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[Max] Feature Requests / Slider for some parameters
« on: 2019-04-02, 20:18:50 »
Hello there,
I've been to Corona Academy (proud mode : on), and i have the corona bible here.

But as my memory is poor, i always have to look for the "GI vs AA" way of setting the param.

I think a simple slider (going from 4 to 64 that are the min and max relevant values) would help :
AA : 4----------64 : Gi

Same comes for Speed vs accuracy...

Easy request, isn't it ?

[Max] I need help! / heavy motion blur
« on: 2018-08-17, 14:59:53 »
Hello there,
I need to animate something like in this video :

So i've animated a rotation object, 2 turns in 25 frames, so very fast rotations, then i've set the motion blur for the camera for geometries.
Then i've set the shutter speed to low 5.0, and raised up the Mblur Transform segments to 100 (in render params).

I'm quite happy with the result, but it looks a bit too much as a slow flash photo (don't know the terms in english), so the geometry is blurred but the main silhouette is still visible / guessable...

Any idea ?

Hello there !

I have a "simple" request : be able to set "visible to camera" in a per-camera basis, like we do for lights or masksElements...

My everyday work is some kitchens, bathrooms and so on, and i'm often asked to place a main camera and some zoomed ones.
Of course each time the zoomed one need some objects not to be seen (too close, in front of sight...)

I can use scene states, but it is often a pain.

Possible ?

Hello there,
I'de like to render across the network on slaves nodes using distributed render, but not on the main / master PC, so i can continue working on it.
Is there any way to do that ?

[Max] Feature Requests / Assign material into IR view
« on: 2018-03-24, 20:10:44 »
Hello guys !

I often use the IR viewport for setting shaders, and very often i accidentally try to affect the current material on an object draging the line in the IR view instead of the 3D viewport...

So maybe it would be possible to let us do that, so we could have Ir and mat editor only on screen...


Hello there,
I found a strange one :
- the scene is rendering ok locally ;
- when sent to backburner, the rendernodes gives a "-2" laconic error with 3dsmax shuting down itself ;
- when i set the light back to rectangular, it works...

3dsmax 2018, Corona 1.7.2

Any idea ?


I have definitively adopted the CXR file format, and i would like to get a way to convert bunch of files within a folder from cxr to whatever (jpg, png, etc)...

For now i've made a small bat script (see below for those that would need it), but i think some easy scripts could be included into the gui version... a new menu item with "batch convert"...


the script :
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set /p dossier= folder ? :
For %%i in (%dossier%\*.cxr) do (
  set nom=%%i
  set nam=!nom:~-0,-4!.jpg
  set num=!nom:~-0,-4!.png
"C:\Program Files\Corona\CoronaImageCmd.exe" !nom! !num!
"C:\Program Files\Corona\CoronaImageCmd.exe" !nom! !nam!
just copy that in a filename.bat file and start it.

Hello there,
When i was using Maxwell render for animation projects, i often used to send two renderings in the queue : one at low SL (basically few passes) for the whole anim, then a second one at final SL value in a "resume" mode...

The idea is to get quiclky all the animation frames to be able to start post and montage, while the final frames are rendered. Once the long final render is ok, i just have to tell Nuke / afterFX or so to replace files, and voilĂ  !

I know Corona has a resuming feature, but will it be only within the current scene opened within 3dsmax on the main PC, or can we tell corona render to resume renders via backburner ?
If not, here is the feature request ;-)


Hello there,
Since i've installed the 1.6.x, i found that the shaderball is not rendered as beautiful as it was before...
Here is an example : (those on the right are the same materials duplicated from those on the left)

another one, where the chrome one seams ok...

Any idea ?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Render stops when session is locked
« on: 2017-05-06, 09:48:58 »
Twice i got this problem :
I start an animation render, then i leave the Pc using "Windows+L" session lock shortcut...
when i come back, the current frame took hours to complete instead of 2-3 minutes...

