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I think it could be that, yeh. Although I think with an exclude you'd definitely expect and need it to act the way you would expect, i.e. be truly black/null. Hopefully the devs can find a solution, even a hacky one :)

Quick test with the new Caustics include/exclude: These are all the Caustics element:

Great progress! But some thoughts and issues:

As you can see the caustics are significantly reduced on all objects not in the "include" list (the pool geometry/water etc.), but they're actually still receiving caustics, if you look at the exposure-cranked versions on the right. I think this might be because they are still appearing on reflective objects? So in other words all those other objects that are excluded might not be DIRECTLY receiving caustics but they are still indirectly reflecting them maybe. I think this is not ideal as really the point is to exclude them totally as a visual control.

Also since this is working through include/exclude list it doesn't work at all through XREFs which is a productivity/management killer. Ideally this would work through GBuffer ID and Layer system.

Rendertimes were pretty much identical with/without exclusions (which is expected I guess, but not ideal).

do you know that you can switch it to include list in the exclude dialog, like all similar lists?

This changes everything! Haha... no, we didn't spot it. To be honest we've been going on Yuriy's remarks as we've not even had a chance to install the latest DB to check this out yet, that's a job for today. I would say though that to avoid confusion why not set it to Include mode in the first place? You could build in an error message to appear if you enable caustics but have nothing in the Include list, so the user has an idea why they're not seeing anything.

Not sure what you're doing in your scenes but we're not having anywhere near the trouble you seem to be with caustics:

I'm not going to pretend that we've had no issues with caustics and the workflow because we have, and of course bugs, there are plenty of them, but you can work around them if you're careful, and the results can be spot-on. As you can see above we've happily rendered tonnes of stuff including 4k Cinemagraphs and all sorts.

I'm not disagreeing with you that the workflow with exclude list isn't backwards, because I agree that it is. But... the new system still seems a great step forward by the devs. I think if you can barely achieve caustics on teapots right now then you have bigger challenges to solve first perhaps.

it seems to me that this function is completely useless / erroneous
the idea was that we could select one or several objects in the scene that will generate caustics - this will allow us to save CPU resources, not to count caustics from everything that has reflection-refraction, and now in the PBR era, all materials have reflection, count caustic from only one or more objects that really need caustic, such as water in a pool, glass in a house, vase on a table
I do not understand where you can apply the function - disable receiving caustics. This does not save CPU resources and does not allow the caustics to be calculated faster.
We need a function to disable / enable caustics for unnecessary / needed objects / materials

PS. thanks for CoronaDecal - the first tests look great!

Right now it looks more like an artistic tool rather than CPU helper. It allows you to control that you only want caustics to appear on certain objects e.g. a pool surround, ceiling, table etc. But I have to agree that it feels a backwards solution. In practice we're going to need to always exclude the entire scene models, and then selectively allow those few objects to remain. But as you build/change/increase the scene complexity as you work you're going to definitely forget to keep adding all the undesirable objects to the exclude list. It should just be reversed to an Include list.

"I have tried ezMat, pretty fast import but when I execute it on a diffuse map it imports all the different diffuse textures variations with wrong gamma and is also not that batch process for a lot of materials but it saves some time if it hadn't that gamma problem."

Try this, then use Nik's epic Batch Material script to batch fix all the gamma values on the whole scene/library file.

Hmm. Yes that's interesting. Who knows though - might just be cross-related issues. I wonder if 2022.0 or 2022.1 or 2022.2 is the issue itself. We increased the maxscript warning limit value thing and added 3dsmax.exe to the FTH exclusion list, but that might just be masking the issue(s) rather than fixing it.

No, i don't. I suspect that most of my recent crashes are Connecter related.

Very interesting... We've had lots of issues with this too. Every time we try to use it it totally snags up our storage and locks everyone up from browsing anything for up to a minute or more then it suddenly pings into place.

What makes you think Connecter is related to this FTH issue?

Do you have Pulze Render Manager in stalled by any chance?

Added include/exclude list to specify which object should (not) receive caustics. You can find it in the performance tab of render settings"

Amazing news!! Can't wait to try this! Bravo devs.

I've not noticed that, but I've not really looked. Will keep an eye out. Might be worth testing with and without RM running to rule that out, and then starting a diff thread.

Render Manager

Turns out it was Pulze, at least it looks like it so far. A known issue. We've updated it and so far the crashing has stopped. Hopefully for good! Cheers.

Hi Maru,

We're somewhat narrowing it down to possibly being related to Garbage Collection maaaaybe. Sometimes opening a scene will trigger a GC error popup and the file then crashes to desktop, other times it opens just fine. This is with and without upping the maxscript Initial Heap Allocation, so that's not helping much/at all. It may or may not also be related to multiple max instances being open at the same time.

We have a couple of scenes that seem problematic at least but in reality the whole studio is experiencing this issue across all sorts of scenes. This is with 2022.1 and 2022.2 as well.

What's the best way to share some test files with you?

Thanks so much as always.

Thanks Nik, you're a legend.

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