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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Optical Zoom
« on: 2024-06-14, 16:55:57 »
This was already requested before, but I made sure we have it properly reported.

(Report ID=CMAX-1078)

Hi, did you have any success here?

Some ideas for improving this are also logged in our systems at (Report ID=CMAX-1077) .

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Render Resolution per Camera
« on: 2024-06-14, 15:35:37 »
Internal thingies: (Report ID=CMAX-1076)

Hey guys, really appriciate your hard work !
Really excited to see the new version and the support for Vantage.
Unfortunately, this is the result after exporting to Vantage (attached the vantage result and the corona result)

Fabrics tured out weird and floor turned out black.
Some textured got rotated like Diffuse and Bump of the same texture.

Is there a way to make the changes in Live? or its only "offline" vantage?

Thank you !

Hi, we are interested in investigating cases like this to improve the Vantage export. Could you please contact us here by submitting a support ticket and attach your problematic scene? (with all assets using the File > Archive option):
Thank you in advance!

This has to be an issue with that specific NAS model (hardware, software, drivers, maybe some kind of protection or a setting). We received 2 support tickets from 2 different users with exactly the same problem. The only workaround for now is not using Corona Bitmaps.

If it happens to anyone else - please contact us at and attach a minidump generated during the crash/freeze. It is possible to capture minidumps during freezes, not only in case of crashes. Here is how to do it (see points 1 and 2):

Hey guys, I saved this thread to reply in it once we have improved the 3ds Max color management support in Corona and I guess the time has come.

The "custom config" option is now supported - please try it.

There is no need to use the gamma string option hack any more since you can apply LUTs in linear space or use the gamma operator (or just use neither if you can do without LUTs).

Rendering Color Space > Color Space is not fully supported, though. It only works with sRGB, WideRGB, ACEScg.

Since Corona Image Editor was mentioned here, please note that reproducing in CIE identical results as the ones you see in 3ds Max with the OCIO color management mode is in most cases impossible, because we would need to transfer 3ds Max color management system to CIE (which is either undoable or would be a huge effort). We are working on some articles explaining this.

So let us know if the newest daily lets you achieve what you are after, or at least brings you closer to achieving it:

This is a known issue. I will make sure it is reported.
The workaround is to add a:
- CShading_Beeauty render element with "apply bloom" and "apply glare" disabled
- CShading_BloomGlare render element. It will render bloom and glare against a black background.
You can then compose this on top of your original bloom-and-glare-less render.

Hi Maru
Im enjoying the newest VFB, could we have an upscaling above 1.0?
Both the old and new VFB support upscaling above 1.0. (see screenshot) Could you explain what exactly you mean?

Sometimes its very handy to upscale resolution, using a "real zoom" like in Vray from the VFB would be very nice too, im not very used to use the 2d Pan Zoom Mode especially if I want to analize the materials in detail.
We can look into it, but for now using the 3ds Max 2D Pan Zoom Mode is the solution.

In the newest Corona 12 daily build you can set a custom IR resolution and then zoom out. I guess that should work as good as "upscaling below 1". :)

Good call!
@wmiler please try the following:
- open any existing scene, or even an empty scene where you are able to reproduce the crash
- go to Render Setup > Performance
- disable "Automated out-of-core textures" checkbox at the top
- save the scene
- open the scene again
- check if it still crashes or not

I have left a note in the support ticket. I suggest we continue over there. Of course, when there will be some important information to share (e.g. the solution), sharing it on the forum is a good idea.

Interesting, we will try to reproduce it ASAP.

Meanwhile, could you try a setup with a rayswitch map instead? (attached)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Flicking Lighting
« on: 2024-06-04, 15:46:44 »
How many passes are you rendering here? My thinking is that maybe the base image quality is not good enough for the denoiser to make the final result flicker-free. Does it also flicker with denoising disabled? You could also try with the Intel denoiser - it is surprisingly "stable".

If it renders without flickering when using path tracing only, that would mean that the problem is with the UHD Cache.
In a case like this, I would probably try saving the cache from a single frame and re-using that single cache for all frames (since almost nothing is moving).
If that fails, I would try with Load+Append.

You can also try switching to 4K Cache and rendering a few frames - perhaps in this case it will perform better.

Lastly, maybe there is some issue in the scene itself. For example, z-fighting or a light reflecting off something extremely shiny. You can submit a new ticket here and attach your scene:

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