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Jobs / Corona Render peeps
« on: 2021-03-08, 23:41:03 »
I just wanted to post this here in hopes to meet some good Corona render people.
My studio is looking for Corona render artists. If you do good motion design,
and use Corona (preferable with 3ds Max) hit me up here for a chat :)



I am rendering some objects using "Render Selected" and they are planes with a texture applied. When the objects move in front of another scene object,
instead of respecting the alpha channel, you see the object through the alpha. It would be great if render selected could respect geometry with an Alpha Map
and show it as cutout.

[Max] Feature Requests / Corona Volume Grid and Mattes
« on: 2020-09-22, 22:12:41 »
Is there any way to get Volume grids to show up in render Element masks?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / CoronaCameraMod update
« on: 2020-03-11, 15:31:34 »
The Ask:

I would like to have the option to override the DOF focus by and Object in the CoronaCameraMod, just like in the main Corona camera.

The Reason:

- When making previs animations I want to be able to use Multi-pass camera effects for motion blur or depth of field. Which is only on a Max standard camera.
- I dont want to use the Max Camera, but I do have to use it do do other things with scripts and exporting camera data and such.

I have noticed some strange behavior with render elements and corona in Max. I have renders that contain no refraction, yet I am getting things showing up in the refraction pass that should just be black.

Not sure when I started noticing this. But I have been getting things showing up in Render Elements that should not be there.

- No refraction in any materials.
- Refraction pass has strange things in the pass. Like blurry splotches, and other things that show up.
- It does not always show the same strange things in the render.

If you open up the Render Setup window, the first time you try to select and option ie: change from "Single" to "Active Time Segment". The first click does not register, and you have to then press the button again. This happens in all Tabs, what ever you select does not work the first time.
Drop down menus also open and then close right away until you second click to open them.

Once you go through this double click procedure then the buttons start to work normal. But if you close and open the Render Setup Window again the problem is back.

This has led to many user errors at the studio where people think they have clicked an option but it did not register. Couple that with how many extra clicks in one day a lighter and render person will have to endure. This is literally making us loose our minds.

I have been told by the Max Devs this is because Corona is not using a QT UI for the Render panel. Is this up to the Corona Devs to fix?

I would think if you have a map in the input for Self-illumination color, it should show that in the 3ds Max viewport with the map color, not the color swatch.

Example: I have an image of a candle flame in the Self-illumination  color swatch. I show map in the viewport and it is just bright white (or what ever the swatch color is).

Can we please have it respect the map color for this?

Gallery / Our second Corona project :)
« on: 2017-08-29, 16:27:46 »
We decided to switch to Corona a while back, and here are some results from our recent projects. We ended up doing 7 of these worlds, but these are two of my favorite ones.


To be fair I just found out that I can right click a bitmap and choose Edit Bitmap from the menu. But it is not there in Corona Bitmap. I know its only a few clicks away, but can this little bonus be added to the Corona bitmap. I have found it to be one of those little time savers when editing maps in a shader network.


Having now been using Corona on a few animation jobs (We are in love with Corona) we are having a hard time with one thing when needing to add a pass or object into shots, without wanting to re-render the whole scene.

In Vray there are "Vray Object properties" that let's you quickly matte out objects, but still have them cast GI and stuff into the scenes. I can't find a good workflow for this in Corona. I would like to just select my scene objects, right click and go to Corona Properties and then set them to be matte objects. This may not be desired in the way Corona works, so sorry if this has come up. Anyone know a workflow for this?



[Max] Bug Reporting / De-noised render elents
« on: 2017-05-17, 22:57:44 »
I am having an issue with matching a de-noised beauty pass rebuilding it using "de_noise_ render elements.

The image shows a close up view of the comped passes (top image) to the beauty pass (bottom image).

This is rendered on a cloud render farm. Has anyone has this problem of the passes not matching the beauty pass? is this normal behavior?

[Max] General Discussion / Corona and Animation
« on: 2016-06-23, 16:52:57 »
I love Corona. The images it gives a second to none. But I have never used it for animation. I would love to hear peoples thoughts in this regard. Show me some of your work.... It is the one thing holding me back from full production use.

I would love to see the Devs push more of this on their blog and social media.

Links to work + behind the scenes info ie: render times, workarounds you had to do... that sort of thing would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

[Max] General Discussion / image Filter description
« on: 2016-06-06, 21:43:58 »
Just wonder if this is wrong in the image filter description, or if my demo install of 1.4 has the wrong starting image filter.
It says the default is Parabolic, but mine is using Tent.


[Max] General Discussion / De-Noise of render elemnts
« on: 2016-05-31, 20:19:44 »
Does the De-Noise work on render elements, so we can re build the beauty in comp?

How do people feel about getting 0 - 1 spinners in the Environment section of Corona? It can be a fast handy way to adjust the strength of maps/colors used in one spot.

It is a feature I use in Vray a lot.

Spinners added in the Picture here.

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