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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Tonemapping settings inheritance broken
« on: Yesterday at 19:57:42 »

I think that with the new Tonemapping stack and the way it's implemented in the C4D Render Settings ( in Camera/Postprocessing tab ), the native C4D settings inheritance doesn't work anymore. I would like someone else to confirm but on my side it is the case, and it even seems logical since the Tonemapping settings are now contained in their own "space" and not visible in the tab itself.

If it is confirmed, is it fixable ? This feature is quite useful to manage engine settings and output size / format in a granular way, yet easy.


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: v9 Stability
« on: 2022-11-22, 17:54:56 »
once again, as this seem all the same problem, to specify it more:

in my experience since weeks, it is in special when i copy a corona light (or cam, or instance , or other generator object) and then move it while ipr is on,
almost in 100% of the cases i get a crash due Corona render, and c4dfreezes (i need for force quit it).

it doesnt happen in small scenes, but in any realistic production normal arch scene we have here, on any PC, and seems quite reproducible.
alone today like 15 crashes so far

Thanks for the explanation, it's exactly what happens on my side too, so there must be some sort of regression in the Corona plugin. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a hotfix.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: v9 Stability
« on: 2022-11-22, 13:12:44 »
Hi there, can you share a short vid of this happening? I tried to recreate it here but failed. Thx :)

Are you able to test this with Corona 10 daily and let me know if the issue persists?

(Internal ID=1010200894)

Hey Bengamin, I've sent you a DM with some screen recording.

Indeed in a new scene, Corona doesn't freeze when I drag-copy objects and lights, no matter how hard I try it's rock solid. However it freezes in no time when I do the same on a real objects hierarchy with textured null, mesh and sds objects.

I don't know if it's specific to the meshes, the objects types, the materials, the textures used or a combination of all of these, but unfortunately I don't have the time to test all the scenarios nor the dailybuild. I'm rather thinking of going back to v8 where IR is less prone to crash while waiting for a fix.

"Had to quit and restart C4D at least ten times today"

if you mean IPR instability, here r25 and v9 win10,
 I and others also reported this already, i already did send also reports with crash dumnps etc (daily 10 didnt change any):

Yep IPR instability exactly. Did you notice any pattern in the way IR freezes / crash ? Does it happen in all your scenes ?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / v9 Stability
« on: 2022-11-21, 18:05:57 »
Hey guys,

Does anyone else have stability issues with Corona 9 on C4D R26.107 and Windows 10 ? Particularly when adjusting lights and playing with Decals ? Had to quit and restart C4D at least ten times today, it's really starting to get on my nerves.

EDIT : It happens often when I drag-copy an object ( with Move Tool + Ctrl pressed ), whether it's a light or a mesh item.

EDIT 2 : Toggling Replace base bump and Replace Base Displacement in a Corona Decal settings freezes C4D too.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Corona VFB Shortcuts
« on: 2022-11-11, 16:48:46 »

The title says it all, would be great to have some customizable shortcuts in the framebuffer. Most useful would be Region, Pick and Save for me, but if you can give access to all the VFB buttons through shortcuts, I happy too. I guess it should be implemented with it's own context to avoid any conflict with shortcuts already mapped to some C4D commands.

Also, currently shortcuts don't work AT ALL where the mouse is focused on the VFB. For example I can't launch the IR with the shortcut if the VFB is active, I have to click on another C4D area first. Not a big deal but it would be great to see this fixed.

Thanks !

Hey, I just want to add that I already had this issue too, not with moving lights but with Rayswitch and Tonemap shaders, they break really fast in IR.

By the way the IR seems to have regressed with v9, I often have to stop and restart it because the framebuffer goes full black sometimes, randomly. Fortunately not at a point where it would unusable but it didn't happen with v8.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2022-11-03, 09:49:45 »
As appealing as could be the ability to run Corona on GPU(s) and gain a (really) big boost of raw performance, I can understand the reluctance of the devs to port the engine to GPU :
  • a CPU render engine code is almost universal. A GPU render engine is Nvidia only or you have to be ready to maintain no less than 3 other versions : OneAPI( Intel), HIP(AMD), Metal (Apple). I don't know the details but I guess that's a bit more work than maintaining just one render engine if you don't want to tie your user to one videocard brand ( and even just NVidia is two implementations, CUDA and OptiX).
  • you are heavily dependent on GPU drivers, and this is not a detail. Here how it goes for Redshift users for 6 months : Super slow redshift IPR and rendering
  • And finally, the small amount of VRAM available, even on prosumer models, does not fit very well the type of project that the typical Corona user has to deal with. And NVidia killed NVlink with the RTX 4XXX series without offering a true alternative, so either you're stuck with 24Gb or you bite the bullet and spend 5K+€ on a RTX6000. Even so, it's "only" 48Gb and like the gaming cards, no more NVLink too.

