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yes tilepro is available for r2024,

it works with any corona version, i use it with 12 daily atm

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D 2024.4 Particles
« on: 2024-04-28, 18:20:58 »
as far i understandusing the maxon cloner instead of the special RS object IS actually the  by maxon recommended and equivalent way to use particles for all 3rd party engines. Also Octane etc seem to use it that way.

Do you see any drawbacks on it in tests?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Multishader multipass masks?
« on: 2024-04-22, 11:25:07 »
a multi material woudl be really great. similar tot he multi shader, or layered material. where one can add materials and use them similar as the multishader (assignment by different random or cpntroled menthods)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D 2024.4 Particles
« on: 2024-04-15, 19:39:17 »
i think you can use a c4d cloner as source i read (instead of the RS opearator thing) then they shouldbe kind of multi instances.
havent yet time to test this myself though, but somebody recommedned that for non RS use on reddit i think

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Gobo Lights
« on: 2024-04-11, 15:22:05 »
in this Masterclass video he uses max native lights for gobos, also no corona lights. (so is similar as using c4d lights).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: wire shader angle restriction
« on: 2024-04-10, 10:45:06 »
"We need phong restriction for wireshader, AO and curvature shader."


sounds like great plugin, just bought it, thanks John!

Ben, this is just a bitmap mirroring, this is NOT what the seamless mode does. what you show is something completely different. the Q was not about mirroring a bitmap i think.

the seamless mode does some different, you can try it with a c4d bitmap then it should be clear fast. it is indeed a useful mapping feature from c4d.

in case on a side note: our tile pro plugin can do this all and a lot more:) it renders native in corona too.
(you can PM my in case for more info)

this seems just a simple mirrir mapping,

c4d mirrored tiling, what he means in c4dm, is some completely other feature, it iterates normal and mirrored to make a kind f automatic seamless mapping

yes, here same.

my guess, or one thing at least are search paths, maybe something in Corona at start collides with thew new c4d "speed up asset search" at the beginning of opening a scene.

when rendering the search paths work fine and reasonable fast, but on first load on machines with many cores i think some collides with new r2024 features.
i started to turn search paths off, load scene and then turn them on again. this solves it often.
a killer are also 3rd party materials(c4d, rs, vray) or shaders (vray bitmap somewhere hidden)

i try to give you one, i have to ask for permission first. the problem is is opens on one pc (dual xeon) but not the other 3070 threadripper. both same c4d, same search paths.

the same scene open sin few seconds on 2023 on same threadripper, so it must be some with corona and R2024.
my guess ti is related to shaders or materials, or missing textures(which happens in fast production scenes but normally doesnt matter).

any news on the slow / not loading of scenes?

this is quite a problem, on my main render server many scenes not or only very slow load (even if i delete all non corona materials).
pls try to fix that soon


i must say i have the same now on one PC, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X , c4d r2024.2.
 i had to revert back to january daily, feb and march build didnt open the file, i tried to let it open for more than 25min, but it seems to hang forever at 100% loading

and also manually remove chaos scatter februar version and use the one from january.
maybe that hints to something that it might be related t5o chaos scatter? (only reverting Corona itself didnt help)

EDIT: i found that it might be related to some c4d and or vray 6 materials i had in the scenes that didnt open. i still think this should not prevent the file to open in older version this was no issue. once i removed all vray and also all c4d materials the files open fast

"- it would be useful to have a command in tab/list format to replace assets like in 3dsmax (much faster) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?"


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