I could imagine in a locked session, Corona stops render (i've always done this with maxwell / vray etc... never stopped anything...)
BUT, it did not act like if the render were stopped during the lock then resumed back... it just seams to render far too long...
For ex : 1 hour ago i log into my session, and the first frame (started yesterday at 6pm) was ok in 3mn, the second also, but the 3rd was started a 4am this night, and seams to have redered for more than 4 hours... of course this frame is rendered in 3mn also when i restart it without locking the session...

I tried both local and backburner with same issues...

I could let my PC logged in, but i do prefer to lock the session to prevent any chance for someone to use it...

Any idea ?

[Max] Feature Requests / Transparent pixel rendering...
« on: 2017-04-24, 18:45:06 »
Hello there,

As some may know i'm a lot involved in "configurators" projects, where i render a lot of PNG rgba files to let the final user choose colors for a product

As you may have noticed, in some color cases, dark on dark, or light on light, for ex. we get an awfull contour, due to the arbitrary 128grey choice for the background (best fit for all-case solution)...
Let me show you some quick tests :

dark on dark effect - 128grey background

light on light effect - 128grey background

What would be great is to be able to "render" transparent pixels... Sort of premultiplied alpha, but not during the saving picture process (it already exists when PNG is used for ex.),
but the Photoshop-way :

Screenshot of the photoshop "draw - onto - transparent pixels"...

... and pasted onto my background picture...

Now let's speak about coding this one : i'm not a coder guy, but my logical think about it would be :
I'm the CPU, i'm rendering the picture... For that pixel being rendering, what's about alpha : is it black or is it white ? (or grey)...
If the alpha is white, ok then i go on rendering it...
If the alpha is 100% black, ok i ignore it and set this pixel to transparent... Really transparent, not letting the 3D background / direct visibility override color...
If the alpha is somewhere in between, ok i write the premultiplied alpha value onto it, again not on the background / direct visibility color, but on transparent way...
Just like Photoshop does when we draw on empty layer...

That would prevent contour, and more than that, that would maybe speed up the rendering of the scene, because black-alpha-ed pixels would be ignored...

What do you think of that ? Is it possible ?

Hello there,

Corona has alpha forced to black, or forced to white, but how can we set alpha ignored for an object ?

I mean, sometimes we need an object to be alpha-seen regardless of the alpha of another object.
For that Vray has alpha going from -1 to 1 :
-1 : forced black
0 : ignored
1 forced to white


Gallery / Billards tables
« on: 2017-02-16, 23:00:21 »
Hello there,

We used Corona to render more than 152 000 png images for this online configuration tool :
It lets you more than 210 000 000 000 (billions) differents possibilities ;-)

Some other 3D works :

I'm trying to get some objects on a pure white support for a customer...
As i know albedo / diffuse would never go above rgb 240-242, i'm using a shadowCatcher material so i can save png rgba files, then photoshop let me put a pure white under it, and i get shadows onto it...

Problem is that the "for compositing" alpha stays grainy, even at 100 passes...

Im using an HDRI for main light, so i can't really raise the subdivisions...

Any help would be usefull, thanks.

[Max] I need help! / [solved] multiple versions...
« on: 2016-12-15, 21:53:47 »
Hello there,

I'm planning to go from 1.4 to 1.5, but i know there are some subtles differences...
So my question is quite simple : can i install both 1.4 and 1.5 and simply choose the one i need in the 3dsmax's renderer drop list ?

I've started some scenes some months ago (version 1.4), and i'd like to finish the project with 1.5, without any bad surprise, so i'd like to test...

I've installed 3dsmax 2017 and Corona 1.5.2... activated... ok.
And i've kept 3dsmax 2016 with corona 1.4 for testing purposes, but i could not activate 1.4, i guess once 1.5 is activated, i can't activate another one.. even if on the same system...

Any help would be nice.


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