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[Max] Feature Requests / Distributed Rendering button
« on: 2021-07-13, 10:00:07 »

It would be very practical to get a button in the official Corona toolbar to enable / disable Distributed Rendering.
As an option, right click on it would open Render Setup directly on Distributed Rendering settings rollout :P

What do you guys think ?

Thank you.

+1 and it would be great if the docked image from IR doesn't turn into the Corona logo after you stop it.
Yes, definitely ... would it be possible to get this in a hotfix very soon, please ? ;)


3) a V7 release now, polished, rock-solid, that you will be able to use in production safely

Ahhaha yes, Maru, indeed :)


What would you prefer ?
1) a V7 release now, with plenty of remaining bugs, that will be patched with several fixes weeks after weeks, making it tricky to use in production
2) a slightly delayed V7, polished, rock-solid, that you will be able to use in production safely

On my side, it's 2 without a second of hesitation :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Proxy Problem
« on: 2021-07-02, 10:39:59 »
but you can select group and then run proxy exporter on it. Just remember to select collapse option and not to export each group member as separate proxy.
Oh, thanks Romullus, I wasn't aware one can select a group for that ... since I avoid using groups as much as I can :) thank you for the reminder !

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Proxy Problem
« on: 2021-07-02, 09:11:15 »

AFAIK that won't work with a group ... ungroup objects, then select them all, and use Corona Proxy Exporter.

Good morning,

Very weird indeed ! have you tried to uncheck Cast shadows property for the glass objects ?

EDIT: just seen you've already done so, sorry. No idea about solving this issue, but I'm very interested to know the fix !

Great summary, PROH :)

I'm awaiting feedback from Pulze regarding support for Corona 7.
Hello Alex Darby,

FYI, I'm using Corona v7 and latest Pulze products versions (SM v2.1, RM v2 beta) and everything is fine so far. Is there any particular thing you fear that might be problematic ?

Image sequence - if your machine crashes, the power goes out, etc. then the whole animation is lost if rendering to a video format and you have to start rendering at frame 1; if you are rendering to image sequence, you just start from the frame after the last one that was completed.

If you look at the video and find that the codec compression is way too high, render to video format you have to do all the rendering again with new codec settings; image sequence, you just change the codec settings in the video app (Resolve is free) and redo that, no need to re-render.

Those two alone are enough to never, ever render direct to video from your 3D app :)
I wouldn't have written better :)

So there are no options to save the animation as a video files properly ?


Out of curiosity, why do you want to render directly to a video format ? quick animation previews apart, IMHO one should never EVER render directly a video, prefer an image sequence by far ...

I still find it annoying I have to install vray to convert materials to corona. Would it be possible for the corona installer to provide the needed files for this now it's all the same company? Max UI is bloated enough as is, I don't need or want to see extra vray features on right click menus, modifiers etc. :)
+1 definitely !

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-06-25, 16:53:39 »
Maybe it would be less confusing if "observer altitude" should be replaced with "scene elevation"?

Good timing. I have just updated the internal tasks for this today (selectors for both LightMix and post-processing/tone mapping settings). Unfortunately, at this time we are dealing with many other issues, so we cannot promise anything. But it's definitely logged.

(Report ID=CRMAX-652)

(Report ID=CRMAX-653)
OK, thanks anyway for your feedback, Maru :)

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