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[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona or C4D Issue?
« on: Yesterday at 08:30:48 »
Thanks for the idea, but alas, same result. It just won't lose that "maps\" bit. No matter where the maps are located or how many times I relink, it just won't actually link. I don't get it. Never had this problem before.

Had this issue a long time ago, can't remember if the following was the way to solve it but usually if there is a bug in the Project Asset Inspector, the texture manager in the Project Info settings should work to relink the files. But you can only do one file at a time.

Hi Benji,

Yes I'm using that, and it's precisely the issue. I would like that the tonemapping settings could work as in the previous versions.
I set my tonemapping settings in the parent Render Settings, and the settings should "trickle down" to the children Render Settings. It's the native C4D way to manage render settings, I use it for every other RS ( Render stop conditions, denoiser settings, etc ) and the new Tonemapping stack broke it.

Right now I have to do the following :

• set the tonemapping
• save the settings in a postprocess file
• reload it for every individual render settings ( so one for each image format in the project )
• and redo it everytime I have changed the tonemapping, if I'm looking for consistency between images ( very often but not always )

So instead having one place to manage this, I have to jump through hoops to do the same thing as before.

Right now the "best" workaround is to use the Camera tag instead : I usually do the postprocessing in the VFB, and then use the "copy render settings" button in the Corona Camera tag, and then copy/paste the tag to every camera. But again, it is quite a step backward compared to the previous version.

Also one more thing, the tonemapping settings in the Camera Tag and in the Render Settings lack the Save/Load command available in the VFB ;)


Camera Tag

Render Settings

Hi Benji,

I have tried for 15 minutes to reproduce the issue on purpose but without success. This happens mainly when I do several renderings during the night in a row, with the Takes module and render tokens on the output path, but it's not limited to this particular setup. Note that when I get the chance to see it happening live, the passes are missing in C4D Picture Viewer too ( only beauty is available ) but not in the Corona VFB. So it's a niche case where these passes are not properly sent to C4D render buffer.

Bump, this issue is still in the latest daily. I have 8 overnight renders messed up, the passes are missing in the multi-layers EXR files.

Bump ! This issue is still in the latest daily.


It's a welcome addition ! But would it be possible to have a proper texture channel inside the Light settings like in 3dsMax ? With a texture in a material, you have to duplicate the light AND the material and reapply the new material each time you want to change a different textured light. It's quite cumbersome when doing lookdev / lighting with textured lights.

Thanks !

Can confirm, I had the issue today with Corona v9. In fact I had the two results, one scene where it worked and the other one it failed to change the active take. In the latter the marked takes were the children of a parent take, which itself is parented to the Main take. I don't have the time to dig further but it could be related to this.

What is exactly what you're looking for?
Could you explain your workflow a little more so we can understand better what you mean by "the native C4D settings inheritance doesn't work anymore"?

Hi Benjamin,

I want that Corona follows the native behavior of C4D render settings like the versions before the tonemapping stack was introduced.

If I modify a setting in the parent, the children should inherit the new value.

Here is a demo of the current behavior with a dummy scene :

Like I wrote, it is the only setting where inheritance doesn't work, and it should work. I usually change Corona settings in the parent RS and use children to output various image format, as well as multiple output paths. This feature is quite useful to easily handle different rendering scenarios i.e. separate Corona settings from image dimensions or output settings etc. Used in combination with render tokens and takes it makes a powerful render management system without the need of a specific software or plugin.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: Object preview in asset browser
« on: 2023-02-04, 16:32:09 »

The bug is still here in the latest daillybuild (Version • 10 (Daily Build Jan 23 2023)).

The model is the same in both objects. only the left one have Corona materials applied. So it seems indeed related to Corona. Can you fix it ?

Hi Beck,

I have this issue too, it is here since Corona 9. There is a workaround, you have to set the C4D Picture Viewer as the default Framebuffer in Corona settings, like this :

Hi, Speaking of speculation ;) ''There are a number of things C4D users have asked for again and again over the years that just got forgotten/ ignored.'' - This is not the case at all. There are limitations to how much of the API we can access. So if something hasn't been implemented after it has been requested, please consider something other than ''forgotten/ignored''. ;)

Come on Bengamin, you can't say that when some of the bugs are known for years and are still not fixed.

