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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos Licensing Feedback/Help
« on: 2022-07-22, 09:28:24 »
1) Try activating the trial license -
2) Buy another subscription under a different email address and request a refund once the original issue is resolved. We have a 14-day refund policy -

Wouldn't this put me in non favourable position of paying more as a new customer instead of having it the "old way = no change in the pricing plan"?

What I meant was that you could cancel and refund the new type of license. Then you would keep the old type.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos Licensing Feedback/Help
« on: 2022-07-22, 09:02:35 »
I don't have a licence and cannot render. My request for Chaos helpdesk was issued (#48186) 36 hours ago. 36 hours passed and not a single word from the helpdesk (no other that there IS a licence on my account), nothing has changed in regard of licence showing up in my chaos licence server. Without any reason it just stopped working - the payment went off, money is deducted from my account, as it does since the first commercial release of Corona. There was no update of any software, I didn't even changed the settings in renderer and yet - no licence. It happened right on the day of payment. It definitely stands up to the company name - chaos...

There is a support agent assigned to your ticket investigating the issue. Sorry that it is taking so long, but it may be a complex case.
I can suggest two workarounds for now:
1) Try activating the trial license -
2) Buy another subscription under a different email address and request a refund once the original issue is resolved. We have a 14-day refund policy -

You can render one frame and see what takes most time: the pre-rendering steps like parsing, calculating displacement, etc, or maybe the actual rendering process?

In case of no moving objects (fly-through) it's easy to save the GI precomputation time by reusing a single GI cache file for all frames. This way the GI does not have to be recomputed for each frame.

With moving objects/lights it is more tricky, but if they are moving smoothly, and not very fast, you might get away with using the "load+append" option. That can also help reduce GI calculation times per frame.

If you don't want to save your frames in a high bit depth format (like 32-bit EXR), you can go to the System tab and change Highlight Clamping (not highlight compression!) to non-zero. Values like 1-2 should work, but you may need to find the right one by trial and error. This will clamp the brightest pixels in the image so you will actually get better quality of things like hard edges and shorter render times. The drawback is only that it clamps those highest values so you lose the high dynamic range.

Simplifying materials helps with render times. For example: using a single Corona Physical material with texture masks for different properties rather than a Layered Material with two different materials in it that are mixed together (obviously this is not always possible).

It really depends what the scene looks like and what features you are using. If you could share some images/screenshots/sample frames, that would be very helpful.
You can contact the support team here:

I would recommend increasing the synchronization time as suggested in the error message (it's in System > Distributed Rendering; you can try multiplying the default value by 2). If it doesn't help, feel free to contact us and we can troubleshoot further:
There can be many reasons for a problem with sending some data from the node.

You can "borrow" a license for offline usage:

If you ever experience a severe issue like having your license seemingly deactivated for some reason - please always contact us at

Just guessing here, but it looks like the noise is caused by light bounced off something highly reflective (like a mirror/metal) or passing through something refractive (clear glass/frosted glass). There could be many solutions to this, such as: moving the lights to a different position, disabling light-emission for the light sources and adding some invisible light sources instead, using rayswitch material to exclude some surfaces from GI contribution.

Another idea is LightMix - are you using it? If you create a room with dim lighting, set up LightMix, and then boost light intensities in LightMix, you can easily end up with strong noise / fireflies. If that's the case, you can try increasing the light intensities in the scene instead, or using the ">Scene" button in LightMix that bakes light intensities from the VFB into the scene lights (I would suggest saving a backup of the original scene in this case).

It would be best to check the scene itself + get some more details such as which version of Corona you are using, so you are welcome to submit a new support ticket:

[Max] I need help! / Re: light flickering on sequence
« on: 2022-07-20, 13:48:53 »
Please also note that the 4K Cache is an experimental GI solver. Switching to UHD Cache and enabling the "Animation" preset should prevent any flickering.
Bu as Avi suggested - please start a new support ticket and the team will investigate.

[Max] I need help! / Re: rendering difference between 7-8
« on: 2022-07-20, 13:47:14 »
Sorry for being so direct, but switching to a different version mid-project is never a good idea. I think rolling back to V7 is a perfectly fine solution here.
V8 had so many changes and improvements in it that some differences, at least in some scenarios, are definitely expected.

As to the tone mapping stack: the exposure operator is best used at the top of the stack.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Render Test M1 and M1 Max
« on: 2022-07-19, 18:44:47 »
The render results with the mac book pro M1 Max are worrying. I have been greatly disappointed. I don't know if the mac is not as powerful as we are told or that at the moment corona render is not optimized. Surprisingly other applications work amazingly on M1, much better than on Intel Mac. The cinema 4d itself on the M1 is a joy to use, much smoother than the latest intel i9 iMac. Do you know if work is being done to improve the corona performance in M1? Because I get the feeling that the M1 and M1 Max processor is very powerful, but that the crown does not take advantage of it. Thank you and greetings.

Do you have some specific test scene that could be rendered on various CPUs so that the results could be compared? What exact kinds of results do you find worrying?

Are you able to monitor the temperature and usage of your CPU? Is it showing 100% CPU usage during rendering?

Yes, an edited vrlclient.xml file should help here. If you continue to have some trouble with it, please submit a new ticket at and we will involve a technical team.

Could you please explain a little bit more about what you are doing?
I am not familiar with these terms, sorry:

created an AMI from a deadline empty windows template

saved AMI

spot instances

I am guessing your are setting up some virtual machines rather than physical computer. If that's the case, can we assume that it should work in a similar way as setting up Corona on multiple physical computers?
If so, can you please let me know on how many computers you need to activate Corona?
Also, can you share your registered email address with me? (via a private message)

I would like to check whether this is something like "there is a license but Corona does not see it for some reason" or maybe "not enough available licenses".

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: URGENT! Chaos Licensing
« on: 2022-07-19, 09:24:25 »
I also have this problem. Sent a ticket 5 hours ago & no response yet. Urgently need to do renders to meet deadline !!! Ticket number: 47867

Your issue will be resolved ASAP.
Meanwhile, as a workaround, can you please check if you are able to activate the trial license?

Yep, it's upscaling factor.
Render Setup > System > System settings > Change upscaling factor to 1.

Also, it's a great idea to upgrade to Corona 8 HF2 -

I may be wrong, but I still think this is because the glass material has some reflectivity (so it is because of reflection, not refraction component).

Is it the same if you go to the glass material > Advanced options and set "Alpha mode" to "Always black"?

don't works,i tried, the alpha channel lost all the reflection information.

Now I am completely confused. In your first posts, you are saying that you see the reflection information in the alpha channel and this is a problem to you. Now you are saying that the lack of reflection information is a problem to you. I do not understand your requirements.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Corona Pattern
« on: 2022-07-18, 11:18:30 »

That would make sense if we called it "Corona Matrix".


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