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[Max] Feature Requests / Some improvements to proxies
« on: Yesterday at 19:12:27 »
Continuing the last post on this thread, I have a few feature requests.

1- it would be nice if there's an "auto-rename" when a name already exists.
2- it would really nice to have proxies like Smart Objects in Photoshop. First you convert an object to a proxy; if you want to edit it, you right click and choose edit proxy, in which case a new 3ds max opens with the proxy ready to be edited. Then you close that 3ds max window and save. The proxy in the main 3ds max window gets updated.



There might or might not be something done, but sadly because some of the users cannot understand that a feature might get postponed when unexpected complications occur, we will generally announce only features that are fully done ;)

Very much looking forward to heavily beta testing it if it makes it into the dailies. Ive got such a need for this over the next few months and currently im having to make gigantic layered materials.

Agree. Decals look like they could be a big time saver. I'm also dealing wit huge layered materials and having to do some repeating patterns on a rug in Photoshop, and hoping they will fit just right when on the fabric.

wait, what about decals? Was this added already, how did I miss that?

I thought it was just me!

[Max] Feature Requests / Fuzziness option in material
« on: 2021-07-22, 18:16:22 »
Most of the times with fabrics you need very tiny hairs sticking out randomly.
Also most of the times this is solved with a falloff, which doesn't really give a realistic effect.
Using hair and fur seems overkill.

What if...
In the material, you have a checkbox "fuzziness", which creates pixels in a curly line with an offset to the fabric, same color as the underlaying color, that reacts to light by increasing gamma only where the light hits, as translucency.

This would NOT be an effect for close up views. It's just to add softness to a fabric.

Hi all.
I was at Siger's website and noticed he has a complex fresnel for metals.
I just thought sharing the link here just in case it's helpful for the new material.


Fair enough :)

Thank you for the tips.
I'll try them out.


Thanks Aram.

This is not a scenario you would face a lot and it may bring more confusion.

I find myself in this scenario almost in every project to be honest.
You can see it in this series of tutorials where he has to change the exposure every time he isolates an object.

Once instance is minute 6:33 of this video, and even clearer at 22:47 when he actually says that he can't work in isolation mode because the exposure is crazy.


Having some lights hidden to not show/light up but having them in the mentioned include/exclude list will just make it more time consuming and confusing.

What I was suggesting is to include the sun/sky in the exclude list of the "Render hidden lights". This would need to be done only once at the beginning of the project. I'm not sure I understand how that would be more time consuming.

Currently the best way to do it, I think, is to turn off the sun directly from Corona Lister when having an isolated object (requires the same amount of tweak/clicks as adding it to an include/exclude list) or through Select by name, filtering non-light objects and controlling them or having a selection set for the specific light you want to be on with the isolate mode, selecting them first then the object(s) you want and isolating.

All these solutions force you to do this every time you isolate and object. As mentioned above, adding the sun/sky to the exclude list would have to be done only once for the entire project.


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-06-26, 16:12:17 »
No it really does work correctly, I was surprised myself how well. The previous model didn't (as good at all).

Of course, both get dimmer but not at same ratio which you can compare when you compensate exposure (and normalize it).
When comparing to photos or things you remember visually, you have to account for all the variables that happen. Dynamic range (of your eyes or camera), post-production, clouds in the sky, architecture & nature occluding and bouncing light, etc.

Right now, minus the existence of cloud simulation within the Sky model itself, it replicates the light almost exactly to reality.

Good to know your opinion. Thanks.
I'm taking artistic license in that respect then.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-06-25, 20:44:19 »
So what I was talking about is this.
See the photo attached please.
The skylight is still strong when the sun is low, but the sunlight is much dimmer. With corona sun and sky what I feel it happens is that both the sun and sky lights get dimmer together at the same rate
Probably the photo attached was an HDR, but still it looks closer to what the human eye would see.

I'm not expecting Aerial Perspective to give this result automatically, so you can disregard my "request". I just wanted to clarify and explain why I always feel I need to change either the intensity of the sun or the sky.

Also frequently I use two skies: One for lighting and reflections and one for background. This is for the same thing. When the sun is low, the reflections of the sky and the skylight in general feel too low in comparison with the sun.

You can plug a bitmap through Corona bump converter node and control blurring separately.

Thank you romullus. I was hoping for an answer like yours.
I thought that node had an additional effect on anything that was plugged to it.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-06-25, 20:18:48 »
Sorry. You're both right.
I guess I usually feel that artistically looks better with an even dimmer sunlight and larger size, increasing the penumbra faster. But that's my personal artistic choice I guess.

I don't mean to disregard your comment. But I think the 2.5 displacement is so good that I many times just use it instead of a bump map.

Doesn't look like the 2.5D Displacement issues have been entirely fixed.  Using RC3 - see attached

You can clearly see the artifacts in the render and the corresponding mesh in the viewport that has a denser mesh where the artifacts are occuring.

This is disappointing as there is currently no alternative and what I was dreading the most.

The displacement is only subtle and it's on a flat plane, so not even curved geometry this time.

This really really needs to be fixed before you release the final version without the old displacement.

Can't you just add a subdivide or tesselate modifier?

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-06-25, 16:50:45 »
I haven't installed the new version yet, but here goes my question:
Is the sun intensity reduced automatically when the sun gets closer to the horizon? I hope it does, because with the 6.1 that doesn't happen and I manually need to lower the intensity with guess work based on the position of the sun.

EDIT: I know this might sound like a kid wanting more and more, but it would be great if that behavior happened with the sun

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