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Gallery / Re: Folding wayfarer.
« on: 2021-11-19, 11:42:11 »
Hi Alberto,

What would you like to know?

Gallery / Folding wayfarer.
« on: 2021-11-13, 00:40:38 »
Hi Guys,

This time something folded, small personal project, enjoy


PS: c&c as always welcome!

Not a valid vimeo URL

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_9 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_2 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_4 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_5 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_6 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_3 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_7 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_8 by Two Heads, on Flickr

j_sobkiewicz_ray_ban_10 by Two Heads, on Flickr

It seems I'm facing the same problem here, cpu usage goes down when using region render. It occurs both during final rendering and interactive, I just tested few scenes + one with sphere, plane and one light. CPU usage drops down various ways, sometimes by 10% sometimes by 90+, however regular rendering without regions runs smoothly.

Have you taken closer look to it?

my specs:
3dsmax 2016
corona 7 hotfix1

Off-Topic / Re: matrix 4
« on: 2021-09-16, 01:30:33 »
I've seen the matrix three times in a row back in 99 and after all these years it's still great, ain't gonna happen this time I'm afraid. But let me tell you, nothing bothers me more than trinity's dirty nail! yack. ;)

Off-Topic / matrix 4
« on: 2021-09-14, 20:24:07 »

I hope they won't butcher it, but I'm afraid they already did. I have a bad feeling anyway.

Has anyone jumped onto v7 for live projects yet?
How are you finding the changes, specifically the changes to the material workflow?
Im on a long term project at the moment so dont want much downtime from having top get to grips with the new shader. Have you found yourself needing to do anything drastically differently?

I had the same impression on new material workflow but it turned out just fine, materials saved in v6 work as they should though. In ongoing project I left most legacy materials untouched but I changed some of them to physical material just to try them out. I enjoy roughness workflow a lot and corona physical is becoming my material of choice. Great thing is now I can finally use old roughness maps as designed. 

General CG Discussion / Re: Blender Guru Compares Renderers
« on: 2021-07-12, 22:40:46 »
there's other render engines?


In all seriousness, he really dropped the ball on not including Fstorm here...

right, I just wanted to mention it. But hey, where is mental ray? ;)

General CG Discussion / Re: Blender Guru Compares Renderers
« on: 2021-07-12, 13:41:48 »
 you don't like it or what? ;)

indeed it works, It should be TCB Point3 controller

thanks romullus

When you connect linear float to TilingU and TilingV  it'll change tiling mode (values 0-no tiling, 1-repeat tiling, 2- mirrored tiling, 3-clamp).


hello team,

Any advice?

hi guys,

Stupid question but is it just me or there is no way to plug linear float controller to U/V tiling slot as it's possible in 3dsmax bitmap?


In addition to my latest post in gallery section here are some wires of the model.
casio_wire_1 by Two Heads, on Flickr
casio_wire_2 by Two Heads, on Flickr
casio_wire_3 by Two Heads, on Flickr
casio_wire_4 by Two Heads, on Flickr
casio_wire_5 by Two Heads, on Flickr

Gallery / OLDBOY 83
« on: 2021-05-26, 23:50:06 »
hello guys!

DW-5600E is my all time favorite beater. It's tough, reliable and unlike his fellow brothers quite small. I own this basic model for years and it never failed me, why not make a 3d model out of it?

So the idea was to create "used" watch with scratches, dents, polished plastics instead of brand new.  I used my own old g-shock as a reference and tried to replicate wear&tear as good as possible. Although final renders as always leave something to desire I'm quite happy with the final result. Tweaking materials and re-rendering seems to be never ending process so at some point I just had to stop doing it and finish it.

Modeling, materials done in 3dsmax and obviously rendered in corona v.6.
I initially planned to use this little project as a test ground and finally play with substance painter but eventually I ended up doing the whole thing inside max and corona. Nevertheless I'm planing to revisit substance in the future and give it a try. Also quixel mixer looks promising, so I'm definitely gonna test it as well. 

Hope you'll like it!

feel free to share your opinion.


PS: I'll post wires in other thread later ;)

CASIO_G_1_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_2_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_6_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_4_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_5_P by Two Heads, on Flickr
CASIO_G_3_P by Two Heads, on Flickr

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