since I guess it's still testing since it's not default solution?

I'm using corona 6, not the hotfix ones because I thought I read in another thread there was a bug introduced.

[Max] Feature Requests / Light Lister Grouping
« on: 2020-11-16, 20:43:21 »
Am I doing something wrong cause my Light Lister shows all lights in a scene instead of grouping instanced lights together.  I have a TON of lights in this animation and Light Lister looks crazy with all the lights listed and hard to work with.  It also doesn't seem to list the sun which is a light?

[Max] I need help! / Glass with Liquid
« on: 2020-11-13, 21:32:06 »
I can't believe I'm having problems with this, I think I've done it a million times. But I have a glass with liquid and it looks good for it's purpose, but when I attach the liquid to the glass ( poly > Attach) the liquid disappears.  I can't believe I'm having issues with something so simple.  Liquid in Glass is slightly larger to move into the glass itself.

[Max] I need help! / CoronaUvwRandomizer SLOW renders!
« on: 2020-11-08, 01:17:02 »
We are working on an animation right now of a Clubhouse, exteriors and interiors.  Render times where getting long, couldn't understand why.  I started in on a new room, locker room, and only added one texture so far.  The wood texture for the lockers, and off-set the texture U & V using CoronaUvwRandomizer node.  Works like a charm but render times where 8 minutes a frame.  I then realized all renders where taking long due to the CoronaUvwRandomizer nodes we are using.  I removed the CoronaUvwRandomizer from the shader then the render time went from 8min down to 1.5min.  Is this normal for the CoronaUvwRandomizer to take so much longer to render?

Windows 10 Pro
3dsmax 2020
Corona 6 Final

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