Time to first pixel and responsivess on Cycles and Octane are crazy compared to CPU, so I would really like to see big improvements on the interactive rendering.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Corona Mapping shader
« on: 2022-10-31, 20:02:20 »

I would like to see some improvements to get a finer control and a faster workflow on texture mapping. Despite some great features introduced in recent years like UVW Randomizer and Triplanar, it can be sometimes really cumbersome to deal with mapping at the shader level. I tend to use a lot of "PBR" materials from Quixel and others providers, and stack details on top of it with other materials or basic properties to simulate wear, tear, dirt etc. So I end up very often with multiple texture scale inside the same material and if you know the current state of the Projector shader, it's no fun. Even if this last one had no issues, there are still some opportunities to simplify the workflow while gaining quite some flexibility.

Below are some sketches of how the shader could work and its UI.

The main idea would be to move the mapping step from after to before the bitmap shaders. So it needs a bitmap shader with a new input dedicated to mapping coordinates, and yes much like in other 3D softwares and render engines. I use quite a lot of PBR Materials now, I guess like many CG artists nowadays given the success of many CG assets marketplaces. So for every material we have to deal with at least 3 maps, often 5, without any additionnal shading. If I want to use the triplanar projection and the stochastic tiling, it quickly grows. And it's the same process for each material and map.

So by moving some features into this node, nodes networks could be quite decluttered, gaining space and efficiency.

The node would also allow to override the Material Tag mapping to use another one, much like the Projector Shader. But with the ability to sync it between multiples nodes, and to select a specific UVW Tag. By the way, why not add Triplanar to the projection type support ?

Last but not least, having UVW Randomization settings here would really make sense.

So with one (!) node you could get a fine control over projection, tiling, randomization, and do it for many maps at once instead of dealing with half a dozens of nodes for just one PBR mateiral. Even without using nodes it could really useful, it simplify greatly the shading network so in two clicks in the Attributes Manager you could get access to the material projection and randomization settings with no need to open the Node Editor, drag-n-drop the material and select all the nodes.

Hope my request could be considered, the Node Editor really needs some love, it has (almost) not evolved since its release in version 3.

Got the mail too, fortunately I've chatted with support so the situation is clear for me but it's really great to have some typos in a subject as sensitive as price change / increase.

So, if you were on FairSaas for few years ( before v8 ) like me, with 1WS+3RN ( one workstation license + 3 render nodes ), you're migrated to the Corona Premium plan. I was already on the annual plan so I don't know if customers with monthly plans are migrated on the monthly or the yearly, since the price difference between both is quite massive now. Also, and if you keep the subscription active without interruption, you keep the 3 render nodes from FairSaaS "at no extra cost". And yes I'm using quotation marks because the new plan is more expensive than the new one - 44,42% exactly, twice the inflation since 2015 -, and if like me you don't need the features included in premium like Scans and Phoenix, it's not a great value.

Come on guys, Phoenix is not even available on Cinema 4D !!! Who came up with these new subscription plans, a random guy in marketing departement with no clues about the software ?

Sorry, that question is best sent in to the support folks via ticket at - just because they are more into the technical behind-the-scenes ins and outs of it than I am :) They'll get you all the answers you need. I can answer the higher level stuff though!

Done, I put the answers here if it can avoid cluttering the support :

- Does the node-locked license mean Corona can run fully offline, without the Chaos Licence server in background ?
You will still have to install the Chaos license server. You can use your Corona licenses offline even now so that has not changed.

- What happens if I do a hardware upgrade and change the motherboard ?
We will probably devise a way to allow you to change hardware with the Solo license.

So I'm a bit confused, what is the point of the node-locked license if it uses online licensing and that I have to run the license server ? I don't see the point, can you explain the technical reasons that led to this difference between Solo and Premium ?

