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Hi Nazar,

Terribly sorry! I guess I need to address my request to V-Ray Team, because it doesn't work Corona=>V-Ray direction (additionally the radius of the disk light is considered as a diameter and decreases by 2 times after the conversion)

Thank you for your answer!


Hi Romullus,
I guess it would be the only way


We used to successfully use that conversion following Ondra's solution from this topic:

However, new Corona exports scene with geometry in ".cbg" format which is not readable by Corona Proxy

Is there any alternative to it?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas everyone!

Corona and Vray lights behave differently with the same directionality value
Would it be possible to use some ratio (if any) to change the value but to keep the consistency of the directionality after the conversion?
Thank you!

Hi Maru!


Mostly we work on hospitality projects and most of the views are the restaurants/ballrooms with heavy colour carpets, strong spotlights, mirror walls, etc.
The wallpapers and painted ceilings definitely should have the reflection in their materials

I created the typical environment for you in Corona and it's copy converted in Vray to compare

Hope it will help )

Hi Avi,

Thank you for your reply.

Do you consider this behaviour as a bug and should we wait for fix?

Hi Avi,
Thank you for your reply and the video
Similar ways were already discussed in this topic before with romullus and that was not the solution for me. So I had to render the interior twice with following post work

And that brought me to the question that I am addressing to Corona Team.
Is it the correct behaviour of the CoronaRaySwitch material?

Again, VRayOverrideMtl works as predicted without interfering the elements

Looking forward for your explanation

Thank you maru!

Looking forward for fix or feasible workaround of my problem with explanation of this behaviour


Unfortunately, I have the wall mirrors and glass cabinets reflecting the carpet.

Anyway, for now I will use the suggested solution from you with double rendering. Thank you!

But my main question, is it a bug or intended behaviour? In my opinion, Reflection slot shouldn't affect the GI, similar to VRayOverrideMtl

Hope it will be fixed

I have the living room with the heavy red colour carpet in it. Obviously, I can't have the ceiling and the walls without reflection
I don't mind to see the red colour in CESSENTIAL_Reflect RE but please not in Indirect one.

If it's not a bug, how can I overcome it keeping the reflection and not rendering twice?
Or is it a bug? Because V-Ray behaves the predicted way

The image was showing CESSENTIAL_Indirect RE

Disabling the reflection is definitely not the right solution for me. But even with disabled reflection of sphere the CESSENTIAL_Indirect RE looks wrong. Please have the updated render with IOR=1.0 and test scene attached


The subject and the attached image should be self-explanatory
Is there any way to avoid it?


Sometimes the resetting Corona (switching to Scanline render and back) helps

[Max] I need help! / Re: Strange artifacts on mirror
« on: 2021-10-25, 06:04:41 »
Double face?

That will work as well. Thanks!

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