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Hello Dev team,
its been a long long long time never reach this forum since i got moved to another division years ago. Anyway I dont know if it is a duplicate, but as the title said do you plan to add curve control for color spread in Corona AO texture. there was some chance that i really need to have it a lot darker on the start point and fade away / thinner a lot on the end point. It looks like the default setting is just linear.

Or, if somebody here already trough this and got another workaround then please let me know. thanks.


i experienced some heavy lags in my 3ds max these few days. then in task manager i found a powershell process is using almost 100% cpu.
i assumed that is a malware thing. antivirus scan gaves some results but nothing to do with that powershell process.
kill it in task manager makes my max running smooth again, but still run again on each windows session.

i'm not sure what is that thing and what does that script actually do
do you guys have some similar experience like this? please help


win7 SP1
max 2018.4

as the title said, max crash immediately after merge rendersetting while IR running via file>import>merge.
i remember this is already solved a while ago dont remember when but it comes again somehow.

attached minidump file

[Max] Bug Reporting / weird bump with nvidia denoiser.
« on: 2019-05-24, 08:48:06 »
max 2018.4
corona dailybuild 2019-05-22

i got a weird bump with nvidia denoiser, some areas looks blurry.
- it happens with coronaBitmap and max bitmap, but not with procedural maps.
- add bumpConverter helps a bit. but still looks incorrect.
- IR without denoiser works at it should.
check attached files.

by the way i remember someone here did post similar thing with white cloth object but i cant find the thread.

win 7 SP1
max 18.4

in coronaVFB spinner, unable to edit value (keyboard input) after select value and release click at the outside of vfb.
but this issue doesnt occur in CIE.

max 2018
win 7 sp1
dailybuild may 10 2019

my rendersetup misses 90% of its content when opened while rendering. check attached screen recording.

if we cannot get corona triplanar in viewport due to directX things, then is it possible to get corona multimap and UVWrandomizer visible in viewport?

max 2018.4
win 7 SP1
DailyBuild Apr 23 2019

Corona ColorCorrect shows wrong color if i change the saturation value. check attached file (screen record).

Hardware / what is your graphic card minimum requirement ?
« on: 2019-04-09, 13:01:34 »
Hi guys,
just curious, what is your graphic card minimum requirement for having smooth fps in viewport and good performance of nVidia AIdenoiser.
usually my scenes are about 10m polys and thinking to change radeon to nVidia because of current AIdenoiser supported by corona.

hi guys,
i have a material uses corona AO but i need it only on the objects edges not edges created by displacement. any tricks?
but it would be nice if coronaAO has a "exclude displacement" checkbox

hi guys,
for my next presentation, people told me i need to include some explanation about corona and what makes it a better choice compared to other render engine like vray which is more popular and mature. I have pretty much experience with corona, i started to use it since A4. But the main problem i have very less experience with vray.
So can you guys please help me point what makes corona better than vray?
what i already have is this,
- lower cost / cheaper.
- way simpler in any settings.
- rich material library included.
- flexible settings with coronaCam.
- lightmix. i have no idea does vray already have this or not.
- Interactive Rendering, but i see vray already have IPR and vrayRT which uses GPU.
- ...

Please note that this thread is not a corona vs vray war.

[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / CoronaCam Lister
« on: 2018-07-18, 07:19:24 »
Hi guys, here i share CoronaCam Lister script. i already include this script in my daily production workflow.
sorry i dont have time to create the documentation, just try it and you'll understand what it can do. and just ask here if you have a question.
for a technical note, i bet some people who write mxs and c# will tell me i should create an assembly or dll for this complex gui, but unfortunately my winform/wpf knowledge is still limited.. so i cant finish this step from c# way, i'll complete this task soon.
And one more thing, there is too much tensions running in office these months which makes me got very limited time for this script development. anyway, i still always do the best i can.

What i mean about always on top is always on top of everything in windows. this is "topmost" property in dotnet form, but i dont know in qt.
With this i can easily pick any color outside 3ds max with pick color without resize / restore down my max window.

a small thing.. sometime i need to use this workflow: without touching my keyboard, copy a hex color number from a reference > paste it to hex color textbox > click OK.
i know i should press enter after input the hex code, but imho it will be more convenient if the Ok button do what textbox key enter event do when clicked.

hi devs, i dont know if it is categorized as a bug or a feature to request. but this is a simple thing imho (because i tend to minimize dialogs instead of close it)
When mat library dialog minimized, if i click mat library button it only does the minimized window get focused. it should be restored (compared to corona VFB and material library).

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