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Hi everyone, we're looking to get some feedback on you CG wizards to get some input on this reel.
Some jobs are from last year, and some from this year, most of it rendered locally to avoid heavy costs on rendering that would kill our budgets.
We'd love to hear your feedback on what to remove and what to keep, and of course, what would you prioritize on improving - I'll keep updating stuff on this post for the following months, everytime I have a chance. :)

Kindly let us know, we thank you in advance.

Hi everyone!

I was asked to look into maxscripting to automatically create a controller in sme to manipulate texture dimensions in Real-World Scale across a multitude of textures - I am trying to figure out how to do it on a standard 3dsmax bitmap node, is there anything different regarding the coronabitmap node in terms of UV realworldscale controller I should take in account or does it work exactly the same?
Thanks all,
Kind regards,

Hi all, just wanted to present a small animation we've done for a city area rehabilitation in Lisbon.
It was a 2 people, 3 week job approximately, with tons of changes during the process, so it was quite the challenge. We'd love to have more time to properly light the scene, but this was just not possible. Maybe in a break between jobs I'll improve it.

The video is in Portuguese, we had no time to include other languages in the audio stream.
The scale is quite massive, we used Corona full path tracing render (UHD was giving us serious issues with all the moving cars/tree wind animations).

There are occasional glitches in the scene, feel free to spot them and we'll try to fix them (after we recover our rest :)

Find the animation in the link below:

Have a great day, thanks for your feedback.


Is anyone having trouble with showing recently done renders in Max 2017?
The Corona VFB always shows up during render, but if I close the window, it is a goner. I can't even reopen it to save an image that has been previously calculated.
is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?
I've checked to see if it opens off screen with Alt+Space, but it is a no go.

As you can imagine it is tricky to always have to do a new render to be able to access the framebuffer...
Kind regards and thanks in advance!

[Max] I need help! / Landscape Animation
« on: 2018-08-25, 14:05:05 »
Hi everyone, this is a bit long:

I am running into some trouble using Corona to render an animation with a landscape that is supposed to have blowing wind animating trees.

I am hoping I can continue to use corona in a situation like this, I've had some people telling me to forget about it and use V-Ray, as it works more efficiently with Itoo Forestpack Pro, allowing for shifting animation frames for each instance in the Forestpack Objects.

I will try to resume as best as I can the issue and hopefully you went through some jobs that would require an articulation of several packages of automation for landscaping:

1 - The Forestpack Pro animation features in corona work in a very limited way

Apparently, we cannot create Corona Proxies or Pointcached geometries together with the animation function in FPP. According to the developers in itoo, the Corona Implementation has been done by Render Legion using the FPP SDK and the FPP animation is or was a VRay Only function. I read a post from 2017 where this was true, I don't quite know what is going on in this area now.

If it still doesn't work, this basically makes FPP an excellent tool for still images in corona (still annoying that you can't hand fix the scatter while using interactive render because everything dissapears while rendering and you can't select items), but little else can be done when animating full blown vegetation, unless you want to see 2 trees/shrubs having the exact same animation on each frame.

If this is still true, how do we use all of the nice Landscape functionalities within FPP (Color Map variations, animation variations, etc) and still use Corona for a Landscape Animation? Anyone has a solution?

Here's a possible fix (with a massive caveat?)

I thought of using FPP to scatter trees around as proxies, and then use the excellent Zorb Modifier Modifier to randomize the proxy frame offset for each of the tree proxies - but I am wondering whether this comes with a caveat? - Does it mean that each of the instances need to be individualized for this to work properly and thus destroy the purpose of having proxies?

Using this method wouldn't they'd have to be loaded into memory every single instance, eating up any available free ram in the renderslaves?

Have you had to go through something like this? I have seen an excellent animation Ludvik did some time ago, which was sort of a remake of a game, but I can't remember exactly the name to check it again. Did he use only Corona Scatter to get vegetation across the set? I don't recal seeing it animated though... - I messaged him about his solution for it, but no answer so far... :(

2 - Rendertimes:

I understand UHD Cache success rate is highly scene dependent, it would probably be a lot higher on interior scenes.

In order to get a clean frame I think I should aim for about 5% Noise level, but it is taking forever to get there.

In a situation like this, what optimization steps would you follow? Do you have any reference or example that can be used in a situation like this?

Should I try to reduce the polycount on the vegetation, turn off reflections wherever possible to achieve a cleaner output? I have started doing that but I don't manage to shave off a lot of time, and things start looking eerily fake, so I reset those...

Most of the noise is coming from the sunlight (I can see it separately in the sun pass in lightmixer), do you think if I would use an HDRI Light instead of the Corona Sun+Sky combo I could get a cleaner overall render?
I know I would have less control over light balance and shadow definition, but it is getting quite heavy to get a clean render...

I attached a couple of images with the different light passes, and also the stats pane, I hope it will help to get some suggestions from those of you who are more experienced with animating something like this using corona. (Pay no mind to the silly runner, he's there for scale)

Thanks in advance if you spare some time to write back a little bit about this, it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could shed some light on this - I'd love to use corona to render this out, I'd prefer to stick to my guns than going back to V-Ray again :)

PS: Here's the type of shot I'd like to get:

(should be live in a few minutes, if you're seeing it just after I press the send button).

