Author Topic: Rays/s actual sooo low and render time soooo high :(((  (Read 497 times)

2021-09-14, 17:30:44
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UPDATE: after cleaning up the scene in simplyfying some geometry and change some light material, still the rendertime didn’t change at all. It stayed sooooo slow, close to nothingness.

But then I had an idea: Don’t use the VFB renderwindow (what the normal way should be), but use the interactive renderer to see if the scene would act differently…and YES -> it is rendering the passes…!! I couldn’t believe! I used the same render settings like I used before with the VFB…so what is this?

ca. 19 hours of rendertime = 92 passes = 3,69% Noise Level
Rays/s total = ~110.000
Rays/s actual = ~25.000

I mean still it is quite slow (it’s a Mac Mini M1) but at least it is rendering.
Unfortunately I cannot do anything else because the program is blocked with the interactive rendering. And I also don’t dare to click anything because then it would start again from the beginning…ahhhh

So please - what kind of bug is that? Can anybody conclude? Did anybody experienced something similar? How can I fix that?

Thanks! Doc

2021-09-15, 07:32:55
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Hi there,
I've been testing your file, and here are my findings:
-The intensive RAM consumption is due to a huge amount of objects in your scene file.
-Although you have 14+ million polygons, which is a kind of decent amount of polygons, it will be too much for your Mac Mini.
-Rendering scene consumes around 23GB of RAM + OS + Host app + Scene file loading. You'll need more than 32GB of RAM.
-I can also see that all of your Cloner objects are set to work in "Instance" mode instead of "Render Instance." Try always to set your Cloner objects to work in "Render Instance" mode. (except if you're cloning Corona lights)
-You can also try using Corona Proxy objects to improve your workflow and the viewport's performance.
I'll suggest first installing additional RAM if possible (it will depend on your Mac Mini's expansion possibilities.
Then, you can start optimizing your scene file by changing your Cloners' Instancing mode.
You may also want to optimize the objects' geometry to try to reduce the number of objects in your scene file. (more objects in your scene file will slow down the overall performance of the viewport).
I hope this helps.

2021-09-15, 20:50:11
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Hi bnji,
thanks for testing and your reply. I will try your recommendations on optimizing the scene file.

Unfortunately I cannot upgrade the Mac Mini M1 regarding RAM – it is stuck with 16GB.
Well…it looks like a new render workstation is needed…and definitely it will be no Apple. ;))))

Regarding RAM…128GB is of course better than 64GB…but are there any restrictions or constraints concerning Corona Renderer or Cinema4D?
Has anybody good suggestions or is here in the forum a post which shows the best current PC workstation configurations? (price-performance-winner)