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I've no problem using denoising on render elements.
Please see my recording.
Also, I see no crash just strange behavior of UI. The UI will be reworked later on.

[ARCHICAD] Bug Reporting / Re: Surface window /CORONA menu
« on: 2020-03-25, 13:34:48 »
But yes I see your point. Surfaces is a modal dialog and it loses modality after you click Ok in Tex dialog...I will take a look at this later and as I told, the plan is to remove Corona render palette and use Photorender Settings dialog instead.

Please provide more information and attach screenshots and describe your workflow. What other pass has no denoising? What UI problems are the same?

[ARCHICAD] Bug Reporting / Re: Randomizer palette
« on: 2020-03-25, 12:59:37 »
Oh, no that unfortunate UI in AC again. Please as a temp. workaround make the uvw texture more wider. Close it. And reopen again. It should work.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: Help
« on: 2020-03-25, 12:49:26 »
It's about drivers, not about graphic card model. Please update drivers, restart computer and try again.

[ARCHICAD] Bug Reporting / Re: Surface window /CORONA menu
« on: 2020-03-25, 12:33:11 »
I'm able to open VFB window following your steps. Please see the attachment.

It's about drivers, not about the card. Please try to update the drivers and if the problem persists, please try to write as detailed repro steps as possible.

Yes, exactly like this:) Thanks for your understanding.

Please update your video drivers. It seems it could have something to do with Nvidia Optix denoiser. So please update your drivers, and if the bug will persist, please provide more detailed information about repro steps and your graphic card. Thanks!

I've noticed that probably our .lcf library will be not correctly copied too because of the missing folder ARCHICAD Library 23.

Also, the default path for AC installation is C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD XX and it seems like your OS is localized too.

For now, try to run the installer once again or just copy files that were extracted into the Corona Add-Ons folder for your add ons folder.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are testing on the INT environment...


I see you have IT localization? Do you have an Add-Ons folder within the AC folder structure?

Regarding the 2nd issue. It's somehow not possible to scroll in those lists in AC. They should be probably shorter. Our current approach is to use dialog via Corona/Render in the top menu. As you have probably seen, we want to get rid of this dialog in the future and use AC Photo rendering settings instead.

Please provide more detailed repro steps. I'm still not able to get this behaviour.

Thanks for the report. Let me check...

Dear ARCHICAD users!

Let's start your ARCHICAD 23 and install this daily build right away!

The main new features are that this daily build is powered by Corona core 5 and contains ARCHICAD 23 port. Last but not least it brings other important fixes and additions. For more information take a look at our roadmap:

As always, please let us know how can we improve and if you find some bug, please don't hesitate to report so we can fix it ASAP.

Download link:


Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 5 (Daily Build 2020-03-23) (
  • Added
    • ARCHICAD 23 support
    • Reset plugin window UI for a newly created project
    • Added new denoising modes - Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU ( during interactive rendering )
    • Added UVW randomizer texture
    • Added resume rendering functionality. Both Resume last and Resume from file are working as expected
    • Added Clear VFB between renders switch
    • Added rotation and color temperature options into Corona light
  • Changed
    • Geometgry parsing
    • Updated denoising tooltips
  • Fixed
    • Sun in Light Select render element is now working
    • Fixed refreshing of the Corona plugin window UI with saved properties of the current project
    • Fixed material issues when material properties changes were not propagated to the scene during the Interactive rendering session. This will fix also HDRI sky texture Z rotation, etc..
    • Fixed not fully working denoising
    • Fixed denoising functionality in VFB window
    • Fixed FOV change in two-points perspective renders
    • Fixed Enable/Disable functionality for render regions
    • Fixed Enable/Disable of rendering related buttons on the plugin panels
    • Fixed installer will now properly install Corona Image Editor
    • Minor UI tweaks
  • Core
    • Updated to the core version 5

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