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The shutter settings are blanked out for me in the RC1 build. I can't adjust the shutter speed.
Is anyone else experiencing this? or am I missing something?

Please enable motion-blur controls first.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1397)

This is something I wondered a while back. I get the logic of not allowing the user to control shutter speed stuff unless MB is enabled, but in the scenario where you're trying to match a backplate perfectly by inputting the real values from the photo/video footage, where the shutterspeed is just as important info as aperture and lens width etc. then it would be nice to be able to use those values without actually enabling the MB visual result.

Hmm. Yes that's interesting. Who knows though - might just be cross-related issues. I wonder if 2022.0 or 2022.1 or 2022.2 is the issue itself. We increased the maxscript warning limit value thing and added 3dsmax.exe to the FTH exclusion list, but that might just be masking the issue(s) rather than fixing it.

Alex, did you manage to fix this in a more or less permanent way? We are having similar issues with max 2020 on one of our workstations even after trying the FTH thing Maru links to (connecter is used, but not pulze).

This issue for us seemed to be entirely down to that old version of Pulze, which is now fixed. Don't think we've come across it since.

Hi Alex,

Could you please shoot us a message over at so we can investigate this further? Thanks in advance :)

Sure, done.

Cheers Frood.

If I had to take a guess, it would be that the browser is being launched as admin, which blocks mapped network drives.

Thanks Frood, although for us that won't be ideal, as we use the proper mapped network drive for all asset management. Having UNC path has given us trouble in the past for various things. I hope the team can enable that in the browser.


Actually - that settings page is not allowing me to access our mapped network drives, so that'd need fixing. Can I manually edit a config file for now?

Just thinking about the installer - in an ideal world you could set the network location for assets in the main Corona Installer, the same way that current Chaos products allow you e.g. vray/phoenix. Then you can be sure it's working fine from the start.


Ah very cool, that's great. I would maybe then suggest that this pops up the first time a user launches the browser?

It does - cheers! Pretty cool to have this asset library and it has a lot of potential.

My first comment on this is that it looks like all the assets and management of it are downloading locally to the workstation, rather than being controllable as a centralised storage e.g. server/NAS. Is that possible or are there plans to do it? It's pretty essential, as all the maps etc. that come with a model would need to be pushed to centralised storage in order for anything to work on anyone's renderfarm etc.


Hey maybe I'm having a senior moment but how do I get access to the Chaos Cosmos assets? It seems to tell me I need to sign up, but we already own all the products in the set. Can't seem to find an actual asset library page to start downloading stuff from. Or is there a browser built into the latest v8 daily somewhere?


Edit: twas in the custom installer section.... carry on!

Hi folks,

We are looking for a full-time Middleweight artist to join our growing team of passionate, skilled artists in-house here in our London studio. Salary £35-45k/yr, full-time in-house position (this is not a remote work or freelance position).

If you have the right to work in the UK and solid middleweight industry experience (approx. 3+ years) working with 3ds max, Corona, Adobe suite, CAD, ideally a working knowledge of photography and real-time/Unreal experience is a significant advantage, please email with your portfolio/link and CV.


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Caustics playground!
« on: 2022-01-07, 09:42:54 »
These look really useful! Nice work guys. Will hopefully get a chance to test a DB soon to give these a go.


I have to say, it's truly pathetic how little the Deadline devs seem to care about issues their customers bring to their attention. I can't even remember how many weeks and months it's been since a bunch of us raised the issue with them and their lacklustre response on their support forum says it all. I even went through their official support channels first (of course) but received zero reply. You're forced to buy some kind of super premium extra AWS support yadayada which is no doubt a waste of money. It shouldn't take two devs speaking to eachother to get something like this looked at, although obviously we're really grateful to Corona devs for pushing them! It just shouldn't be necessary. This is why we jumped to Pulze. But Deadline offers so much more that we miss... so... what can you do.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Caustics playground!
« on: 2021-12-10, 11:00:30 »
That is very impressive although it's a super duper simple scene. I'd love to see it applied to a complex scene.

Hey Maru,

Good to know you guys are on the case. I would point you to the link in my original 1st post here in this thread, which links to the Thinkbox forums, as it goes into detail about specific errors and pointers to the issue, not just from me/RS but from other people/studios.


Is this an issue caused by Corona therefore, rather than Deadline? Wondering who's responsibility it lies with to fix.

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