- Like the random bump behavior with Layered / Triplanar / Noise shaders
- or the motion blur issue with render instances
- or the anisotropy mapping
- or the many issues the Shared shader has
- or the way the Layered Material is handled in the Asset Browser ( introduced in S24, but I don't know if the API was available. Works flawlessly in Octane though )
- or the IPR less responsive than on 3dsMax ?

And the API ? Let's talk about the Corona UVW Randomizer which still doesn't support the Corona Bitmap ? And the Override UVW which does nothing ? Even the Corona shaders are not working properly.

I understand that development is hard and you can only do so much in the amount of time you have between two releases, we all understand that bugs are to be expected and it's part of software development, but come on, relying on workaround for years is really what is expected from your customers ? I think many of us would appreciate to have the basics work flawlessly before implementing fancy features like Chaos Scans.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Refresh Button?
« on: 2022-12-17, 21:08:36 »
Also - what about the PICK button?

Pick allow you to select the object under the cursor or adjust the focus target. You have to enable Pick and right click to use it. Look for the context menu, it has a tendency to pop outside of the VFB window.

For refresh I don't know, never used it and from a quick test it doesn't seem to have any effect ?

Hi Tom, thanks for answering so quickly

duplicated nodes from Corona Shared shader - afaik this no longer happens. If there is a workflow that makes it happen still, does it have a ticket or a thread on the forum about it?

It is still here. For example import "Fabric Cotton" from the Corona Material Library and drop it into the Node Editor. Happens also randomly with my own materials, usually when copy pasting materials between scenes. Unfortunaterly it's hard to track.

Also the Corona Shared shader leads to another limitation I've discovered today which is happening when you transform a shared C4D Bitmap to a Corona Bitmap. The bitmap path is lost during the "conversion" and you have to relink the nodes. Example below.

Motion blur - what does Max do that C4D does not here? Remember that Max has limitations on what can be moblurred too. Just wanting to know the specifics of any particular complaint, thanks!

Motion blur doesn't work with Render Instances, it was reported again last week, it's on the Trello board for 3 years. It works with instances but it's not a real workaround since C4D "Instance" mode eats as much memory as if it was a regular object.

UVW Support, can you be specific again? Just wondering, since Max and C4D handle UVs very differently, and not sure if the problem you are running into is a Corona one, or a C4D one.

Corona Bitmap's Override UVW parameter is a nice addition to overcome the way UVs are handled in C4D ( poorly yes ) , unfortunately it doesn't work at all. In the same way, the UVW channel setting for Anisotropy Orientation doesn't work.
( Request #63528 )

As for paying the same price, well there are things done for C4D that are not done for Max, the Node Material Editor, support for totally different hardware in the form of Macs (with several different types of those now), and other things that C4D gets/needs that Max does not.

Fair enough, I hadn't thought about that and the Apple Silicon support is really nice since I guess it was not an easy thing to tackle.

It's way better with the Corona Bitmap shader ( default shader settings, haven't touched the bump strength )

Unfortunately not a solution in some cases like on a wooden floor where a Corona UVW Randomizer shader is used. I had forgotten that Corona Bitmap and UVW Randomizer don't work together. Time for a rant !

Could you guys please fix once and for all all these inconsistencies in the C4D plugin ? Triplanar and Layer in Bump channel, proper UVW support, proper render instances support, motion blur, duplicated nodes from Corona Shared shader and the list goes on.
Some are known for YEARS, and are sometimes even reported by several users on the forum in the span of a few years, and it doesn't get better with each new version, still we are asked to pay the same price as the Max guys. I would gladly trade new features for a bug-free Corona 10 ( heck, some are not even bug but rather non-working features / settings ).

I don't know if it is considered as a bug but this annoying behavior is still here yes.


It's way better with the Corona Bitmap shader ( default shader settings, haven't touched the bump strength )

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