Author Topic: Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) is out now!  (Read 2447 times)

2021-06-17, 15:58:31


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Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) is out now!

Everyone with an active FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license has access, and the download is in the usual location:

A Release Candidate is close to being the final release, but we need your feedback to catch any remaining bugs or other issues from real world testing.

Here are some of the bigger features in Corona Renderer 7:
- New Physical Material - greater realism without extra work from you, and greater compatibility with other software and workflows (mapped Metalness, choice of Roughness or Glossiness mode, choice of IOR or Specular mode, and more)
- Improvements to hybrid and thin glass in the Physical Material (thin glass can now have rough refraction, better shadows, and more)
- Material Library added
- Many rendering speed ups that add up:
  - Bucket Rendering, a 5% overall speed up on average, up to 15% in some cases (note: not like V-Ray bucket rendering, you will still see the whole image build progressively!)
  - Faster Denoising in our own High Quality denoiser, a 20% speed up on average, up to 60% in some extreme cases
  - Faster Transparency / Absorption, will depend how heavily these are used in the scene - can be up to 50% in extreme cases (note, does not affect Translucency)
  - Faster scene opening - by loading texture files in the background, scene opening times reduced by 35% on average, and up to 73% in some cases
  - Faster scene opening part 2 - by loading proxies in the background, scene opening times reduced by 12% on average (combines with previous scene opening speed up)
- Corona Sky in Improved Mode now includes Turbidity and Altitude
- Tooltips added to the Corona UI
- And more!

And here are the changes since the last daily build (for those who have been testing as releases come out):

  • Added possibility to create light material from self-illuminance of Physical material
  • Defaults for Roughness and IOR mode for Physical material can now be configured in preferences
  • Corona proxy now shows mapping of attached materials in separate tab
  • It is now possible to override default material on exported multi-material Corona proxy
  • Creating multi-shader over existing shader now moves original shader the first multi-shader slot

  • Unified naming of Corona shaders
  • Physical material can now be used for global volume
  • Export to standalone was moved from development/experimental stuff to File->Export
  • Export of Bitmap / Corona bitmap is now also supported
  • Note that this is still considered experimental feature - most of native Cinema 4D shaders won't export correctly

  • Fixed problem with material not updating in IR after being converted using conversion in Advanced tab
  • Fixed problem with VFB not being disabled when opening Open/Load/Save dialogs leading to crashes
  • Legacy material is now correctly named in default material selection in preferences
  • Fixed import of reflection of several materials in material library (mostly matte walls, semigloss woods etc)
  • Fixed export of material assignments when exporting Corona proxy by collapsing several objects with different materials
  • Fixed positioning of Corona proxy after exporting child object
  • Fixed problem with context menu in material library on macOS not being closed when clicking outside
  • Fixed crash when rendering on M1 chip under Rosetta and on some older CPUs on macOS
  • Data for improved Sky model is no longer required during application start, instead, error message is shown when data is missing and improved sky model is used in the scene
  • Additional improvements to geometry precision when rendering scenes far from origin

Please test as much as possible and report your findings to us, so that we can make Corona Renderer 7 ready for release as quickly as we can!

Please post all bug reports, questions, etc. on the main Corona 7 Daily Builds thread at

Tom Grimes |
Product Marketing Manager | contact us