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Here are some overclocks.  One at 6400MHZ RAM and also set temp max to 80c and pulling a 39k, but I would get a loud continuous beep from the motherboard. I then set from Expo I (DOCP I) to Manual and set just the RAM back to 4800MHZ and also set temp max to 70c and I get no continuous beep anymore and pull a 38k.  You can really hear the VRM fans ramping up. Not sure what the Beep is telling me, I'm not all that great at overclocking to be honest... never really overclocked before with my previous systems because there wasn't much to gain, but with the new 7000 series there are some really good gains. Not sure where I feel safe with the Temps yet, I know you just don't want to go over 95C. But for continuous rendering I don't want to be close to that either.

It's the same ultimately, like setting a pass or time limit for rendering :- ) Temp limit sounds nice on paper, but could be quite fluctuating. Watt limit should still adhere to temp limit since that's hardcoded into the firmware (otherwise our PCs would burn).

10perc. rendering improvement for 2X the power draw and massive temp spike might not be worth it though. Looks like the 350W was quite smartly chosen. Thank you for testing it out though :- ).

Nice build, looks like worthy investment.
Thanks, I'll give it another try soon. See where it gets me and I'll post some benchmarks and temps. Even 10 percent is kind of worth it if temps are good for long animation renderings. I will be building another 7980x system soon also, decided 2 of them is a better investment compared to one 7995wx.

700Watts at 95C degree is not bad at all with just AIO cooler :- ). So what performance did you gain?
You can try 600Watts manual limit.
I tried it real quick for like half the benchmark, but didn't let the full benchmark finish since the motherboard was beeping like hell at me.  Corona was reporting around a 37k. There is a temp limit I can set in overclocking, not sure if I should go that route or try by wattage like you say.

I did a OC on the 7980x today. Used Expo I which is equal to DOCP I it seems. Don't know if I like the temps though...

Here you go

@dfcorona may I ask what the all core turbo is when running say the Corona 10 benchmark for example?
The system is busy rendering right now, but once it's done I'll run it and post the results.

Oh I never cared for specific number. Laptops run for 105C for last decade and they do ("mostly") fine. At worst, you will shorten their lifespan from two decades to single decade..

With desktops, it's mostly about using the temps to gauge potential for additional performance (or silence).

But temps in fifties.. that's a bit miraculous :- ) 3990X/5990WX can run in 60s for simple multi-threaded tasks (like Corona rendering when not doing denoising or other demanding tasks). But mid-50s?
Maybe really good silicon lottery, or good room ambient (my room very quickly gets into 25C... even with all heating turned off and windows open in middle of December).

So the 7980X perhaps is really good chip in this regard and may easily eat lot more than stock 350.

But then the general temps I see on Reddit are quite bit worse in general compared to 3xxx and 5xxx series, which would make sense for Zen4 chips.

Threadripper and AMD in general always had issues with reporting accurate measurements with all the Tctl/Tdie and Offsets being taken into account differently by different applications. Ryzen Master vs HWiNfo vs HWMonitor, etc.
My experience is that most people do not setup good airflow and don't choose better cooling options.  I was always big on cooling, and my systems always ran cooler than most I have seen.

Checked the 7970X temps, yeah that's not doing well. So putting that idea on ice.

Threadripper with 8-dies like the 64/96C is more reasonable choice. Your reported temps still seems fairly weird, I haven't see anyone report anything that low. How are you reading/measuring these?

I know the CPU overclock is really where I'm going to see the performance boost, and probably looking at 20% increase in Corona.

Yes I feel 7980x is much more snappy! I haven't tried with Corona yet, only the Benchmark. Yeah transferring with Star Link will take some time. 7000 series would probably be better for mobile than 3990x since it can be cooled better.

Just pulled the G.Skill 128GB kit out and replaced with 192GB kit.  BIOS is set only at defaults, ram is only running at 4800.  Even with that the system is fast, 34k with Corona.  Once I set ram to 6400 and OC I can't wait to see the performance boost.  I'm expecting 2x 3990x. But the 7980x machine is finishing out a job right now.

I would go just go with 7980x if you can, plus I think it cools better.

Once I get time to Benchmark the 3990x vs the 7980x I'll post some results.

Not yet, hate that you loose warranty and they can tell but I'll probably still do it. I think I can get another 20% performance without going to crazy. Right now I'm getting 34k on Corona benchmark and temps are mid 50's.

Dang, only mid 50s full load? That's beyond impressive :)

Yeah that OC fuse is a rather interesting addition to things. According to a statement from AMD they will respect the warranty IF it did not die from OCing (regardless of the fuse) - but how they'll figure that out I do not know :)
yeah rendering on Corona benchmark I was pulling 34k at 54.4 temp.

Not yet, hate that you loose warranty and they can tell but I'll probably still do it. I think I can get another 20% performance without going to crazy. Right now I'm getting 34k on Corona benchmark and temps are mid 50's.

I've run the Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 on my 3990x and it is a great if not the best air cooler for it. I ran it with upgraded fans for better cooling. I then switched to the Silverstone IceGem 360 with upgraded fans, runs even better. I'm running the Silverstone IceGem 360 now on 2 3990x workstations and one 7980x workstation.

Zeta R5 Neo
DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39-102 1.40V
192GB (4x48GB)

You cannot get the 192GB kit anywhere! ugh... Going to have to go with 128GB

Damn, I need to update my RDIMM knowledge before I confuse people :- ) Super sorry about this.
Anyway, looks like Threadrippers 7xxx even non-pro require RDIMM memory, so for G.Skill, that would be their Zeta R-series, not the Z5 series.

And yup, that's the

1600 USD you quoted above, uff.

You can always go for generic stuff like (1000 USD for 256GB DDR5 RDIMM 5600)
But I would probably buy the G.Skill for those Samsung ICs if I was building state-of-art workstation.
Good catch on the RDIMM, I myself didn't look that far into it. I would definitely go for the G.Skill then.

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