Sorry Tom, just to be perfectly clear. If I renew premium at £358 per year, I get to keep exactly what I have now, ie 3 nodes... ??

i.e. I don't have to pay per node like they do over in Redshift country!


Right! If you have the 3 nodes carried over from the FairSaaS days, you will keep those without any additional charge, so long as your Premium is renewed without interruption. New users will have to purchase those Render Nodes separately, but our long term users get to keep them (so long as the subscription continues unbroken through 8, and now Premium remains unbroken onward).

As a note, if you are currently on a Monthly Premium subscription and would like to swap to Annual Premium for the greater economy of the pricing AND still keep your FairSaaS render nodes included in that Annual Premium price, please contact our support team through and we can make that happen. This is just to ensure those additional render nodes don't get "lost" if you change from Monthly Premium to Annual Premium yourself.

Hope that helps!

Hi Tom, I'm wondering something : if the Corona Solo tier  is now a node-locked license, does it mean that we don't have to install the Chaos License Server and can use the software offline ? What happens if I do a hardware upgrade and change the motherboard ?

Thanks !

There is no correct workflow per se, it's all fake.

Regarding the metalness channel in the Physical, you can use a Color shader in the texture slot, then you'll be able to tweak the metallic strength.

Hi there !

I used Octane for a few years and I'm now using Corona (that is absolutely amazing, definitely the best when it comes to photorealism and interior render).

In Octane there is an option that allow you to stick the camera view in the render window, then move around in the viewport without restarting the render.

Basically you get in the camera view (with all your active settings), you block the camera view in the render window, then you get out from the camera view and you can move around in the viewport.

Is there a way to do this in Corona render ?

I'm not sure I'm being totally clear... ;)

Thanks !

Yes it's possible, because you can link any viewport as the render engine camera. In the Viewport menu : View > Use as Render View

By default it's the perspective view, but you can configure another viewport as a perspective view and so have one viewport sync with Corona IR and the other one to navigate / work on the scene. It's my default layout, quite handy.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Support for Cinema's Node System
« on: 2022-06-24, 10:09:35 »
The Corona Node Editor still does things that the native one does not - the whole "same map can be plugged into multiple slots, and even into totally different shaders" is still something I can't imagine living without, but is still not the way the native editor works. That is very much a "drill down into a node material", as Redshift nodes always were, but that material is still in isolation, you can't have the same noise map or bitmap driving different effects in different places so you only need to change it once. As for whether our one gets improved, we shall have to see - but I'd still be using it over the native one even if it doesn't, it's more important to me to be able to have one place to change parameters that affects loads of different places at once rather than have to edit "Noise Scale" to match in 6 different places ;)

Thanks for the example Tom !

I could agree if the node editor wasn't so broken sometimes. An example is attached with the Walnut Semigloss material from the Corona Mtl Library, you can try it on your side to see the result.
I wouldn't mind if this happened only with materials from the Library, but it happens with scene materials too, in a random way. It happens often when copy-pasting materials between scenes or whem importing them from Asset Browser.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Support for Cinema's Node System
« on: 2022-06-23, 01:27:17 »
Don't expect much in this regard, Node Editor was developped at a time when C4D's Node Editor didn't exist and the only alternative was XPresso nodes, which Redshift was using by default up until very recently. It's using the new editor in S26.
Since then (v3), no much progress on this side. I guess devs are busy following as closely as possible Corona for Max development and in this regard, it's a success since we almost get every new release at the same time as 3ds Max users. But between this and fixing specific C4D bugs, I suspect that very little time remains for a Node Editor overhaul, especially to get at the same level as the C4D one which is now quite mature and pleasant to use.

And porting Corona shaders and materials to Cinema Nodes ? V-Ray 5 was introduced in December 2020, they've just released UVW nodes few weeks ago, just saying.

I am not sure the native node editor could do that:

It's possible now, this argument is no longer relevant. If you have access to S26 you can try the latest version of the Material Node Editor with the CPU version of Redshift, which is native to Cinema 4D now ( and very very slow right now )
But even if it wasn't working it would'nt be a big deal, I would gladly exchange it for the current nodal editor to get some nice features : solo node, nice viewport preview, native shader linking which doesn't f*ck up your materials with "Shared shaders" and duplicates of each material sub-tree, access to mapping context, and the ability to build node groups / reusable node assets.

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