It's meant to be done with nearly still cameras or some slow pans, a few particles in the air maybe, and of course, the landscape is not yet designed and it is still to be finished by the Landscaping Team.

Have a good one,
Thank you!


Hi Guys!
There seems to be an issue with the rendering of an interior scene with RC2, as it crops a part of the environment lighting on the top part of the image, in comparison with the IR version of the same image.

Initially I thought it may be a DR issue, but then I turned it off.
Then I tried the production render 1st with UHD cache and then full path tracing, as I thought it may be some lingering bug with the UHD, but apparently it doesn't make a difference with just path tracing, as it appears with both solutions...

I checked with both Coronacam & Physical, same thing.
Doesn't show up with the old light solver, just with the new one (the experimental).

Have a look, I'll make the scene available if you need to check it.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Bloom Glare Blues...
« on: 2018-02-12, 20:52:50 »
Hi Everyone.

I've been noticing occasionally the loss of functionality with the bloom/glare controls in corona. I just tried to have a brand new max scene open, importing a model and popping a corona sun with a corona sky in the env slot.

I can't get any flares, no matter how high I set the values for bloom&glare and how low the threshold.
Please see the values on the attachment, I can send a scene for analysis if needed (although this is most likely user error of too many hours in front of the screen :)
Regards, and thanks!

[Max] I need help! / Corona VFB Shortcut
« on: 2018-01-10, 19:16:36 »
Hi all,

Does anyone know a way to assign the Corona VFB to a keyboard shortcut or a Quad-Menu link?
I find the regular process to be a bit fiddly with clicking render settings>scene tab>Show VFB
Has anyone got around this? I get nothing in the listener when I open the ShowVFB button to be able to make a small macro for it...
Thanks in advance,

[Max] Bug Reporting / Widget Assertion Failure
« on: 2017-10-01, 04:34:02 »
I got this on a few scenes already, while working for 30 min or so for the 1st time with Corona 1.7 RC4, working with Project Manager reorganizing my libraries for Corona 1.7

An internal error occured: wxWidgets Assertion failure. Please report this problem to us.
File: ..\..\src\common\wincmn.cpp(459)
Function: wxWindowBase::~wxWindowBase
Condition: !wxMouseCapture::IsInCaptureStack(this)
Message: Destroying window before releasing mouse capture: this will result in a crash later.   Learn more »

Let me know if I can help track this one out.


To my surprise, on top of a deadline, after playing about a bit with the Corona Image Editor, I decided to give CXR a shot to export and do some slight post of my Corona output and everything was working fine until all of a sudden there's no more alpha in CXR files Photoshop won't see the Alpha if I rename the CXR to EXR - Won't see it because apparently CXR keeps no alpha as it cannot be seen from the Corona Image Editor App.

- how can I access the alpha from saved CXR files? Would like to be able to not have to re-render and go back to using traditional EXRs.


PS: Edit, found it in the Largest EXR of them all - Sorted.

Gallery / Gallery Compilation
« on: 2015-11-06, 03:35:37 »
A quick study of composition and lighting. It's all 3D, including the girl. I have to see if I can figure out a way of simulating backlit hair in corona, no solution I tried gave me satisfactory results - suggestions are welcome to sort it out ;)

Edit: Corrected Floor Scale and added Hair&Fur for the girl.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Crash on UHD Calculations
« on: 2015-08-30, 01:14:42 »
Hi, I am getting a constant crash on a scene while dumping a sequence of frames GI into a UHD File - I've attached the max dump file. It's not super urgent because I managed to work around it rendering frames individually to UHD. The UHD file increased size as expected and I'll do a test run to figure out if things are fine.

[Max] General Discussion / Relink Bitmaps Corona Support
« on: 2015-08-29, 23:17:15 »
Colin Senner just updated his super nice script to fully support Corona Bitmaps, proxies and lights :)

Check his website, and take the script through the test, it is a tremendous time saver, and if you find it useful kindly do a donation to this guy, who saves a lot of precious time of map digging in drives/networks ;)
He's updated it when I requested it, so he's a super nice guy investing his time for the common good, and I support that behavior!

Get it here:

Thanks Colin!


[Max] I need help! / Filtering on Substance Textures
« on: 2015-08-10, 22:51:04 »

I have been having occasionally some filtering issues with the Substance Textures in Max. Here is an example in attachment, check the upper right brick wall with a lot of noise, and also on the reflection.

Does anyone have a work around for it?
Kindly let me know,

I'd love to see Corona work a bit more like V-Ray when it comes to allowing certain types of objects be transparent to refraction/opacity, so that things like this don't happen, making finely controlled compositing impossible with corona (without resorting to multipasses which is a pain) :)

Zdepth+Mattes+AmbOcc+all Corona Essential Passes should be able to be configurable to be seen through refraction, thin glass & opacity maps for flexible compositing.
I think this would produce a much more solid working experience especially if you're coming from the old school pass rendering systems like vray, mental ray, final render, renderman, among others.

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